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Zurich (EN) : Zurich, 2.4.09: Jamie Scott, Japanese & juices


20 April is the launch date of the first ZURICH LOOK BOOK. Play and Ron show their snapshots of all sorts of  people from all over the city. Don’t miss it. You can download it from and from 20 April on.
Concert series
 Spring sounds: ewz.unplugged is a concert series organised by AllBlues at ewz-Unterwerk Selnau, an architecturally fabulous industrial hall in the middle of the city, right next to Bahnhof Selnau. Two bands play every evening. Thursday: Lyambiko and Jenny Chi & ChiBossa; Friday: Jamie Scott & the Town and Meng Tian; Saturday; Tuck & Patti and Asita Hamidi's Bazaar. This is the third time the event has been held and I have three pairs of tickets to give away.
2-4 April, ewz
e-mail for tickets (state day!)
Public debate: Actions Simples are Aurèle Ferrier's trademark; images in which a single man is shown in wide open landscapes or urban environments. Ferrier's photo and video works are at the gallery station21 throughout April. His latest project, Seismographics, is also part of the exhibition, where visitors are invited to take part in a debate about personal and communal values. Ferrier then projects texts generated from these discussions onto facades at night. He finally takes stock of the public’s comments on 2 May, the closing day.
Friday 6 pm, station21
 Classical meets electronic: The basic idea of tonhalleLate is to fuse electronic music with classical, so that the latter might appeal to a younger audience. The event starts with a bar and beats, followed by a classical concert by the renowned Tonhalle orchestra. Afterwards soloists from the orchestra play with djs and live acts for the electronic part of the evening, when the foyer turns into a dance floor and chill out lounge, complete with bar. I have two pairs of tickets to give away.
Saturday 9 pm, Tonhalle
e-mail for tickets
Club opening
It's time for cabaret: We’ve just heard that a new club is opening on the old Embargo site (just next to Supermarket) and, yes, there is a website, but with very little information. Cabaret opens on Friday (invitation only) and from Saturday it’ll be accessible to everyone, with Styro 2000 and Daniel Bell that night. The club is run by Dani H, who also has a smallish, very nice bar in Kreis 4 with good music. So we're interested to see how Cabaret turns out.
Weekday affair
 Forever young: Abart is probably my favourite venue when it comes to concerts. The size and acoustics are perfect – even if the crowd is often a bit young – and the organisers have a knack for spotting talent just before it breaks through. This Monday, the Danish band Veto provides an alternative/rock/electronic start to the new week. This indie group is not yet well known in Switzerland, but in Denmark their latest album is second place in the charts.
Monday 8 pm, Abart
Midweek affair
Disco tunes: During the 70s, a new brand of music was born, a mix of pop, jazz and r&b. At the time, Earth, Wind & Fire was one of the exponents of this funky disco music. Togther with founder and band leader Maurice White, guitar player Al McKay wrote some of their greatest hits. Now McKay has assembled an all-star 14-member troupe for the Earth, Wind & Fire Experience, whose only concert in Switzerland takes place at Kaufleuten this Wednesday.
Wednesday 8 pm, Kaufleuten
Good to know
  Juicy juices: Many people like to fast in the belief that it’s the best way to detox your body after winter. While not just a Swiss thing, it’s certainly very popular here and it seems that the juice week is the most common method. It’s quite easy; all you have to do is to stock some bottles of fruit or vegetable juice (organic and sugar-free of course) and to drink between 1 to 2 litres of water a day. I’ve just finished my fruity fast, so if you’re keen to start and for those who just like juice, here are a few tips for the freshest flavours in town. Saftbar: This venue in Niederdorf is probably the best-known juice bar. It offers a variety of freshly-squeezed varieties and (if you're not fasting) some yummy sandwiches. Zamba: Zamba juices are produced in Zurich and squeezed every day, with a vast range and almost limitless combinations. My favourite is the mix called Energy. Puls 5: I just saw that a new juice bar will open its doors next week in Puls 5. So here’s to a healthy start to spring!
 Go Japanese: Here are my favourite sushi, sashimi and sake places in the city. Sashimi: Bimi in Seefeld serves a wide range of very tasty Japanese food. Sake: Ginger, at Seefeldstrasse 62, serves very exclusive sake while Yoojis at Josefstrasse has the largest selection of sake in the city. Sushi: Sala of Tokyo was the first sushi bar in Switzerland (1983), an authentic and exclusive venue with table grill. Tip: Samurai is a great, yet surprisingly unknown, Japanese restaurant at Weststrasse.
