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Zurich (EN) : Zurich 16.03.2023: Blue, Silver & Gold


Welcome To The Weekend Ronster


I know i go on about the weather a lot but hasn’t it been crazy? Snow on Saturday and 20 degrees on Monday. Not sure whether to wear my snow shoes or my swimming costume. Any hoo, thanks to those who took part in my Oscars competition. Everything Everywhere All At Once pretty much swept the board with Brendan Fraser winning best actor for his performance in The Whale. The winners have got a lovely Ron Orp bag and a sticker booklet winging their, (or if you won, your,) way. Have a great weekend and…


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Zurich Photo Trip
Zurich Photo Trip

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Ron's Weekly Agenda

Ron's Weekly Agenda


Ah, another week, another chance to experience the city. There’s a piano concert to soothe the soul, and a solidarity event to raise support and awareness for those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and surrounding areas. Or maybe you’re in the mood for some artwork, specifically blue artwork. Well, what a coincidence. i’ve got you covered. There’s a great band from the Netherlands visiting the Papiersaal, and some shopping tips as well. Enjoy!

Thursday: Piano concert with Riopy at the Volkshaus
Thursday: Feeling blue
Saturday: Goodbye winter, velo spring
Sunday: Politics, Music and Awareness at the Park Platz
Tuesday: Jack and the Weatherman at Papiersaal

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Awareness Event: Earthquake in Turkey

Awareness Event: Earthquake in Turkey


This weekend holds a great opportunity to learn about and raise awareness of the tragic events that have happened recently in Turkey and its surrounding areas. As the website states «Every humanitarian crisis is also a political one.» The Park Platz will be holding space for this issue with a packed agenda. Starting at 12pm there will be a flea market with a chance to grab some food, followed by a discussion on the political situation in Kurdistan, Syria and Turkey. Then you can let go and party until 10pm.


Sunday 12pm, Verein Park Platz, Wasserwerkstrasse 101, 8037


Fumetto presents: Terhi Adler

Fumetto presents: Terhi Adler |  Instagram @terhiadler

Shopping tip: Silver and Gold

Shopping tip: Silver and Gold


Meet Sarah and Andrea Ricklin, founders of World of Josephine. If you’re looking for understated yet sophisticated handmade jewellery, look no further. These two locals are crafting unisex pieces, suitable for every occasion. Each piece is made from gold and silver (and love of course). You can find them in concept stores all over the city. Treat yourself or that special someone in your life with a unique piece of jewellery, and support local, small businesses at the same time! Click the button to find their locations in Zurich.

Worth watching: Why Do We All Need Glasses?
Josh Calabrese

Worth watching: Why Do We All Need Glasses?


You'll never guess who I bumped into in the opticians?


But seriously, there's a 50/50 chance that you're wearing glasses when you read these lines. Okay, I just made that up but it is a fact that more and more people need glasses. Over the last few decades, even the number of children who need to wear glasses has skyrocketed. According to scientists a lack of outdoor play and, (shock horror,) too much time on digital devices is causing the epidemic of short-sightedness. It really is a fascinating subject. Check out this video to find out more.


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