Thu, 28.08.2008

Zurich (EN) : Thursday 28.08.08: Psycho, digital destiny & Bunsen burners

Practice makes perfect
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Give my love to the city
  Opening evening: I like art and I like to strut the city streets. So I’m hot-footing it down to the Mediacampus to be among the first to check out Martin Gut’s sculptures at Skulpturart 2008. His work is on show along with 19 other artists, so wander down Baslerstrasse, Hardgutstrasse and Freihofstrasse or visit the Mediacampus foyer during the day to catch their latest creations. Runs until 30 October.
Thursday, 5.30 - 8.30 pm Mediacampus
Mediacampus Zürich
There’ll be dancing in the streets: This weekend Zurich gives you, not one, but two street festivals to suit your mood. The old town hosts Dörflifest with live music over three days, or cross the Limmat and take a walk on the wild side to experience a little cultural diversity at the Langstrassenfest on Friday and Saturday.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, The Niederdorf
Friday and Saturday, Langstrasse
DJ & Dinner
 Bonsoir DJ Bohnet: To celebrate their tenth birthday Les Halles blows out the candles on their birthday cake with French DJ Thomas Bohnet. He’s the man behind the Le Tour album series featuring the best of France’s alternative music scene. He'll be playing tracks from his new release Relaxed Clubbing before whipping the crowd into a dancing frenzy. Entrance is free.
Friday, 9 pm Les Halles
Party On
Digital delights: International bloggers and digital artists unite when Tweakfest meets Informatica08 at the first ever Swiss digital grill festival. Digital art, digital music and digital displays come from places as near as Basel to as far as Berlin and Bristol; for one huge digital dance party at Turbinenplatz in Zurich West.
Friday, 8 pm Turbinenplatz
  Psycho killer - Qu'est-ce que c'est: I've always said that if you watch Psycho on the big screen, you’ll never draw your shower curtain again! Filmpodium is showing a major retrospective of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies in reverse chronological order from his later American films to his rarer early British work. Nervous types need not apply.
Monday, 8.45 pm Filmpodium
Good chemistry: The fabulous life of Johnny Burn is a multimedia show with a DIY-cabaret-feel, featuring the folky rock sounds of Johnny Burn and his stage act, the Bunsen Brenner (Bunsen Burner) boys. Watch this bright spark ignite the audience with comedy and music at barfussbar at the Frauenbadi.
Wednesday, 8 pm barfussbar
Good to Know

Non-stop shops: 24 hour party people need 24 hour places to shop. New York may be known as the “city that never sleeps” but Zurich is waking up – slowly. Here's my list of the city's shops that never shut. Bäckerei Happy, Dienerstrasse 32, 8004: This bakery is open 365 days a year, 24 hours on Saturdays and Sundays and weekdays from midnight to 9 pm. Bellevue Apotheke, Theaterstrasse 14, 8001: Pills and potions 24 hours a day every day of the year. Alreel Key Service: Just call 044 433 22 13 any time day or night and you’ll be in your snug situ before you know it. Expressshop, Langstrasse 126, 8004: Alcohol and (very) basic foodstuffs sold 24 hours from Monday to Saturday.

The Flip Side

Faceless IT support staff : Many of us have to deal with them every day. Often considered difficult pedants incapable of even the most basic pleasantries, the jargon-laden helpdesk strikes dread into the heart of many common office workers. Banish this bias right now. Here’s a classic telephone call from computer user to IT-demigod – it’s a wonder he doesn’t end it all there and then. Give some serious respect!

Eating & Drinking

Plush red leather seating: an extensive cocktail list and smooth jazz sounds for an evening that’s more quiet sophistication than bang-on dancemania. The Widder Bar at the Widder Hotel is renowned for its jazz programme and starts its new season with international greats. While the Widder Restaurant is a good for gourmets and visiting grandparents.

The Widder Hotel
City Page
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