Thu, 02/19/2015 - Zurich, 19.2.2015: An open book, saintly songs & gaucho food

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    Protest Song: The Music Monkeys

    During my little trip I came across a jam session in the middle of nowhere. One of the musicians gave me a cd with their...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: Lightning Bolt by Jake Bugg

    Take a 19 year old from Nottingham, have him sing a rollicking thumper of a tune and set the video on the streets of...
  • Ron’s Favourite Song: 110% by Jessie Ware

    Sounding like a blissed-out Sade who has discovered the summer joys of electropop, 110% by Jessie Ware warms you on the...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: American Dream by Electric Guest

    Despite the feral nature of the lead singer in the video, American Dream by Electric Guest grooves along like a West Coast...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: Lay Your Cards Out by Poliça

     Sounding just like the distant echo of the summer days to come, Lay Your Cards Out by Poliça is intense and...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: Les Plus Beaux by François and the Atlas Mountains

    So it's Thursday and we're nearly finished with all the holiday celebrations and, of course, 2011. Before the big finale and...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: Assembly by Elephant

    As the dark days of winter wrap their arms tighter around us, Assembly by Elephant sounds like a sunbeam breaking through...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: These Days by Ane Brun

     Her vocals sound as fragile as glass but the music has the strength of a thunderstorm. These Days by Ane Brun confuses...
  • Ron's favourite song: From Berlin to Nairobi and back

    I’d call NRBLN-BLNRB a fruitful culture clash. The Gebrüder Teichmann and the Goethe-Institut Nairobi initiated...
  • Ron's favourite song: Kindness

    Last week I came across the mysterious artist Kindness. His latest song Cyan seems to move from my ears directly to my legs...
  • Ron's favourite song : Midnight City by M83

    It sounds like it should have been released in the middle of summer but Midnight City by M83 is enough to keep me warm as...
  • Ron's playlist for autumn

    The days are getting shorter and the weather makes it tempting to stay in bed. For those and other autumn days I compiled a...
  • Ron's favourite song: Liiines by Ghostpoet

     The UK has slowly grown it's own brand of rap/hip-hop that is a million miles away from it's US bigger brother....
  • Ron's Favourite Song: Video Games by Lana Del Rey

    I love faded glory. 40's Hollywood, seaside towns in winter and old fairgrounds. A sense of beauty hidden beneath the dirt....
  • Oh Land - Wolf and I

    Nanna Øland Fabricius dreamed, like many girls, of a career as a ballerina. But a back injury burst that bubble....
  • Ron's favourite song: Money by The Drums

      White-boy indie-rock can all start to sound the same after a little while but Money by The Drums just won't get...
  • Ron's favourite song: Eyes Be Closed by Washed Out

     With the banging Street Parade behind us, let Eyes Be Closed by Washed Out bliss you away for the coming sultry...
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Seeking New York is an exploratory documentary web series currently in production and incubated at the Made in New York Media...
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Selfcatered flats rental by french Alps

LANDLORD rents 2 self catered flats in Les CARROZ 1150 m, ski-golf resort by French Alps 50 kms from GENEVA air port.
1) A flat of 50 m2 +20 m2 of covered terrace up to six ( 6 ) people.
• PRICE a week : 450 – 950 € according to the season
• 2) A flat of 80 m2, up to ten ( 10 ) people:...

Zurich Photo Trip

Nepal / Kathmandu: looking for Hotel or longer term accomodation

Nepal / Kathmandu: looking for Hotel or longer term (3 months) accomodation Apartment, shared flat, districts: Bhat Bhateni, Baluwatar, Lazimpat,...
Metronomy and you

Metronomy and you

Metronomy have always been an odd proposition. They’re a band very much of the here and now but have a sound that has a strange amateurish 70’s vibe. They also bring the funk but filtered through a particularly English stiff...
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Zurich Photo Trip
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Gonna party like it’s your birthday

It’s Gonzo Club’s 1st birthday this weekend but it didn’t want to celebrate alone, so instead it’s decided to have a freaky 3-way with a couple of other birthday celebrants.  Tonight,, Zurich’s internet radio station, is two years old and has invited The Shit, Urban Junior and Jack Stoiker along for the ride.  On Friday, Halbstark also hits the terrible twos. Mr Gold, Hang the DJ and friends will be there to entertain you. 
Thursday 8 pm & Friday 10.30 pm, Gonzo Club

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Flogging a dad horse

Part of the reason I’ve always liked Tom Waits has been his unique sound and vision of what music can be, but I think I’ve discovered his long lost German cousin in The Dad Horse Experience. Dad Horse Ottn, who essentially is The Experience, comes on like a preacher from the dark side of heaven, converting you with his banjo, kazoo and songs of weirdness and redemption. Kafi für Dich may not seem the place for your musical salvation but, then again, where does? Free entry.
Friday 8:30 pm, Kafi für dich

