I can’t see the contact information below the ads when I’m not logged in. 
The contact information is only visible to Ron Orp’s Mail subscribers. If you’re a subscriber – which makes me happy – you have to log in to the website. 
If you don’t remember your password, please check the Help questions about passwords.
If you’re not a subscriber yet, subscribe! You’ll receive Ron Orp’s Mail daily or weekly (Zurich English) for your city.

I don’t see any contact details for the ads, and I am logged in! 
It has to do with your browser settings: if you’re logged in and you can’t see the contact information, your cookies are switched off. Under Properties/Settings, you should, depending on browser, find a function to enable cookies. Activate them. Now your computer can remember your login for www.ronorp.net, and the contact details will be visible.
I can’t find a particular ad. Where is it? 
The advertiser was probably successful and deleted his or her ad.  
How does an ad make it into the newsletter?
There are three possibilities.
Possibility 1: You were lucky! Your ad was selected by chance and ended up in the newsletter.      
Possibility 2: Your ad was funny or addressed an important topic. I liked it and picked it for the newsletter.
Possibility 3: You wanted to make sure your ad made it in, so you paid a small fee. Cheers!
How long will my ad stay visible?
Your ad stays on the website for 30 days. After that it gets deleted automatically. 
My ad was deleted!
There could be several reasons for this. Maybe the 30-day display period was over, or maybe your ad violated a law. Perhaps I received a complaint from readers who answered your ad, or I thought your ad isn’t quite kosher (i.e. multi-level marketing).