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Zurich (EN) : Zurich 07.03.2024: Oscars, Women & Squares


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As Winter turns to Spring…wait…is that snow I see on the Uetliberg? Anyways, around this time of year Zurich’s squares and «Plätze» come alive, weather notwithstanding. A coffee or a glass of wine under the blossom with a friend or a special someone sounds good, doesn’t it? With that in mind i thought it would be fun to interview some of Zurich’s squares as if they were people. I mean, they certainly have their own personalities and we can find out a little more about their secrets.


Don't forget, tomorrow is also International Women’s day so i have a bonus tip to help you find out more about the cities extraordinary women. Scroll down and get clicking. Have a great weekend and….


Give my love to the city

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Zurich Photo Trip
Zurich Photo Trip

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Ron's Weekly Agenda

Ron's Weekly Agenda


With the Oscars's on Sunday film is front and centre but we've also got some comedy, an art exhibiton, a gig and cultural events from Ireland. I also found a way to squeeze the word «Sperlunking» into this weeks newsletter.

Meet the artist at Galerie Calabro
Comedy Kiss starts the weekend with a laugh
Saturday: Find out about Zurich’s special Women
Sunday: It’s Oscar night. Watch the action live at Frame
Monday: It’s all about the emerald isle as we built towards St Patrick’s
Tuesday: Enjoy a Beer at X-Tra. Madison Beer that is
Wednesday: Enjoy the mountains inside at Volkshaus


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Good to know: Zurich Is Not Just A Man's World

Good to know: Zurich Is Not Just A Man's World


Friday is International Women’s Day and what better way of celebrating than a tour that celebrates some of Zurich’s most powerful women. offer a 2-3 hour tour that teaches you about some of the cities extraordinary women and the places shaped by them. At the moment you can only do a private tour, (unless you want to wait until the 7th Aug,) but if you can rustle up 12 people then you’re good to go. And if you’re short of numbers i’ll join as well. It sounds fascinating!


Friday 8th March, International Women's Day

Film: The Oscars Are In The Frame

Film: The Oscars Are In The Frame


The awards season builds to climax this Sunday with the big one. Yes, it’s the 96th edition of the Oscars and the Zurich Film Festival in collaboration with Frame Cinema are offering a free public viewing of the ceremony, (starting at 11:15pm,) as well as the opportunity to watch the nominated films in the Best Film category for just CHF 11 per film.


Sunday 5:30pm, Frame, Lagerstrasse 104, 8004


Fumetto presents: Elizabeth Pich

Fumetto presents: Elizabeth Pich |  Instagram @fffungirl

Comic For March: Elizabeth Pich

Comic For March: Elizabeth Pich


It’s a new month and of course we have a new comic artist.This month features the work of Elizabeth Pich. I caught up with her to find out more about «Fungirl», her favourite comfort food and why her hip bone can break the ice at parties. Hit the buttons to find out more.

Zurich's Squares In Interview: Röntgenplatz
Baugeschichtliches Archiv, Linck Ernst

Zurich's Squares In Interview: Röntgenplatz


I met up with Röntgenplatz, (or Röntgi as he likes to be known,) and what a treat it was. He let me in on a few secrets like which song would best represent him or which Zurich square he would swap with for the day. Find out more about Röntgi by hitting the buttons.

Name: Röntgenplatz
Date of Birth: April 6, 1983
Status: Single, unhappily in love with Josefwiese
Occupation: Eternal student
Interests: Biking, watching movies, music, and Indian food
Quote: "I may not have X-ray vision, but I always see through."

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