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Zurich (EN) : Zurich, 5.2.2015: Indoor music, outdoor films & upset a swiss

Zurich Photo Trip
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Book Launch: Wherefore art thou?
Zurich has always had a great independent art scene and plenty of artist run art spaces that, unless you happen to be in the know, are often hidden in plain sight. Well, the Zurich Art Space Guide plans to lift the veil to let us know where the independent art spaces and virtual projects are happening around town. The free colour brochure will list locations and details of events and will be available in art and culture related places in Zurich, but to celebrate the publication of this year’s edition they are having a launch party at the Corner College this Friday.
Friday 6 pm, Corner College
Stage: Culture clash
The question may seem a little esoteric: What would have happened if, in the early sixties, the drag queens from Harlem’s voguing scene had gone downtown to perform with the pioneers of the Judson Dance Theatre, birth place of modern dance? The answer is choreographer Trajal Harrell’s Antigone Sr./Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church at Gessnerallee, that begins with an a cappella rendition of Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time and moves out in all directions from there. The show was a big hit in the US, especially in its spiritual home of New York, and explores dance culture, pop culture, Greek mythology, racism, homophobia and identity, all with a knowing nod and a wink.
Friday and Saturday 8 pm, Gessnerallee
Concert: The future is live
Zukunft knows it’s cold and snowy outside and, bless their little hearts, are giving us a reason not to venture outside the warmth of their subterranean walls for the whole of Saturday evening. Their Live at Zukunft programme brings us a night of live music that begins with the jangly, sunny sounds of Labrador City. Later in the evening you can hear the cinematic sweep of Kollectiv Turmstrasse’s electronica, the deep house sounds of local musician Markus Kenel and finally, one of the must-see acts of Zurich, Nico Sonne. If you happen to pine for the sound on music between live sets, then dj Dejan will be on hand to soothe your soul.
Saturday 9pm, Zukunft
Party: Dutch disco
Intacto Records is an Amsterdam record label that was founded 10 years ago and, as part of their travelling Europe-wide celebrations, will be at Café Gold on Saturday. The sound of the label has been defined by Chicago house and Detroit techno but it was also hugely influential in the growth of the minimal sound. Co-founder of the label, Shinedoe, will be playing a dj set. Although now a globe trotting dj, she’s probably best know for her hit Dilemma. Joining her will be UK based dj, Reset Robot, also part of the Intacto family.
Saturday 11 pm, Café Gold

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Concert: Afro beat
Orlando Julius is a legendary Nigerian musician who has not only been credited with the invention and development of Afro-Pop in his own country but also, with the release of his Super Afro Soul album in the mid-sixties, of shaping the funk movement that followed in the US. He also had a helping hand in the career of Fela Kuti. So to say this man has a little musical history behind him would be a slight understatement. Since last year he’s been backed up by London band The Heliocentrics, who bring a little highlife, funk and latin to the old master’s afrobeat world. They’ll be playing live at Stall 6 on Monday.
Monday 7.30 pm, Stall 6
Cinema: I like Mondays
E.O.F.T stands for European Outdoor Film Tour. As the name suggests it’s an outdoor film that tours through Europe. But not just any outdoor film. Imagine the best possible clips put together to movie length. Portraits that make you wish you were stronger, younger, crazier ranging from kayak   adventures to free-ski stunts, anything your wild heart desires. And we’re lucky, as the tour makes one additional stop in Zurich this Monday at Volkshaus.
Monday 8 pm, Volkshaus
Eating: Goodbye my friend
Dear Jdaburg, I haven’t been a loyal friend. Over the last five and a half years, I walked passed you frequently without entering. Though I always knew that you make me – my stomach, my palate, my soul – feel good. I recently found out that your hosts will leave you in March, and it just won’t be the same. Though, I’m sure you’ll find a new team who’ll take good care of you. Until then, I’ll make sure to stop by as often as possible until then. Btw: Soup and wine were fantastic last time.
Restaurant Jdaburg, Gertrudstrasse 44, 8003. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 11.30 am to 2 pm & 6.30 pm to midnight, Saturday 6.30 pm to midnight
Good to know: Indoor pools
Swimming is one of the things I miss most in winter. So I thought I give the indoor pools a go. But instead of getting my summer feeling it was like a battle. I think about three people kicked me and there was no space at all. Rumours are that the pools are almost always busy but to avoid the crowds, go as early or late as possible. The city council lists the opening hours on their website. If getting up early or doing sport late at night is not your thing, check out the so called «Belegungsplan» under «Angebot». All pools have them and there you see when lines are already booked by clubs, school, the police (??) or for courses. Though it doesn’t show the peak times, it’s at least an indication when there is room for a leisurely swim.
Shopping tip: Shoe heaven
From this week until the end of April, « Eva’s Apples und Vlowers» run a pop up store with a great selection of shoes: From vegan to sneakers and high heels. Additionally you’ll also find bags, wallets and belts there. And the best, to give you enough power to do some serious shopping they also offer vegan muffins, sandwiches and coffee.
Vegan Shoe Café, Rotbuchstrasse 16, 8006. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 12 pm to 7 pm, Saturday 10 am to 4 pm
Web tip: New in town
Newly Swissed is an English language online magazine about Switzerland that covers culture, design, events and tourism all around the country as well as Zurich. I often find expat magazines that try to explain the oddities of the locals a bit too obvious. But their list of «19 ways to piss of the Swiss» made me laugh.
Here follows content written by cityscribes:
Réservé Knigge-Tip 1
Réservé – our new cityscribe – helps you to go through Zurich’s nightlife with style, especially when it comes to restaurants.Did the manners of the person sitting next to you while eating ever drive you crazy?...
Cityscribe: The Baroness Speaks
Greetings, Darlings!
It’s a new month, so it’s time for a new rant. I know you’ve been dying to hear what I have to say. Waiting with bated breath, as it were . . . Well, the wait is over and away we go. This month’s topic: high-maintenance / jealous /conditional friends.

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