Thu, 02/19/2015 - Zurich, 19.2.2015: An open book, saintly songs & gaucho food
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Péclard (Schober) with Aurélie


All I knew about Aurélie before our rendez-vous at Péclard was that she was French and had a blog about Zürich. I would soon learn more interesting things about her, like how she started blogging because an Argentinian guy had annoyed her and how much she loves pain au chocolat. I also knew something about her taste in cafés - she'd invited me to Péclard, previously called Schober, in the heart of the Niederdorf.

"The pain au chocolat looks fantastic!" Aurélie exclaimed as I arrived, her green eyes sparkling with excitement. Only the French can understand our longing for stuff like baguettes, croissants and cheese- good ones are hard to find outside of France. We looked at the pastries on display: they all looked so French: tartes aux framboises, tartes au citron et macarons... hmmm!

"They even have pain au raisin!" (Another rarity in Switzerland: it's a delicious round pastry filled with raisins and cream). Aurélie was mesmerised by the sights of all the sweets on display, and her expectations were high: "I've been looking for a decent pain au chocolat in Zürich for a long time, I hope they're as good as they look."




I was pleased to be in such a pastry paradise with a real gourmande, like I am. I love food-enthusiasts. We bought 2 pains au chocolat and a pain au raisin to share and found a cosy couch to sit on the second floor.

Péclard is a traditional pâtisserie/tea room. It has a classy atmosphere with its chandelier, grand piano and red velvet seats. When I saw the decorations and the pastries, I immediatly thought about Ladurée in Paris (a world-famous French pastry shop that everyone should know about).


We began chatting about our life in Zürich, food and blogging. Aurélie tried her pain au chocolat first. This pastry can be either excellent or terrible. So when she took her first bite, I stopped talking and looked at her expectantly, waiting for the verdict.

"Oh, it is terrible. You shouldn't even try yours, really you'll be too disappointed," she said.

I believed her for half a second until I saw pure satisfaction shining in her eyes. She looked like a little girl eating her favourite dessert. I tried the pain au raisin and wasn't disappointed. It was fresh, crusty, buttery, melting in the mouth: perfection! We both giggled in delight as we eagerly nibbled our pastries and sipped our rich, creamy hot chocolate.


Aurélie's enthusiasm wasn't limited to food: "I fell in love with Zürich 11 years ago and never left since then," she smiled.

"Is it why you started a blog about the city?"

"Actually, it all began because I got angry at an Argentinian guy. He was constantly complaining about Zürich. It annoys me when expats complain about the city or life in Switzerland. They don't have to live here, they are not political refugees or whatever.  That's what pushed me to start my blog about Zürich a few months ago. I wanted to show how cool the city and its citizens were."

"So what can we find on your blog?"

"There is a 'weekend selection' where I describe possible things to do in Zürich weekly. I also made a few portraits of Zurchers who I found interesting and then whatever I want to share about my experience in the city, it's a bit like a guide. I wrote a review of spas recently, for example."

"Do you enjoy writing for your blog?"

"Yes, I love it. It makes me go out more and discover interesting places, meet new people... I wouldn't call myself a writer though. I don't blog to write but really to share my love of Zürich."

Of course, we had a lot to talk about: our blogs, our favorite places, our projects... So when I had to leave to meet another French woman for another Café Correspondent article, I really hoped I would meet Aurélie again soon. Her enthusiasm was contagious and gave me a boost of inspiration for my own projects.

I took a few photos on our way out. There were so many chic details! A queue had formed in front of the pastries; the place seems to be incredibly popular. But even though it was busy, the service was friendly and efficient.


We paid CHF 7.- for 2 pains au chocolat and a pain au raisin. The hot chocolate was 7.50.- Péclard is ideal for a winter or a rainy afternoon with a friend. Be sure to leave some space in your stomach before you go. It would be a shame to go there and just have tea, neglecting all the excellent pastries it offers.

