Thu, 02/19/2015 - Zurich, 19.2.2015: An open book, saintly songs & gaucho food

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    La Côte

    Aemtlerstrasse 26, 8003 Zürich
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  • Markthalle: at Viadukt

    Limmatstrasse 231, 9005 Zürich
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  • Restaurant Burgwies

    Forchstrasse 271, 8008 Zürich
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  • Restaurant Schlössli

    Neufrankengasse 25, 8004 Zürich
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Since two years I am working on my songs and with a lot of support they got a new outfit. Until now everybody knew my songs...
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Selfcatered flats rental by french Alps

LANDLORD rents 2 self catered flats in Les CARROZ 1150 m, ski-golf resort by French Alps 50 kms from GENEVA air port.
1) A flat of 50 m2 +20 m2 of covered terrace up to six ( 6 ) people.
• PRICE a week : 450 – 950 € according to the season
• 2) A flat of 80 m2, up to ten ( 10 ) people:...

Zurich Photo Trip

Visit the Azores Islands

The Archipelago of the Azores is made up of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. Flights from Lisbon are just over two...

Not a million miles away

Zurich will always be my first love but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a wandering eye for the satellite towns that make the extra effort to flirt with me. Over the coming week, Baden will be having what is, possibly, the first...
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Add to favourit  Roof Terrace Day: Before you explore
First of all, a huge thank you to all the organizers and hosts who have brought to life this year's Roof Terrace Day in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich – you are the best and most beautiful city children!

Then a small note to all visitors: You’ll find yourself in the private homes of people who have gone to great trouble. I know you’re all polite and well-raised Ronsters, so I’ll try not to turn into a Mama Ron and ask you to show some respect as you have your rooftop fun.

Then a warning! Since the weather forecast is quite unpredictable this weekend and there may be some changes to the program. The organizers will leave comments on my website if the program changes at short notice. I appreciate your understanding.

Like last year, the program is on a digital map and a PDF for printing. Also, any photos you take will always be welcome in my Phototrip section of the website.

So, that’s all the formalities, all that remains is for me to wish you lots of fun tomorrow on the second #dachterrassenday.
Give my love to the city, Ron
Add to favourit  Zurich Photo Trip
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Add to favourit  Early bird
It’s best you go to bed now or maybe just stay up all night, because the Roof Terrace Day starts early. And at 5 am in Zweierstrasse 56 it starts with yoga. After your first stretches a relaxing Yogi tea will be offered, before continuing with Kundalini contortions. There will be meditation and mantras to close the day. I would suggest registering to help them with the flow of people. And don’t forget to bring your own yoga mat.
Aquarian Sadhana: 5 am – 7.30 am,
Yogi Tea: 7.30 am – 9 am,
Kundalini Yoga: 9.30 am to 11 am,
Kundalini Yoga: 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm,
Meditation and mantra chanting: 8 pm to 9.30 pm
Saturday, Zweierstrasse 56
The entrance will be open, but if not you should call 079 252 5427.
Add to favourit   Brunch Yoga
Do you like yoga? Do you like brunch? Then you'll love yoga brunch. This new regular event is being launched in conjunction with Roof Terrace Day with, you guessed it, rooftop yoga. You’ll need to register if you want to attend the yoga, brunch or both. Bring your own mat. Yoga: CHF 25, Brunch: CHF 15, Both: CHF 35
Yoga: 9 am – 10.15 am
Brunch: 11 am to 3 pm
Saturday, Müllerstrasse 37
Details to access the terrace will be given via e-mail after registration.
Add to favourit   By the bees
If you've ever wanted to learn about the mysterious life of bees, then today is your lucky day. On the roof of the GZ-Riesbach you’ll have the opportunity to peek into the open hives. Tours for children and adults are offered on the hour. On the sane day an outdoor exhibition on the buzzing honey producers will be opened, in which also the city’s apiaries are presented. If you’d like to get involved on a more regular basis, you can enquire here.
Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm GZ Riesbach, Seefeldstrasse 93



Willst du eines von drei flitzigen Heineken-Bikes gewinnen?


Dann kommentiere folgenden Link mit einem Bild, Text, Song oder Video und zeige unswas deine Stadt zu bieten hat:  Hier mitmachen!

