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Zurich (EN) : Zurich 08.06.2023: Street Food, Porter, & The Struggle


Good Morning Ronster


The weather is hot, the beer is cold and my mind is being drawn skywards. To the rooftops to be exact because my very own Rooftop Day is only a few short weeks away. Make sure you put the 24th of June in your Diary. (It's also the summer solstice so all the pagans and druids amongst you have no excuse.)


In other news, velvet voiced jazz superstar Gregory Porter is in town on Saturday and i have a pair of tickets to give away. Scroll down and click to win. Have a great weekend and…


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Zurich Photo Trip
Zurich Photo Trip

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Ron's Weekly Agenda

Ron's Weekly Agenda

The city is opening up as we head deeper into summer. The Street Food festival is starting, as well as a bunch of neighbourhood festivals and other fun outdoor activities like mini golf. And of course, there’s the feminist strike next week that we’ll help you prepare for, (whether you can be there or not). So grab a taco, smash the patriarchy and have a good week.

Friday: Summer im Viadukt
Saturday: Gregory Porter at The Hall
Saturday: Mini Golf opening at Hard
Monday: Kevin Morby at Dynamo
Tuesday: Street Food Festival
Wednesday: Take to the streets for the women’s strike


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Calixto Neto – FEIJOADA
A roda de samba, a meal called Feijoada and a reflection of a contemporary black Brazil – this is FEIJOADA. Come, dance, and eat with us at Gessnerallee!

Concert: Want To See Gregory Porter? Perhaps I Can Help!

Concert: Want To See Gregory Porter? Perhaps I Can Help!


Gregory Porter’s warm, velvety baritone has taken him to the heights of international stardom and soothed many a soul. Did you know that he’s playing at The Hall in Zurich on Saturday? If you get a chance to see him perform it’s worth taking. But i have a special surprise for you lovely Ronsters. The wonderful guys at have given us a pair of tickets to give away. Click the buttons to find out how to win, win, win!

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To See

Saturday 8pm, The Hall, Hoffnigstrasse 1,8600


Fumetto presents: Dale Forbes Molina

Fumetto presents: Dale Forbes Molina |  Instagram @daleskyn

Good to know: Women's Strike/ Feminist Strike

Good to know: Women's Strike/ Feminist Strike


It’s that time of year again: the time for women, (and allies) to take to the streets and demand equality and change. It’s time to gather into a sea of solidarity and paint the city purple. Why purple you ask? Some say it’s because it’s what you get when you mix blue and red, or the masculine and feminine. A balance. A sense of being equal.

Click the buttons below to find out details, different ways to participate and what you need to make the experience a good one.

Wednesday 10am-8pm, Bürkliplatz, 8001

Party: Parties In Your Hood

Party: Parties In Your Hood


The «Quartierfestivals» really have a special place in my heart and for a city as small as Zurich there sure is a lot of them. As the different neighbourhoods compete to provide us with the ultimate summer experience it gives me an excuse to visit some places that i haven’t been to in a while, or if you are new to the city, discover some interesting corners of the city. But where are they all? I’ve put together a handy overview of the square, neighbourhood and city festivals. Hit the buttons to find out more.


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