Thu, 30.03.2023

Zurich (EN) : Thursday 30.03.2023: Music, Markets and Matter


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Ah, the days are getting longer, Easter is right around the corner, and birds are chirping right outside my window at the crack of dawn. It's a beautiful sound, even if it is a bit early. It seems like just yesterdy we were celebrating the end of 2022, and now Spring is here. Hopefully the weather improves so we can actually enjoy it. But as they say, April will do what it wants (ok, it sounds better in German). Oh and i’ll be celebrating my birthday on April 4th! So crack open a beer for me, pop some champagne, and

Give my love to the city.
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Zurich Photo Trip
Zurich Photo Trip

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Ron's Weekly Agenda

Ron's Weekly Agenda

Last week i had quite a bit of music for you guys, but this week i’m branching out a bit. The agenda is blooming with new things. i’m going to plant some ideas in your head for shopping, putting a spring into your step with some new fashion. Ok. i’ll stop with the great puns. For this week, i’ve got some outdoor markets, vintage shopping, an indie film that tackles the growing garbage crisis (just in case your mood is too good) and a beer festival (to lift the spirits again).

Thursday: Indie film Matter Out of Place
Friday: Zurich Beer Festival in Altstetten
Friday: Fashion & Food!
Saturday: Shopping at the Brupi market
Sunday: Flea market on the lake in Wollishofen
Sunday: Vintage Sunday at Amboss Rampe
Wednesday: Music Cafe opening at X-TRA


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Drinking: Get Tasting At The Zurich Beer Festival

Drinking: Get Tasting At The Zurich Beer Festival


BEER! Now that i have your attention i would like to tell you about a beer festival that is taking place this weekend. Hop over to Altstetten for's festival that takes place on Friday and Saturday. Thirty nine breweries are featured and your tasting will be ably accompanied by live music on both Fri and Saturday evening. There is also a Beer & Food pairing session on Thursday with a seven course meal and beers included.


Thurs 7pm, Fri 5pm & Sat 12pm, The Spirgarten, Lindenplatz 5, 8048


Fumetto presents: Terhi Adler

Fumetto presents: Terhi Adler |  Instagram @terhiadler

Worth watching: It Really Does Matter

Worth watching: It Really Does Matter


I have seen some rubbish films in my time but Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s film «Matter Out Of Place» takes it to a whole new level. It is already established that we, (the human race that is,) have terrible problems with the waste we create and this award winning film highlights this by following our trash across the planet from the shores to the peaks of mountains. Click the link to check out the trailer and keep an eye out for the film. It’s a real eye opener.

Concert: Gigz For April

Concert: Gigz For April


For some of us, spontaneity is the spice of life. For others, planning and knowing what your month is going to like is the more sane option. Either way, i’ve put together a list for both camps. If you want to be spontaneous, you can check out what’s happening that day and where. For all you planners, you can see what the month has in store. And...i have created a playlist so you can check out the sounds of the bands playing this month. Click the buttons for the full list and playlist.


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Pictures around the world
Pictures around the world

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