Thu, 07/03/2014 - Zurich, 3.7.2014: Park life, port life & sofa cinema


Hello people,
My name is Elizabeth. If somebody needs a room in Zurich, please let me know.
Thank you very much.
If what write me on my e mail.

Zurich Photo Trip

3 BR in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro for rent in august and september

Need a change of scenery? We're renting out our cosy and stylish apartment, perfectly located in Copacabana during August and September. One...
Reach for the beach

Reach for the beach

I know your holidays have not quite started yet and you’ll have to wait a little longer until you can lounge, sloth-like, on a beach. If you no longer stand the wait, then the rooftop of Parkhaus West is certainly less than a flight...
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Add to favourit  Cinema: River of dreams
One of the best open air cinema locations opens up this week, and for the rest of July will be showing some great movies. Filmfluss at Badi Unterer Letten lets you sit back and relax as the films on the silver screen above are reflected in the shimmering river below. Not all movies are in English, so check programme before heading out, but I’m looking forward to seeing Ken Loach’s Scottish comi-drama The Angel’s Share and the great black and white indie, Nebraska.
Thursday until 27th July, 9.30 pm, Badi Unterer Letten, Wasserwerkstrasse 131, 8037
Add to favourit  Party: 5 is the magic number
Exil are celebrating their 5th birthday this weekend and are doing it in a style most 5 year olds could only dream about, especially because they’re generally unaware of decent music and djs. On Thursday, M. Ward will be playing his serene indie-folk live, while on Saturday the psychotropic hip-hop of The Gaslamp Killer will be taking to the stage. Sandwiched between these two acts, on Friday, will be the 10x30 party, 10 teams of non-djs get 30 minutes each to wow the dancefloor. It won’t be pretty but it will be eclectic as electro crashes into funk crashes into disco crashes into whatever they want to play to get you moving. Entry to the party on Friday will be free.
Thursday 8 pm M. Ward, Friday 10 pm 10x30 party (free) Saturday 10 pm The Gaslamp Killer, Exil
Add to favourit  Party: Dancing in the street
The Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg is a tiny underground dive of a place that, despite it’s location close to the Fish Market, is packed out every weekend and is considered one of the best clubs in the world - this is mostly due to it’s owner and regular contributor, Viktor Marek. This Friday, Viktor will be playing a dj set on the forecourt outside of Stall 6. Expect plenty of Afro Beats, world music vibes and hip-hip rhythms to keep you moving. The party will move inside later in the night but entry is free for the entire shebang.
Friday 9 pm, Stall 6
Add to favourit  Concert: Dreams do come true
Free live music and free ice cream! Let me say that again. Free live music and free ice cream! No, I haven’t just delved into your mind for your innermost desires, although I’m guessing I’m not far off. This Saturday you can see the UK band Fickle Friends perform their disco-sprinkled summer rock at Hive as part of Ben and Jerry’s Taste & Tunes Tour. Now, Ben and Jerry may be 'The Man' (perhaps The Men), and don’t really fit with the Ronster indie aesthetic but they are 'The Man', and at the risk of repeating myself, with free live music and free ice cream. Go indulge.
Saturday 1 pm until 7 pm, Hive
Add to favourit  Festival: Final Fest
Of course, the World Cup Final is on Sunday and if you are looking for a good way to build up to the event or are just looking for a way to avoid the whole spectacle, then the Fabrik Fest at Rote Fabrik could suit you both ways. Starting just before noon with yoga, green smoothies, cupcakes and Thai massage, the Fabrik Fest then moves in a myriad of different directions with a flea market, Youtube disco, organic makeovers, paddling pools, food and drink, children’s concert, dance classes, experimental film show and a classical concert. Finally, they’ll show the football, at which stage you should be ready to settle down to watch the game or happy to drift away on a massaged cloud of smoothies and new dance steps.
Sunday from 11.30 am, Rote Fabrik
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Add to favourit  Concert: On the cloud with Paul
It’s that time of the year again: Wednesday open air concerts at Bäckeranlage have begun. As the weather should get better, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying Paul Cloud next week. The Swiss singer/songwriter with Brazilian roots composes songs with a touch of soul, blues and rock. Summer feeling pure, and Brazil right at your door step in case you miss the World Cup already. If it rains the music plays at Restaurant B. Concerts are for free, with collection afterwards.
Wednesday 8 pm, Bäckeranlage 
Add to favourit Cheers to the cows

Did you arrived in Switzerland, wondering where all the cows are? Well, they're not in the city and this project has no intention of bringing them here, but their milk, fresh from the farmer can come straight to your bottle. If you like to know where your milk comes from, then you've found a soul mate in Flurin. He intends to install a milk-vending-machine at Markthalle Viadukt with fresh Swiss cow milk. For this he raises money through the crowd funding platform His promotional video is in Swiss German but even without sound, you’ll get the idea.

Add to favourit  Good to know: Back soon

I love spending summer in the city, mostly because many go away. Which is the main reason (or so they say) for several clubs to take a break. So before heading to Kauz, Kinski, Moods, P1 or Ampere over the next weeks, check out their website before standing in front of locked doors. Alter Kaserne is also closed until the end of the month, Frieda’s Büxe until 25th July and Exil until middle of August. But there are some, who think of us, who will stay here: Stall 6, Gonzo, Hive, Mascotte, Supermarket & Revier.

Add to favourit  Contest: Green finger

Does your roof top look like a blossoming paradise? Does your balcony sport the most beautiful vegetable garden? If your answer is yes, Ronster Cornel would like to meet you. For his book project «stattfarm» he makes portraits of lovingly tended urban garden oasis, whose creators like the idea of being or becoming self-sufficient. Post a picture of your urban jungle here and maybe it’ll be immortalized in a book. Amongst the participants I'll give away vouchers by Veg and the City for 100, 200 and 300 francs. If you'd like to meet other people with grren fingers or just to enjoy the view from one of Europaallee’s roofs, Veg and the City and Martha’s Salad host their roof top day this Saturday.
Urban Gardening Phototrip

Add to favourit   Ron’s video gem: The world’s greatest storyteller

T-Berry is a New York legend. Since the eighties, he shares old stores in return for a bit of change in Harlem. Photographer Horatio Baltz got hooked and portrayed him. Pictures you find here, more videos here, and an interview with the photographer there.

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