Thu, 07/17/2014 - Zurich, 17.7.2014: Summer in the city, radio Zurich & smoky nights

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    Drahtzugstrasse 5, 8008 Zürich
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Photography exhibition from 26 July until 10 August 2014 in one of the oldest factories in Switzerland. The theme of the...
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Hello people,
My name is Elizabeth. If somebody needs a room in Zurich, please let me know.
Thank you very much.
If what write me on my e mail.

Zurich Photo Trip

Want to enjoy your holidays in the heart of Switzerland?

Stay with us, in a beautiful village, out in the nature with beautiful landscapes but still right inbetween Zurich and Lucerne and close to Zug. We...
Reach for the beach

Reach for the beach

I know your holidays have not quite started yet and you’ll have to wait a little longer until you can lounge, sloth-like, on a beach. If you no longer stand the wait, then the rooftop of Parkhaus West is certainly less than a flight...
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Dear friends

As the old song goes, I left my heart in Zurich city, but that doesn’t mean i haven’t got an eye on other places too. Since Monday, i, with a select team of Ronsters, have been producing a daily London newsletter (currently only for East and SW areas). This grand metropolis has many, many things to discover and is a great new town for me to explore and give tips to the locals. If you have anyone in London who would be happy to hear from me, get them to sign up to the newsletter and help spread the wisdom of Ron around.
Give my love to the city, Ron

Zurich Photo Trip
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Hi Gast,
you have:
Trendy women

Trendroom is open again for its 5th season this month. This temporary store is a place where creative business women organise events and present their products. Whether you are looking for home decorations, trendy jewellery, fashion or orginal artworks these women have some beautiful and innovative ideas to tempt you with. Their season runs for the whole of June, and they have a welcome apero this Thursday evening.
Thursday 4 pm, Höschgasse

Lovers rock

With his album entitled Love Songs you can be sure that an evening listening to Robert Alexander will be balm for the soul. Balancing on that thin line between meloncholy and joy, he and his folk-rock band will be playing this Thursday at Mars Bar.
Thursday 9 pm, Mars Bar

Kick off

The World Cup begins this weekend and i have listed a few of my favourite venues to watch the games in public below, but to kick things off in the right way, Exil will be showing the first two games (South Africa vs Mexico and Uruguay vs France). Once the games are done, whatever the results and whoever you support, Tequilla Boys will be bringing the party. Get in the mood with football songs, stadium anthems and the kitschest World Cup songs of all time. The next weeks are full of football, so why fight it?
Friday 4 pm, 8.30 pm and 10.30 pm, Exil

Fun size festival

To ease you into festival season, Vorstadt Sounds is a small, pretty festival in Zurich. If you want a relaxing atmosphere for two days and two nights of summer breeze, the stars and city lights then i would recommend going here. As it is also their 10th anniversary, they are organising a talent contest for new bands. So if you’ve had enough of dancing in the mud at festivals, and feel it’s your turn to be the star on stage, now’s your chance.
I have 2 pairs of tickets to give away. E-mail me.
Friday and Saturday, Albisrieden
A bit of Pitt

For all you ladies - and sexually secure gentlemen, Xenix are running a season of Brad Pitt films throughout June and early July. See Brad play a good-looking rock singer in one of his first movies, Johnny Suede, right through to him playing a good-looking Nazi hunter in his latest, Inglourious Basterds. My personal favourite is Brad as a good-looking Irishman in Snatch.
June/July, Xenix

Good to know

If you’re going to be watching any of the World Cup games, then you need to be surrounded by shouting, screaming, possibly drunken people who are as excited about the game as much as you. To help in your search, here are a few of my favourite public viewing spots around Zurich – Landesmuseum: One of the bigger outdoor venues;  Seefeld Razzia: Used to be an cinema; Pier West: Swimming, sun and soccer; Reithalle: Showing outdoors in garden. Many other public venues are also listed on this website.
And for those who wish to avoid football, firstly, use the listings above as your stay clear guide, and secondly, check out the Zurich University of Arts, Art and Media Degree Show, at Rote Fabrik. The exhibition has 20 international artists and will certainly cleanse the palette of footballing tastes.
Until 18 June, Shedhalle, Rote Fabrik

Bright and beautiful

To the outside world, the favelas of Rio De Jineiro are more known for their poverty and hardship rather than vibrant art but the Dutch artists Haas&Hahn are hoping to change that with their Favela Painting project. They are collaborating with local people to use art as a tool to inspire, create beauty, combat prejudice and attract attention. And i, for one, think they are succeeding.

Rons songs

It changes with the weather, but my current favourite song is from Australian band Miami Horror called Moon Theory. The electro-pop synth sounds are direct from the 80’s, whilst the video recalls a rather exotic beach holiday i once had. Either way, both remind me that summer is coming. Enjoy the video here.

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Rons trip to Hanoi
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