Add to favourit  Friends with benefits
What could be better than relaxing with friends while gazing over the city’s skyline? This idea is celebrated at Rudolfstrasse 6. Beer, wine and water will be on offer plus a guitar to strum for the musical among you.
Saturday, from 11am Rudolfstrasse 6
The entrance is in the courtyard behind restaurant Gandria. Ring at the door for Charles Héritier.
Add to favourit   With Ms. Hamilton
Not many people know that Lady Hamilton's Pub has a nice terrace. On this special day a few extra places for Ron’s rooftop visitors have been reserved. If you register via mail, subject heading Roof Terrace Day, you’ll also get a welcome drink thrown in.
Saturday, from 11 am Lady Hamilton's Pub, Beatengasse 11
Entrance is through the pub, up the stairs and let them know you’re there at the bar.
Add to favourit   Reach for the beach
I know your holidays have not quite started yet and you’ll have to wait a little longer until you can lounge, sloth-like, on a beach. If you no longer stand the wait, then the rooftop of Parkhaus West is certainly less than a flight away. On the 9th floor you’ll discover a sandy beach with pool, where you can watch the World Cup games, after which a Girls Night-Out Special will round off the day. I’ll also be giving away tickets for 8 people for the Ladies Lounge. Email me.
Saturday, from 12 pm Cocoa Beach, Förrlibuckstrasse 151
To see if it's open, click here
Add to favourit  Roof therapy
If your back starts to ache from all the stair climbing you’ll be doing, then limp your way to Altstetterstrasse 121, where the therapists of community practice, SilentPower, are offering free therapies, yoga and meditation on their terrace. You’ll also get snacks and drinks if all you’re after is an energy boost.
Saturday, 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Altstetterstrasse 121
Lift up to the 4th floor.
Add to favourit Live
As with last years Roof Terrace Day, will be broadcasting live from the roof directly above Goldbrunnenplatz. Music is provided by a top-class line-up, as you enjoy a barbecue and drinks. The individual acts can be found here and for the live broadcast schedule, go there.
Saturday, 14 pm to 10 p.m. Goldbrunnenstrasse 115
Get the lift all the way up and then take the stairs into the apartment of Franz Faul & Katrin Kulendik.
Add to favourit  Sky clubbing

It’ll be anything but a normal Saturday at Club Heile Welt. From 2 pm you can gain access to their rooftop, where a beautiful view over Kreis 4 awaits, as well as cocktails, long drinks, beer and a grill. Music will be available from the resident DJ's. Should the roof be temporarily full, you’ll still be able to party in the club itself. After 10 pm there's free admission to the club, where the party continues until the dawn. More info here.
Roof terrace: Saturday, 2 pm to 10 p.m., then party until sunrise in the club, Club Heile Welt, Neufrankengasse 22
Add to favourit   Photos & Mojitos
On this terrace in the old town you’ll discover the work of a young photo artist. In addition, there is a small garden with mint, which will be sacrificed in the noble name of mojito making (while stocks last!).
Saturday, 4 pm til late Schoffelgasse 4
Ring at the door for A. Villiger. Then all the way up the stairs to No. 25
Add to favourit   Music, beer and würst
Neckless are a band that play with the throbbing gristle reminiscent of Muse and the theatricality of Queen and Jets To Unknown play rock which feels like a landslide. On this terrace in Kreis 9 you can see both bands playing live and unplugged. From 6 pm on the hour, each band will play a half-hour set. Sustenance will be provided by Nidwaldner Chilliwürst and Zurich beer.
Saturday, 5 pm til late, Albisriederstrasse 315
Use the stairs or lift to get  to the roof terrace.
Add to favourit  S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Day & Night

The communication and entertainment agency Blofeld and the lifestyle magazine Faces couldn’t  help but offer a stylish party for the day and night at Savalas lounge. Dj’s Zwei mit Stil will set the right tone, Bob Spring will be playing an unplugged session, you can see the World Cup games and a bar and catering will be on site. See the program here.
Saturday, from 2 pm Savalas Lounge, Langstrasse 94
The entrance is located between the Piranha Bar and Palestine Grill. Take the lift to the 5th floor.
Add to favourit   French fancy
During the summer Hotel Greulich has a certain French joie de vivre and this will be no different on Roof Terrace Day. You can relax sipping drinks and nibbling on snacks in the penthouse, then it’s off to their own private boules area in the garden. Info: Voilà.
Saturday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Hotel Greulich, Herman-Greulich-Strasse 56
The penthouse is accessible via reception.
Add to favourit   Go Globus
Even that venerable department store Globus have got caught up in Roof Terrace Day fever, and will open their terrace on Bahnhofstrasse.  At 5 pm, they welcome DJ Luca Papini to the turntables for an exclusive live set.
Saturday Open from: 9 am, 5 pm to 8 pm DJ set, Schweizergasse 11
With lift, escalator or stairs until you reach the restaurant.
Add to favourit  Green fields
On the terrace of Frau Gerold, among the fragrant herbs and illumination, you’ll get to see scenes from Brazil as 22 men chase a leathery ball around a field. Yes, even the greenery of Frau Gerold’s Garten cannot keep the football away, as she has a public viewing of Saturday’s World Cup games
Saturday open from 11:00, public viewing from 5 pm Frau Gerold's Garten, Geroldstrasse 23
Add to favourit   City View
Just like last year, you’ll have the chance to get up on the roof Triemlispital, which isn’t even normally accessible to the people who work there. The Triemlispital is over 70 meters tall and offers a phenomenal view of the city and the lake. See Zurich from a new perspective! They’ll be letting in 2 groups of 12; first come, first served. Sign up! CHF 5
Group 1 Meeting time: 7.45 pm, Group 2: 8.15 pm
Saturday, Triemlispital, Birmensdorferstrasse 497
Meet outside the main entrance
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