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Zurich (EN) : Zurich 15.04.2021: Birthday, Buns & Böögg


Good Morning Ronster


Yesterdays new conference on the Corona crisis brought some big news with a cautious relaxation of the current measures. The most eye cathing are that events with audiences will be permitted and restaurants will be allowed to serve food and drinks, albeit outside. Hit the link for the full report from the BAG website and their graphic representation of the new measures.

Also, the Swiss vaccination process has finally ground to a start and with it, hopefully, we can get rid of the restaurant closing, club shutting, gig cancelling scourge that is Covid. But you do need to register so i have written a walkthrough of the registration process at the end of the newsletter.

And finally, it’s my birthday soon. Check out the first tip for ways you can get involved. I really want to hear your song requests. Have a great weekend and…

Give my love to the city
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Zurich Photo Trip
Zurich Photo Trip

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Audiolicious: My Birthday-Radio for you
Ron Orp

Audiolicious: My Birthday-Radio for you

On April 29th i will be celebrating my 17th birthday. Obviously i have to forgo the wild party, (like the one for my 15th birthday,) but this year i will celebrate with my first ever birthday radio show, starting at 2pm on Radio live from Sender .

You'll be able to hear your and my favourite new tracks and each full hour there will be a news-segment with the latest on the city with sweet local goodies, just for you. Beneath you can find more about the whole afternoon and evening.

But for the programming and the playlists I need your support. Just fill in this form or hit the buttons at the bottom by April 18th. Thank you!

Ron Orp Birthday-Radio on Radio
Thursday, April 29th, starting on 2pm

14.00 Start
15.00 Afternoon Rave with the F96 Collective
17.00 Birthday toast over the radio waves.
21.00 Liveshowfrom the Zurich-based Band Wilderness
22.00 Finale with Blau Blau Records

...and obviously many more suprises.
Eating: Bao Down Before Them

Eating: Bao Down Before Them


Take a «Bao» Amy & Selina. For they are the brains (and brawn,) behind a new pop-up called Any Bao which will be serving «Bao Burgers,» this Sunday at Bar Exer. In case you don’t know what a bao is, it is a type of steamed bun, common in the far east and, filled with mushrooms or meat is totally delicious. At the moment the pop-up is a one-off event but if we give them enough support we might just be able to persuade them to open up on a more regular basis.


Sunday 12pm - 8pm, Exer, Tellstrasse 10, 8004 No Philistines From Palestine No Philistines From Palestine


Let’s face it, the Palestinian people have had a rough ride but as with so many things, hardship brings incredible tales of bravery, love and hope. That’s why «Hummus & Popcorn», the Palestinian arts film festival are looking for support: So they can bring these stories to you Ronsters. If you would like to show your support for their upcoming festival then get a goodie from their Crowdify page and help them to get this years festival off the ground.


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Good to know: The Wild City

Good to know: The Wild City


Plants really are our best friends. They suck up our carbon dioxide, can be used as medicines and, (believe it or not,) you can eat some of them. That’s where Grünkraft come in. They organise courses on edible and medicinal wild plants in this very city. Now, i saw that they have courses this weekend but, of course, they are all booked up. But the weather’s crap anyway so why not try and book onto the courses taking place on the second weekend in May.

Good to know: Böögg Off - Again

Good to know: Böögg Off - Again


Normally next Monday would mean a half day of work, drunken carousing and incineration of an effigy ( the Böögg,) with its head filled with explosives. Unfortunately for the second year running Sechseläuten has been cancelled which means the good folk of Zurich miss another year of men strutting around in tights. Never mind, we still get half the day off.

If you still want to get involved (in a small way,) you can still order a «pocket böögg» from here and literally set your money on fire. Alternatively, you can order the Böögg board game and race to the centre to explode his head.

If this all sounds like a massive yawn remember, Sechseläuten is organised by the «Zentralkomitee der Zünfte Zürichs,» acronym ZZZ. Their blurb reads like a cartoon character sleeping. Nevertheless, i am going to miss the Böögg...i mean, how are we going to tell what the weather will be like this summer.


FUMETTO presents «good or bad?» by Claudio Näf

FUMETTO presents «good or bad?» by Claudio Näf |  More about Claudio Näf

Good to know: Vax Facts

Good to know: Vax Facts


The talk of the world right now is vaccines and if you would like to be vaccinated against Covid now is the time to register with the Zurich authorities. Registration is completed via their hilariously named «VacMe» website. Now, the whole website is in German so (if you are unsure,) i have created a walkthrough of the process. Hit the buttons below to find out more.

francescasanna francescasanna

Workspace in Shared Atelier


We are four designers working in the fields of animation, motion design, illustration and picture books. From May 1st we will have a free space in our new one-room-atelier on the first floor of...

Workspace in Shared Atelier

Rooms: 1, 8003 Zurich, 305.00

Fe Dra Fe Dra

Furnished bedroom in the old city – July to January


Hi, I’m looking for a flatmate to share my colorful and sunny flat in Zurich’s old town between July 2021 and January 2022. While the flat is centrally located (8 minutes’ walk from Zurich...

Furnished bedroom in the old city – July to January

Rooms: 1, 8001 Zürich, 1,400.00

micael.dlt micael.dlt

Beautiful 3 Rooms Apartment in Höngg!


We‘re looking to swap our beautiful refurbisht 3 Room Apartment in Höngg with a bigger Apartment. Details:...

Beautiful 3 Rooms Apartment in Höngg!

Rooms: 3.5, 8049 Zürich, 2,500.00

arjuna arjuna

Subtenant for apartment in district 4 wanted!


For our lovely old building apartment at Wengistrasse 6 in Zurich, in the middle of Kreis 4, we are looking for a subtenant from July for probably 6 months (possibility to extend for another 3-6...

Subtenant for apartment in district 4 wanted!

Rooms: 3, 8004 Zurich, 2,500.00

Chris Mifsud Chris Mifsud

Beautiful Studio Apartment - Available in May


A beautiful and spacious studio apartment between Langstrasse and Kasernenareal park: Zurich 8004. - Level 3 (little to no noise from...

Beautiful Studio Apartment - Available in May

Rooms: 1.5, 8004 Zürich, 1,450.00

Fiedel Fiedel

Roommate for temporary living, potentially longer


I there I am looking for a roommate to share a beautiful flat high over Zürich. The flat is in the 19th floor with great sunlight. Its close to HB and the Limmat. I m 35 and am a busy and calm:)...

Roommate for temporary living, potentially longer

Rooms: 1, 8005 Zürich, 1,200.00 |  Ads & more

Urban Signs Photo Trip
Urban Signs Photo Trip

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