Speaking of Italy: Make sure to check out the gelateria at Brupbacher Platz (Gelateria di Berna). They have a great variety, really tasty and very fair prices!

well I am Italian and the two I like best are
Bianchi by Bindella (delicious, authentic Italian seafood, $$$$ but worth it)
Restaurant Positano, Stampfenbachstrasse 6 (all staff are Italian, from the chefs to the manager).

I had a fun night at La Baracca recently. The atmosphere and the food were great. I highly recommend the Pasta with Truffels...

Hi IrishPat,
at Richti Areal (between Wallisellen Bahnhof and Glattzentrum, opposite the main entry with the post office of Glattzentrum) you can find 'Schokolato'. It's not an italian restaurant but a bar. So, for dinner the wrong choice.
However, to have the best Italian Gelato (ice-cream) north of the Alps, you are at the right place. They also have great coffee, hot chocolate, tea, cakes/pastry.
If you're in the area, a lovely surprise and a great place to chill in the afternoon. (check Facebook for their opening hours. usually closed after 7 or 8pm).

I'm a big fan of Italia at Zeughausstrasse
Great food, beautiful venue, professional staff. My only problem - the menu is often in Italian only, which I don't understand :) that's where the professional staff comes handy...