Love stories
Our first love: The website Ourfirstlove introduces people who tell us about their first love. If you don't believe in love anymore, then continue reading Why I will never have a girlfriend. And if you wonder why more people in Switzerland are choosing to live on their own and why singles play such a prominent role in Swiss society; read on, in this article by Inside Switzerland Magazine.
City Page
Pimp up your summer! : Fancy a new hobby? I am thinking about starting paragliding this summer. Right now I am lacking flying buddies. Let me know if you are keen!Dan
Abadá Capoeira : Olá Galera, i am looking for people in Zurich who are living here and have trained with Abadá somewhere in the world.It is a pity, that here in this international and intercultural city where are living such a big brazilian community is no Abadá Capoeira group.Let's connect and try to invite an Abadá trainer.
[Moving to Zurich Area - looking to share appartment] : I will be in Zurich on saturday april 4th and sunday april 5th in order to visit apartments. I am looking principally for someone who is looking for another roommate to share his appartment.I speak only english and french for the moment.(no german) I am a french national in Switzerland since december.(resident permit B). Was in Miami, FL for the past 10 years.I work for a UK company based in London.I need to move to Zurich in april and at the latest by april 27th. (move date depends on finding a place)I am used to live with roommates. I worked in different countries around the world and had roommates of multiple nationalities.I would prefer to find a long term co-location . ie at leat 6 months or more if possible. I travel often for my work. non smoker. quiet and respect others.If you are looking for a roommate, please let me know .working on online systems, work quietly in my room on the computer or visit clients in Europe. I am flexible concerning the appartment location in the zurich area as long as communication links are available (train, bus)travel at least once a month through zurich airport and prefer easy transit.please contact me if you are looking for an easy to live with/no drama roommate... please send information like location, price when answering
3 bedroom flat or more wanted : HiWe're a young couple planning a family soon looking for a flat in Zurich, preferably Kreis 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10. Would be great if it would be a 3 Room (2 Bedroom) flat with Bathtub, Balcony and wouldn't cost more then CHF 2500. Thanks for your help.
Systems Admin wanted to Grow with Start up in Zurich : We are looking for someone! Someone who has a deep and meaningful relationship with technology, who loves all different systems, someone who has no predjudice towards any platform. Someone who thinks immersing themselves in virtual systems is just the thing on a Monday morning when "nothing works". Someone who can explain to others. Someone who wants to find the answers. Someone who wants to learn and keep up to speed with new technologies and finding innovative ways to use this new technology. Someone who wants to integrate technology into the business model. Someone who wants to have genuine input and influence in the company. Someone who can take ideas and run with them. Someone with patience. Someone with humour. Someone who doesn't want to be a number on the page of a corporate giant's HR book. Someone with an entrepreneurial brain.Who are we? We are small. We do technology consulting. We do some support. We do projects (but not always technology). We change the way people work. We have grand ideas. We want to grow (a bit). We want the good life. We are in Zurich.
4.5 Room Apartment in Zollikon : 3-bedroom sublet in most prestigious neighborhood of Zurich. Living room, dining room, Bathroom, separate Toilet, Kitchen with dishwasher, Hallway, Balcony, Attic and Basement space. Hi-speed internet and cable TV. Ample parking on street but Garage available for additional fee. Beautiful view of Lake Zurich and surrounding hills. Sunny for most of the day. 10 minutes by car to Zurich, 20 by public transport. Shopping nearby. Can be furnished for an additional fee per month. The apartment is available from April 1st until June 30th. 3 month rental preferred, but 2 month rental will be considered.No deposit necessary. However the full rental period must be paid in advance. Please contact Mr. Milorad Grbic for more details at +41-78-734-6315 or send an e-mail to
wanted: Ford Mustang 1964-68 : I'm searching for a Ford Mustang of the years 1964-68 to buy for this summer, it is for private use. It has to be in acceptable shape (or better) and with swiss homologation. All 3 body types are welcome. Price range: up top 30K CHF max.
Looking for a job : Hi, im a young native Seychelloise woman residing in Zurich, Switzerland. I am curently looking for a job, as a nanny or even as a cleaning lady. Please contact me if anything is available. I am available to start immediately.
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