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A short detour from the kitchen III

It is fun to cook good food and to eat that which you have cooked. Here the daunting part comes afterwards: the piles of dishes and utensils to be washed. To avoid the chore of washing up, one could go eat out. Here the challenge starts before the meal, the question is where to eat, because we are not going out to eat just any meal, we want a good tasty meal with nice service. This little obstacle can be removed by trusting the recommendations of your friends, those whom you know would be able to differentiate between good food and "gobble-stuff".We did just precisely that and made our way on Saturday night to Osteria Centrale near to Wipkingen Railway Station. Our troop consisted of 4 omnivores and 2 ardent vegetarians who would neither eat meat nor fish and are not keen on risotto. All 6 of us came away with very broad smiles on our faces because the dinner was sumptuous! We got served with 10 different starters which comprises food for both factions, served in saucers and little jars. That was waiter's idea! Then we had grilled lamb chops and Angus beef steak done to perfection. If ever this cook should have a laziness attack, she will be off to this Osteria.You don't need a link for this restaurant, it is easily found in internet with its name OSTERIA CENTRALE and there are enough photos too on the internet to make my attempt at uploading my photos obsolete.

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