Thu, 18.04.2024

Zurich (EN) : Zurich 18.04.2024: Scavengers, Swapping & B-People


How's It Going Ronster?


It is rare that the expression «Damp Squib», is used literally but in the case of Sechseläuten it is entirely appropriate. After all the preparation the poor Böögg didn’t get the explosive finish he expected. But questions remain! What happens to the Böögg? And perhaps most importantly, do we get another day off? As soon as i know the answer to these «burning» issues i’ll let you know. But onwards and upwards as they say… there is something even more important around the corner, ( i’m sure you know what it is,) and to celebrate we have more happenings…er…happening including a special one tonight. Have a great weekend and…


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Zurich Photo Trip
Zurich Photo Trip

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Ron's Weekly Agenda

Ron's Weekly Agenda


We’ve got some comedy this week, some breakdancing, (which is always impressive, and Zurich’s annual queer film festival. But on a serious note, i start with a protest about the climate crisis.

Thursday: A special, (boozy if you like,) Ron Scavenger Hunt
Friday: Have your say on the climate crisis

Saturday: B-Girls & B-Boys battle it out
The biggest ever comedy kiss
Swap ’til you drop at Kleidertausch
Pink Apple, the queer film festival begins
Wednesday: Phoria play at Kaufleuten


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Ron's Birthday Happenings: Week 3

Ron's Birthday Happenings: Week 3


If you're planning to have your after-work beer tonight at Bar 63 , the International Beer Bar, Amboss Rampe, Eldorado, or Mata Hari, I want to warn you: You might find people barging in and searching the place for something specific, possibly even under your chair. Or they might snatch your beer coaster from under your glass. Most likely, they're participating in the pub scavenger hunt organised by the «Wermutwolf» for my 20th birthday. If I were you, I'd join them; there are some great prizes to win. Here you can find all the information for the fun-filled scavenger hunt through the Langstrasse neighbourhood and click on the buttons for all my other birthday happenings.


Fumetto presents: Fabian Meister

Fumetto presents: Fabian Meister |  Instagram @fabianshideout

New Opening: We Knead A New Bakery

New Opening: We Knead A New Bakery


If you are really into your bread then there is a new bakery in town where bread is hand made with love. TSUGI, (the name of the bakery,) literally means hand to hand and with organic flour sourced from small mills it means that care and love is taken every step of the way. The bakery doesn’t have a central location and distributes though a network of shops and restaurants so there’s bound to be a location near to you.

Out Of Town: You'd Be Sihly Not To

Out Of Town: You'd Be Sihly Not To


I love the Sihl valley. In spite of its close proximity to the city it still feels rugged and remote. Let’s face it, all there is is a river and a railway line. But nothing makes a good walk better than knowing there is cold drink and a hearty lunch at the end of it. Last Sunday i took a cycle ride from Zurich to the Restaurant Sihlmatt but you don't have to cycle. You can also take a, (very easy,) walk from Sihlbrugg to the Restaurant Sihlmatt which sits on, what can only be described as, an idyllic meadow on a bend in the river.

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Pictures around the world

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