Thu, 18.09.2008

Zurich (EN) : Thursday, 18.9.08: Openings, calm down & free deals

Opening New York: might be the city that never sleeps but Zurich is now tossing and turning a bit too. The new venue on Langstrasse - Cocuna - opens its doors at 9 am for breakfast and turns its first floor into a club from 10 pm at the weekend. For the opening week, Thursday to Saturday, there's an open bar from 8-10 pm. You can expect to find me there.
Thursday, 8 pm Cocuna
Cosmopolitan: The new party label Cosmopolitans offers the perfect after-work parties for - who else? - cosmopolitans. The opening night features DJs Hands Solo and Jay Boogie with soul, r'n'b and mashup. It's every Thursday from now on and entry is free. Enjoy!
Thursday, 7 pm Amber
 Opening II
Opening II Stock markets: are crashing but the former trading floors still make for great clubbing. The Alte Börse had a face lift and opens its doors this Friday with a DJ mix from Berlin and Zurich featuring Heartthrob Live (Minus Berlin), Matt John (Minus Berlin), Serafin (Mountain People Zürich) and Rino (Cityfox). Ron has some tickets for the opening to give away.
Friday, Alte Börse
e-mail for free tickets
Anniversary: Hive celebrates 15 years of Kompakt with resident DJs spinning techno, house and minimal, and a selection of Kompakt's best: Matias Aguyago, Jonas Bering live, Maxime Dangles live and Geo. I'm curious about the visuals by the Colgne cracks, Okinawa 69, who never seize to amaze me.
Saturday, 11 pm Hive
more about Kompakt
 Weeknight affair
Weeknight affair Iceland: No, I'm not talking about the weather but where the band Seabear comes from. Soft, melodic sounds in traditional singer/songwriter fashion warm your heart - I'm still not talking about the weather. Sindri Már Sigfússon's voice is too beautiful to miss.
Monday, 8 pm El Lokal
El Lokal
It's cold: (Now I'm talking about the weather.) The best time to stay inside and befriend your TV. Candy tells a tragic story of excessive love with poetic shots and deep emotions, starring Heath Ledger - rest in peace - and Abbie Cornish. If you have Second Audio Program on your TV you can watch in English.
Monday, 11.55 pm SF2
 Good to know
Good to know Calm down: Summer holidays are over and most of us are back to too much work. But Zurich offers a variety of places to relax. Old botanical garden: A super oasis in the city, it was originally the self-defense ramparts, then the botanical garden from 1837 to 1976. Few people linger here though the garden is stunning and the deck chairs bring on utter relaxation. St Peters Church: This church in the middle of the old town between Bahnhofstrasse and Limmat boasts two superlatives: It is known as the oldest parish church in town and has the largest clock face in Europe. You'll find your inner calm not just inside but also outside, where a comfortable bench in the middle of a small square beckons you to sit down. Court yard, Bahnhofstrasse 14: Yes, I admit, the court yard next door with Strozzi's is cosier but it's usually full of the café's clientele. Comfortable benches and relaxing green await the exhausted townpeople, who come here, next to the national bank, instead. 
Web Panorama: Never been on top of the Eiffel Tower? Or fancy a view from the Olympic Stadiums? Try this page - just watch out that you don't get sick. The naked cyclist in London are hilarious.
Panoramic view
No meat: The invitation I received for the reopening of the vegetarian restaurant Samses says I can take my friends along. I love Samses and as we're friends I invite all of you! If you'd rather go with someone else I have 3 dinner vouchers for 2 to give away.
Thursday, from 5 pm Samses
e-mail for dinner
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