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Cycle city

Strange as it may sound, not everything great happening in Switzerland happens in Zurich. Occasionally, there is an event outside of our city walls that make a small journey worthwhile, and Bike Days is one such event. Whether you’re into rattling old bikes as a cool way to get around town or as a high specification machine to glide along the roads of Switzerland, you’ll find something here for you. BMC/MTB/BMX contests, bike market, 120 exhibitors/350 brands with djs and night bike displays.  It takes place in Solothurn over the whole weekend and I have 2 x 2 tickets to give away. Email me.
Friday to Sunday 10 am to 2 am, Rythalle/Baseltor, Baselstrasse, 4500, Solothurn

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Culture clash

At Pfingstweide this Saturday is a dj tag-team extravaganza. In the red corner we have djs Tube & Berger, German producers of the finest electronica.  Starting out as a charity enterprise to help children in Africa, they’ve since produced some outstanding tracks and even broken through into mainstream circles. In the blue corner stands djs Kruse & Nürnberg, kings of the deep house scene and go-to names for any remix action. This is a clash of the titans and may the dance floor win.
Saturday 11 pm, Pfingstweide

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Creative flea markets
The Langstrasse area, in Kreis 4 and 5, is known for both its multicultural scene and its design community. As such, it plays host every year to Kreislauf 4 + 5, when 90 or so stores and studios open their doors to show their works and give the public an opportunity to speak with the designers. This weekend,   you can also visit one of several small flea markets which are located at the corner Josefstrasse/Hafnerstrasse, corner Neugasse/Ackerstrasse, corner Neugasse/Röntgenstrasse, corner Ottostrasse/Josefstrasse and at the corner Hafnerstrasse/Ausstellungsstrasse.
Saturday & Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm, Kreis 4 & 5
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Exotic dinner show

Treat yourself to exotic food and a relaxing massage! On Wednesday, 9th of May, you can get away from your hectic daily life at Nüschelerstrasse 31. Our chefs swiftly prepare fresh dishes in front of you. At the same time you can enjoy a hand or neck massage by the Asia Spa-Team. And the Balinese dance performance immerses you fully in the Asian world.

Book today - phone: 043 497 22

Sir Mixalot

Like a magpie snatching up the shiny objects that catch its eye, Sir Richard Bishop doesn’t fit into any musical genre but rather takes the best bits of every thing he hears and absorbs them into his own sound.  Whether it’s rock, jazz, gypsy-folk, flamenco, Middle Eastern, or North African you get the idea this guy is a musician in the purest sense of the word. Music, not a type of genre, is his sound and to define it one way would be to lose something another way. He plays at El Lokal this Monday.
Monday 8 pm, El Lokal

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As Mexican as it gets
Location Langstrasse: Two masked men approach me, actually they are Luchadores (which are Mexican wrestlers) but instead of fighting me, they press a flyer into my hand. Behind one mask hides Patrick, the driving force behind La Catrina, who grew up in Mexico and misses REAL Mexican food. As no one else fills that gap, he decided to open the first original Mexican Cantina in Zurich: El Luchador.
Konradstrasse 69, 8005
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Good to know

Whenever spring arrives I wish I had a garden so I could grow my own fresh vegetables. My perfect solution: Dunkelhölzli. There I order a seasonal vegetable subscription, tell them how much I need per week and where I would like to pick up my order. This way, I get my seasonal food every week from May until December – and discover plants I never ate before. And I also get a chance to get my fingers dirty, as every subscriber helps out on the field for about 2 days per season. For 1-2 person, 2 kg vegetables per week, 630 francs per season.

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Ghost soul
One would think that the creative community in New York would provide the perfect ground to produce a record. This doesn’t seem to be the case for Doe Paoro. She turned her back on the city and adjourned to a meditation trip.  During her travel she found the needed inspiration for her debut album Slow to Love. The recorded tracks she describes as ‘Ghost Soul‘, which ranges somewhere between post-dub step, pop and soul. A bit like a mixture between Lykke Li and James Blake. Listen
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Green art
Authorities are not fond of graffiti. Artist Strook doesn’t have this problem. His images consist of lines and spaces which he draws with a high-pressure cleaner on existing moss. So he actually cleans the walls, but leaves something for the eye. Surprising, what a little water can do. More
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Pizza dinner


"Mamma mia" – A pizza or a pasta dinner at Ristorante Pizzeria 99. Enjoy with your partner, friend or your entire "famiglia" an Italian feast with pasta or pizza of your choice as a main course. This great offer is available to you already from CHF 37.


