A new addition to our soap range: Active charcoal for an added cleaning effect with no black color residue. Vegan glycerin soap handmade in Switzerland.
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The first soap which cannot slip your hands: Fixated on a wall, this kind of soap "savon rotatif" is well known in France, and cleans all over Europe. Available at

Shoe cleaning made easy: Care for leather and shoes, available at

Our newest addition from the publisher Hermann Schmidt: A game for font enthusiasts, where you play with letters of different fonts.

A congenial stool, it signifies symplicity, beauty and functionality. Developed in Zurich, the woodwork done by the carpentry GregoryClan, to be found at the Langstrasse, and available at

This mobile phone case made out of fine leather not only protects your phone from falling damage, but aswell from any kind of radiation and data theft in one pocket, whereas in the second pocket your phone works as usual.
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Check out our newest Addition to our range: Conceptualised and made in Switzerland, we offer 5 different board games. They offer a new spin on well known games like Ludo, Tic Tac Toe and Tetris.
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Quality Tools. Available at

Tool boxes made from aluminum and enamelled steel, stationary from Japan. Available at

Stamps, stampcolours, lead pens and sharpeners, available at

Anything stationary and artisan craftwork. Available at

Scissors of many kinds, available at

Fountain Pens, rollerballs and ballpoint pens and cases to store them. Available at

Visit us at or in Zurich 8 minutes walking distance from the main station.

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