Thu, 08/14/2014 - Zurich, 14.8.14: Spectacle, amazing daze & the athletes are in town

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    GUITAR LESSONS (LACM Curriculum)

    06/28/2014 10:11 [2 Photos]
Did you know that there is no plastic free spot in the worldwide ocean anymore? Since the invention of plastics billions of...
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Looking for flatmate (city centre)

Hey there! I’m looking for a flatmate to search for an apartment with together in Zurich. I’m thinking city-centre, Kreis 3,4,5,6 with 3 rooms (2 bedrooms) with a budget around 2500-3000 CHF.
I’m 25, female, working full time with an adorable and very loving dog. I live in the city centre...

Zurich Photo Trip

Classical clash

Classical clash

If you think of a live performance of classical music, I’m sure certain images come to mind – perhaps violinists in tuxedo’s, cellists in evening gowns, plush red theatre seats, the respectful murmur of an expectant...

Visit the Azores Islands

The Archipelago of the Azores is made up of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. Flights from Lisbon are just over two...
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Add to favourit  Dear friends
Christmas time is here again and just as Santa readies his reindeers, dons his red suit and packs his sack full of toys, i too will be avoiding real work over the next two weeks. The next newsletter you'll receive from me will be in 2014 but i've included some New Years parties in this one for those that will miss me.
Give my love to the city and a happy New Year to everyone, Ron
Add to favourit  Zurich Photo Trip
Add to favourit  Comedy: Funny legs
Back in the hurly burly early 80’s when UK comedy needed to have the same jolt of revolution as pop music was having, along came the alternative comedy scene and changed the way people perceive funny. Survivors from those early days are The Greatest Show on Legs who’ll be at Mascotte on Friday courtesy of the International Comedy Club. They’re a surreal sketch comedy group that take pleasure in the absurd, not to mention a little naked balloon dancing from time to time.
Friday 8 pm, Mascotte
Add to favourit  Concert: Who’s that guy?
Guy Vincent’s music is a culture clash of rock, pop and electronica coming together to create a background for vocals that have echoes of Jeff Buckley. Strangely, Guy isn’t a guy at all but a 5-piece band from Luzern who’ll be playing at Moods on Sunday. If you want something smooth and soulful to ease you into the Christmas week then Guy’s your man, eh, I mean band.
Monday 7 pm, Moods
Add to favourit  Cinema: Open air love, actually
Christmas always brings out the big softy in me, although that may also be the Glühwein working it’s wily magic, so I was happy to see that Xenix are showing an open-air (yes, outside) double-bill on Christmas Eve (Tuesday). The first is an award winning French documentary called Hiver Nomade that follows a Swiss shepherd’s snowy migration with his herd. Unfortunately this has no English subtitles, so only attend if you understand French/German. The second movie is Love Actually; that British feel-good movie that can only seem acceptable on a Christmas Eve, beneath the Zurich starlight and snuggled under a warm blanket with a warmer friend. I have 3 x 2 tickets to give away. The tickets are for both films, but you don’t have to attend both if you choose not to. Blankets will be available but bring your own to guarantee one. E-mail me.
Tuesday 6.30 pm Hiver Nomade/9 pm Love Actually, Xenix
Add to favourit  Party: Christmas clubbing
Christmas is the time of good cheer, good deeds and, of course, good clubbing. For all those who think that they might be done with the good cheer and deeds by the evening of the 25th but need a little of that third thing, then the annual Legendary Massive Mocca Ursive Xmas party (their name, not mine!) will be happening at Exil. They’ll have multiple djs bouncing between Hippie Happy and Happy Dance music (also their names, not mine) that should help us to cleanse our Christmas palates.
Wednesday 11 pm, Exil
Add to favourit  Good to know: New Year’s Party
If you end up at one of these parties, I’m sure you’re New Year starts out well: Salon – for those who like it elegant: The mouth-watering dinner comes with a rather high price tag. But it contains seven courses and it’s worth it, if you can enjoy the fireworks from their terrace. So please check beforehand.  Starts at 6 pm. Costs 125.- Kinski – for those who like a laugh:  The bad taste party is dedicated to all fashion mistakes from the 80s and 90s. Starts at 10 pm. Costs 18.-
Raygrodski – for those who prefer a smaller crowd: Old school hip hop  party with djs Skor, Twincut, Okocha, Krasseranz. Glas Raum – for those who like to never stop: The venue closes its doors with a final party that lasts 24 hours. Stall 6 – for those who like to dance:  You don’t need any resolutions – you’ll forget them anyway at the party called «Dance of good resolutions». All you need is dance, drinks and d..friends. Starts at 11 pm. Costs 25.-
Happy New Year!
Add to favourit  Wulffmorgenthaler
Add to favourit  Shopping tip: Pop up
They pop up, and - pop - they’re gone again. At present this is the case with two temporary venues, who’ll you have to visit before 22nd December if you don’t want to miss them.  Concept Store: bags by QWSTION, shoes by VELT, glasses by VIU and furniture by A.C.E. find a shared home at Neugasse 41. Streetwear Get Together: At Idaplatz 2 the brands HMQG, The Collateral, Street-Files, Straight & Narrow and Myanh joined forces for the perfect Xmas Shop.
Opening hours: Concept Store: Monday to Friday 12pm to 8 pm, Saturday 11 am to 6 pm. Streetwear get together: Tuesday to Friday 4 pm to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 2 pm to 8 pm
Add to favourit  Eating: Burgwies
When meat-cravings take over my mind, then Burgwies is my favourite address. There, you’ll find all kinds of juicy meats: Cordon Blue with blue cheese, hot stone with Angus beef or meat fondue, also with Angus beef served with several sauces (my tip: the garlic sauce!).  If you prefer a classical fondue (for which Burgwies is mainly known) I recommend the three-cheese-version.  Sometimes, more is actually better!
Burgwies, Forchstrasse 271, 8008. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.30 am to midnight, Saturday 5 -11 pm
Add to favourit  Web tip: Japanese cloud
A bubble bath sounds just right to relax and warm up right now. Or how about a room full of foam? That’s what Japanese artist Kohei Nawa thought and filled a dimmed room with foam-like substance at Aichi Triennale 2013. The pictures seem otherworldly. And hey, if we don't get snow, we always have foam.
Add to favourit   Reading: New in town
If you’re missing me over the next two weeks, I recommend Newly Swissed. It’s an English language online magazine about Switzerland that covers culture, design, events and tourism all around the country as well as Zurich. I often find expat magazines that try to explain the oddities of the locals a bit too obvious. But their list of « Signs to tell you’re becoming Swiss» made me laugh.

adidas® Retro-Sneaker -34%

Charming streetwear look for shoe lovers: you had to wait a long time for them, but now they’re finally back: the adidas ® "BASKET PROFI" a faithful replica of the 1969 originals for CHF 99, instead of CHF 150!

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