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If you're looking for something (a flat, a ticket, love), have something to give away (a flat, a ticket, ex) or have anything else to say, then this is the place to do it: Nice big Room in the heart of zurich (furnished): I am looking for a new room mate. The appartment is aviable now until October. Given that the the appartment is in "Kreis 4" near the langstrasse you are very close to all the alternative bars and there is a park just about 1 minute away. The apartment is about 90square meter, with a huge living room, a shower/bath and another separate toillette, a ...
Rooms: 3.5, Postcode/Place: 8004 Zirich, Price: 1,100.00
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Send to Facebook Tweet this E-mail 120m2 studio-loft for rent near zurich (waedenswil): from mid july to mid august & december/january 2012/2013. this multifunctional large space with a warm and lively atmosphare can be rented as a short term holiday stay, workspace or seminar/eventroom. this loft is suited for two to three people to sleep, live, work & play. it has a fully equipped kitchen, shower and toilet, office area with c ...
Rooms: 1, Postcode/Place: 8820 Wädenswil, Price: 3,500.00
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Send to Facebook Tweet this E-mail ANDRE WILLIAMS & THE GOLD STARS (USA): The "Godfather" of dirty Soul & sleazy Funk comes to the Helsinki Club. He turns 75 this year and worked with Stevie Wonder, Ike Turner, Funkadelic but Jon Spencer Blues Explosion as well. "Andre Williams makes Little Richard sound like Pat Boone" said Lux Interior (The Cramps)
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Send to Facebook Tweet this E-mail Nice flat in Sallenbachstr from mid May: - Sallenbachstr 24, 1. OG (i.e. level above ground level) - 67m², 3 rooms, balcony of 8m² or so - Monthly rent: *CHF 1590*! - Space in basement/attic, bike room - No lift, no rooftop terrace - Built in 1962, redecorated in 2009 - PVC floor in kitchen and bathroom, parquet elsewhere - Must be non-smoker, no pets allowed - Shared laundry room ...
Rooms: 3, Postcode/Place: 8055 Zürich, Price: 1,590.00
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Send to Facebook Tweet this E-mail Very nice Flat in Kreis 6 as of May, June or July - 3580,- per Month all inclusive!: May is for free if the flat is taken as of first of June. The apartment is in an excellent location close to trams 9 and 10 and only a 10 minute walk to central station. The area is very quiet whilst being central. The apartment has generous rooms and has been renovated recently. Please look at Homegate Ad No 103904966 for further details ...
Rooms: 3.5, Postcode/Place: 8006 Huttenstrasse 40, Price: 3,580.00
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Send to Facebook Tweet this E-mail Thursday Afterwork Valmann - Ralph Good: Thursday's at Valmann are always packed and great but this week Dj Ralph Good will give it an extra touch. Ralph Good, the soulfull house dj, producer and demanded remixer plays versus his alter ego Ralph Bad, the more deep verison behind the decks! Come early and enjoy the drinks!
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Ikea Ektorp 3 seats with 2 sets of cover for CHF 300: Interested in getting an Ikea Ektorp 3 seats in very good condition ? The sofa has 2 cover sets, impeccable (Byvik bunt und Abyn blau). All of them are available for only CHF 300 (new they cost CHF 900). Transport should be arranged by Buyer from Zollikon pls call 0796175474 or email
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Apartment wanted: Currently looking for a 2.5-3 room apartment in Zurich with a move in date of the end of June/ beginning of July. Ideally the apartment would be located close to public transport and 15 minutes or less to the Zurich HB. I am willing to consider all options and price ranges so please send me a mail to with any offers.
Rooms: 2.5, Postcode/Place: 8045 Zurich, Price: 2.50
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Send to Facebook Tweet this E-mail In the middle of Nature - but only 13 minutes from winterthur und 30 minutes from Zurich: furnished 1.5 bedroom flat in a big house in the middle of a wonderful garden with a beautiful pond and forest, but it is only 3 minutes from the trainstation. The connections to Zurich are regular every 30 minutes and it takes about 13 minutes to Winterthur / 30 minutes to Zurich. I'm looking for a quiet person (non smoker).
Rooms: 1.5, Postcode/Place: 8353 Elgg (13 Min from Winterthur / 30Min from Zurich - S35 every 30min), Price: 980.00
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Send to Facebook Tweet this E-mail who wants this MICHAEL KORS WATCH?: ..
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Join a research and get a voucher: Hi, I am looking for people interested in foreign languages that want to join a research. It's an easy, quick interview (about 30 minutes) in the center of the city, and you will get a 30 CHF voucher as reward. If you want to join, please write me: Best, Diana
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Urban Signs Photo Trip
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