Francophones de Zürich, allez voir le blog d'Aurélie, il regorge de bon plans: Bons Baisers de Zürich 

Read my blog: Trying to be Conscious


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29 April, 9 pm, Artecotta & Cigarettenfabrik,
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Happy birthday Calvados

The sports bar Calvados at Idaplatz celebrates its first birthday today. Before it was the main venue of a Swiss soap opera – think East Enders. At the celebration, the sportive actions won’t be football or ice hockey; I’m rather expecting dancing and lifting glasses. The first beers are drafted at 5 pm and there will be music. And come hungry, because there will be local Wiediker sausages on the grill.
Thursday 5 pm, Calvados

Boxing the beat

Last year, when Beardyman came to town, Revier was so crowded it wasn’t possible to get in half an hour after door opening.  But this man does work wonders with his mouth.  He is beat box champion and combines beatboxing with electronic sounds, creating a danceable mix. And he is back in Zurich. Today. At Stall 6. And I have 2x2 tickets to give away. E-mail me for tickets
Thursday 9 pm, Stall 6

A decent Easter festival!

No, dj Antoine doesn’t play at the music festival, Friendly Fire. Neither does dj Tomekk and also Fat Man Scoop didn’t make it in the line-up list. Instead almost the entire underground music scene of Zurich will be present. Over three days, the whole Love Peace and Happiness building is taken over by concerts, parties, a night market, cinema and meals. Who said that there is nothing going on in Seebach?
Thursday to Sunday, Schaffhauserstrasse 550 / Tram 14, Station Seebach

Two worlds

There are many creative music projects but nothing like Station 17. Indie musicians make music with handicapped people. Those who think that it’s just a charity project are totally mistaken. If you’ve seen the band from Hamburg before, you know their talent. On Friday at Zukunft rock meets electronica and quirky vocals join sunny beats. See for yourself!
Friday 11.59 pm, Zukunft

Sweet soul music

With the future heading toward us so fast it sometimes feels as if the past is a foreign land, but Raphael Saadiq is happy to take us back there and give a guided tour at Kaufleuten on Saturday. Raphael, also known as the Soul Maestro, has the retro warmth and groove of the 60’s and 70’s golden age of soul but with a few modern twists to keep things fresh. As proof he’s recently recorded with both Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z.
Saturday 8 pm, Kaufleuten
Band of gypsies

If a life on the open road with painted wagons is your true calling but you haven’t yet decided to move out of your snug apartment then give yourself a taste of the gypsy life with the Zigeuner Swing Session at Jenseits. There are a couple of bands to open the session but after that it’s an open stage for you to jam with other musicians. If your inner gypsy hasn’t yet learned to play the fiddle then surely the drinking and dancing are things that will come a little easier. Beware of wanderlust after the evening!
Tuesday 7 pm, Jenseits im Viadukt

Good to know

A long weekend is coming up, yeah! I love Easter: chocolate, chocolate and a little more chocolate. If you have the same craving for the sweet dark stuff then there are a few special places to get your fix: Honold, is a Zurich tradition for over 100 years; if you like your chocolatiers to be a little more chic then Vollenweider has a shop in Seefeld; but my favourite is the little Truffe shop in the Old Town, the owner will gladly tell you about her latest creations and, if you give her the right smile, you’ll get a sample in return.  Just in case you want to balance your choco extravaganza with some exercise you can always dance away at one of my tips above or, if the weather is nice, hike away. ZKB has gathered a selection of routes in and around Zurich. The descriptions are in German but if you have legs and eyes it will be difficult to get lost. Either way, Happy Easter to all of you! Don’t forget that most shops will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Ron’s favourite song

Some songs just pick you up, give you a big hug and then place you gently back on the ground feeling better about the world. Open Arms by Elbow is one such song. Enjoy.

Near the water

When walking along Limmat, I could swear that it’s summer already. Over lunch, Obere Letten is a sunny place to be because Primitivo - the restaurant at Obere Letten - opened its doors or rather its kitchen this week. And just a little bit closer to town, right by Dynamo, Chuchi am Wasser offers three set meals , sandwiches and various salads over lunch. Who needs spring if you can have summer?
Primitivo, Obere Letten
Chuchi am Wasser, Wasserwerkstrasse 21

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