• "Deutsch für die berufliche Integration" - ONLY Fr. 5 PER LESSON!

    Your German level is A2-B1?
    You want to work and improve your German? This course is for you!

    ▪️ The complete course (114 lessons of 50 minutes each) costs only 570 CHF!
    ▪️ Start: 9th Sept, Tue&Thu, 17:30-20:15
    ▪️ For people with residence in the city of Zurich


    [email protected]
    +41 44 350 33 44

  • Spending less money on coffees due to spending all day every day at home? Looking for a way to do something good with the saved money?


    Help us support Neelam, an Indian farmer, bring back seed sovereignty to Assam. Neelam’s vision is to produce replicable, locally adapted seeds to rural farmers - giving them a truly sustainable and empowering alternative to buying generic seeds from the multinationals ever year. Your coffee money could make a huge difference :)