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Zurich (EN) : Zurich, 20.3.14: Bibio, booming blooms & green films

Zurich Photo Trip
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Worth watching: For a greener world

Nine is a magic number: 9 evenings, 9 locations, 9th time round. I’m talking about the Green Film Festival that comes to town from Thursday until Friday next week. It visits Zurich for the first time and brings various English films along: «Planet Ocean», «A Thirsty World», «Fading Valley», «Wiebo’s War», «God save the Queen», «Happymovie» and «Steps». It takes place at various locations around town, so best check the programme first.
Thursday until 28.3. at various times and locations

Concert: Unort-hodox
Unort are a duo from Basel whose music spans a curious bridge between 80’s electro-pop, futuristic lounge music and just plain old weirdness. With their quirky rhythms and sleazy synth undertow they could be the best Alt-J/Soft Cell hybrid since, well, ever really. They entered a song to become the Swiss representatives for this years Eurovision song contest - and did not win. Depending on your point of view this may be the best possible recommendation you could receive. They play at La Catrina tonight.
Thursday 9.30 pm, La Catrina
Reading: Writer’s shock
After a brief foray in the music business as an A&R man, in which he passed up the opportunity to sign both Muse and Coldplay, John Niven wisely decided to become a writer. His first novel in 2008, Kill Your Friends, coincidently about a failed A&R man, was a huge success with comparisons to the sexdrugsrocknroll of Trainspotting. His latest novel, Straight White Male, about a boozing, fornicating, fighting novelist who has a shaky shot at redemption, has just been published and John will be reading from it and answering questions at Kaufleuten on Friday night.
Friday 7.30 pm, Kaufleuten
Party: Bibio tech
Stephen Wilkinson has been trading under the name of Bibio since 2005 when his debut album was released. Taking the fundamentals of electronic music but adding to them the warmth and fluidity of folk, even keeping the ambient sounds of insects and flowing water he picked up whilst recording outdoors, he has created his own unique palette of acoustic-electronica. Bibio will be coming in for the UK on Friday and making one of his too rare live appearances with a dj set at Zukunft and I have 2 x 2 tickets to give away. E-mail me.
Friday 12 am, Zukunft
Party: The blooms are booming
Back in the heady days of the 90’s techno boom, the party night of choice in Zurich for those in the know was Nacht der Blumen , and like all good flowers of the night it would bloom in various shadowy locations around town. Although those days are gone, it seems that Hive has managed to cultivate and revive the party night, perhaps in honour of Springs arrival, this Saturday. Djs Don Ramon, San Marco, Bang Goes and Valentino will be dishing out the techno, house and minimal beats.
Saturday 11 pm, Hive
Shopping: Karu sale
Karussell is/was a cosy venue in Kreis 4 that offered a place for designers and artists to display and sell their work, as well as for musicians to perform. It hasn’t been open very long but sadly will be closing for good at the end of March. On Saturday they’ll be opening for one of the last times to offer the store’s contents up for sale. This includes everything from dresses, jewellery and bags to sofas, tables and lamps. This really is ‘ everything must go’, and if you needed more incentive to go, a free Martini Royale will be served with each purchase.
Saturday 5 pm to 9 pm, Karussell
Exhibition: Photos-to-go
I wrote about the opening of Photobastei a few weeks ago but as the exhibitions and photographers are on an ever-changing carousel, I thought I’d let you know of a few new exhibits that opened over the last week or so that have caught my eye. Neverland Lost is an exhibit by Henry Leutwyler that details the objects and clothing owned by Michael Jackson. Ballet, also by Leutwyler, is an intimate and unguarded portrait of the New York City Ballet Company. Both are showing until 4th May. An Olivia Heussler exhibit called From time to time_Zurich documents our own fair city from unusual perspectives. And finally, the dreamlike landscapes of Lorenzo Borghi’s exhibit The Green Point of View are beautiful. Both of these are showing until 30th March.
Sunday until final dates, 12 pm to 9 pm, Photobastei

Eating: It’s vegan, baby

Last Friday I visited Grafik 14 over lunch. And found the rock’n’roll food stall Elle'n'Belle as a cure for my grumbling stomach. On offer: kebab, rolls and muffins with funky names such as «Daddy Cool» or «Get Lucky». To my surprise I was told: «It's all vegan, baby ». But you know me by now, I never shy away from a new discovery. So my choice of the day: «Daddy Cool», a seitan kebab. (Seitan is a wheat dough that was cooked and fried to give it a texture similar to a kebab.) What a delightful surprise! Ever since, I walk the streets trying to find Elle’n’Belle. But the sisters don’t own a shop or restaurant, they offer cooking classes and catering. But once in a while they tour with their bus. So I’ll wait until 12th of April when we’ll meet again at Sneakerness.

Reading: A book called S

J.J. Abrams is known as director for «Lost», «Star Trek» and much more. Last year, he published together with the author Doug Dorst an unconventional oeuvre called «S». It looks like an old library book with seal, signature etc. It’s named «Ship of Theseus», written by V.M. Straka. The book is filled with notes, drawings, postcards and letters – and that’s what the story is all about. A book in a book. The biggest challenge lies in the decision to find out what to read first – the story or the notes or parallel? To the review

Worth watching: Love is in the air

The clip «First kiss» spiralled through the net last week and everyone was going on about it – so cure and charming and sweet… When it became clear that it was a pr spot for a fashion brand it left a bitter taste. And now that we know that everyone in the clip is either a model or an actor it seems even less charming. So Vice decided to redo the set up. It casted 20 random people in the streets of London and filmed them. And this is how it looks when real people who don’t know each other kiss. Watch

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