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Zurich (EN) : Thursday: 04.09.08: Juggernauts, Lebowski & moules mania

Picture the scene: You’re running late for work, tapping your toes at the tram stop while you wait to get to the daily grind. You catch the eye of an attractive girl/guy across the tramlines and you stifle a little smile, just as the next tram roars into view. Later, in a spare moment over lunch you wonder about what could have been. Well, my friends, the Brief/ Missed Encounters section of our City Page is for you. Let her/him know that they’re on your mind and post a message – then sit back and let fate decide.
Give my love to the city
Concert Blasted: Not many electronic acts are blasted into public consciousness by Justice. But Midnight Juggernauts from Australia are an exception to every rule, supporting the French duo and presenting their very own sound, somewhere between ELO, CAN, Air and M83. Critical acclaim has come from sources like NME and Drowned in Sound and they’ve topped international ‘Best of’ lists with their album Dystopia – Ed Banger’s mainman Busy P describes it as the year’s best album. See them at Hive.
Thursday 9 pm, Hive
Acoustic Americana: Conor Oberst is one of the key figures in the US 'Nu Acoustic Music’ movement. With new musicians, The Mystic Valley Band and a new project, his lush new album crosses folk/indie/country genres and was recorded in Tepoztlán, Morales, Mexico. They’ll be playing tracks from the eponymous record at Rote Fabrik at the Sky Larkin Concert.
Friday, 9 pm Rote Fabrik
Exhibition/Party Insomnia relief: There are times when even the soundest sleeper simply can’t doze off. If you’re a nightowl like me and the idea of clubbing on Saturday leaves you blubbing then trundle to the Long Night of the Museums at the Kunsthaus. “Craziness” is the theme this year, with late night artworks, readings, portraits and guided tours topped-off with a party hosted by fashion magazine Bolero until 5 am.
Saturday, 7 pm – 5 am Kunsthaus Zurich
 Party On
Zurich’s smallest nightclub: Superzero at Zähringerstrasse 39 hosts a night where hip hop meets electro and dance meets meditation. You won’t fail to hit the dancefloor (it’s a very small venue), with DJs like Robosonic from Berlin, and Zurich’s own DJs Vangelis and Jewl.
Saturday, midnight Superzero
Event Homesick: No matter how integrated you’ve become since reading Ron Orp’s Mail, there are times when a taste of home is just what you need. If you’re craving any familiar products or services from home (I hear that the lack of Marmite is getting some of you down) or need some new ones to settle in, then head to Expat Expo at Zurich’s Kongresshaus to get your fix. Admission is free.
Sunday, 11 am – 5 pm Kongresshaus Zurich
 Electric Activity
Dorkbotswiss: presentations are fun, informal chats by artists and cultural commentators lasting about twenty minutes, including questions. Dorkbotswiss is perfect for those with short attention spans. The chosen topic is "strange people doing strange things with and without electricity". Entrance is free and (so they say) exit is too!
Wednesday, 8 pm Kunstraum Walcheturm
Kunstraum Walcheturm
 Good to Know
Good to Know Street art in our city: New residents to Zurich often comment with surprise at the amount of graffiti that seems present on the walls of Switzerland’s biggest city. Nowadays the attitudes those in charge seem to have softened towards the street art. However, this wasn’t always so. During the 1970s Harald Naegeli, known as the "Sprayer of Zurich", was arrested for painting nearly a thousand simple wiry figures as a political response to a growing sense of anonymity in the city. While intellectuals and artists valued his work, he was forced into exile and was eventually extradited and imprisoned for nine months in 1984. Today his work is recognised as art by those same authorities, who now seek to restore what’s left. The next generation of artists has picked up where he left off and some like Tika from Zurich are even making an international name for themselves – Tika’s work now adorns walls in Mexico and Rio.
 Gen X Genius
Gen X Genius Dude: It’s a decade since the Coen Brothers The Big Lebowski hit the screens. Now that cardigans are fashionable for men this season, lovers of the film might head to their nearest Brockenhaus to pick up a Dude-style beige and brown zigzag cable knit. If Zurich life isn’t giving you enough Slacker credibility, pop it on and hunker down with this Special Anniversary Lebowski DVD in bowling ball casing.
Too moules for school: For a little while now, those in the know about Zurich’s eateries have been trying to keep Les Halles under wraps. It’s considered to one of the best venues for seafood lovers – especially those who love their mussels. September is the season for this shellfish and three different moules dishes on the menu, you’ll have beat the rush to get a table. Les Halles
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