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Thu, 20.10.2016

Zurich (EN) : Zurich 20.10.2016: Tickle your fancy, brothers and sisters & from nose to tail

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Shopping tip: Swiss by design

The name Swiss Design Market caught my eye while I was waiting for the tram at Sihlpost. Needless to say, I missed my connection. Instead, I found myself surrounded by beautiful things, I’m sure there were at least a thousand. The pop-up-store sees itself as a platform to promote young and urban Swiss brands, such as Jungle Folk, Storyfabrics, Home3, Kaffa Wildkaffee and Upper Class Jeans. This evening (Thursday), you’re invited to celebrate its opening with drinks and to have a good look around.
Thursday 6 pm to 11 pm Opening Party, Swiss design Market, Kasernenstrasse 77a, 8004 - Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11 am to 7 pm, Saturday 11 am to 5 pm

Film/party: Brothers and sisters

The unfolding refugee/immigration crisis in Europe has become one of the defining moments of our lifetime. How governments, institutions and individual citizens respond to the crisis will determine the kind of world we'll live in for years to come. But often, in all the reporting that takes place, the plight of the individual gets lost among the overwhelming magnitude of the problem. Two events tonight (Thursday), hope to redress the balance. At Rote Fabrik they are having a film and discussion evening with a group of Geneva-based Syrian refugees, who were given the opportunity to take part in a film workshop, where they wrote and directed their first film, The Presence of Absent, detailing their personal experiences. A discussion with the group will take place afterwards. In English. The other event is a premiere party celebrating the release of the documentary, Raving Iran, at Riff Raff (also on Thursday), which tells the story of two Iranian djs who, having risked severe punishment in their home country, are invited to play at the Zurich Street Parade. They are now living in Zurich, and striving to secure the relevant documents that will allow them to stay. The djs themselves, Arash and Anoosh, aka Blade & Beard, will be playing at the premiere party at Klaus, along with djs P Bell and Abdel Hady.

Thursday 7 pm, Rote Fabrik, Seestrasse 395, 8038

Thursday 11 pm, Klaus, Langstrasse 112, 8004

Thursday to Wednesday (26th), various times, Riff Raff

Party: Birthday party

Sinnbild, which translates as 'symbol', is an association that was set up a couple of years ago by some like-minded Zurichers who oppose the commercialisation of our everyday lives, whether that be in the cultural, social or political spheres, and constructed for themselves a creative refuge. This has mostly been achieved by offering a unique platform to artists and performers from around the world, and allowing cultural cross-pollination to occur. On Friday, they will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary at one of my favourite bars in town, Am Damm für Dich, where you can 'Chill 'n' Grill' (perhaps more chill than grill in October, so wrap up warm!) and dj Rock Gitano will be playing a rock‘n’balkan‘n’ska‘n’punk‘n’rocksteady‘n’psy‘n’roll party.

Friday (8 pm to 10 pm chill 'n' grill, 10 pm - 4 am, dj party), Am Damm für Dich, Hönggerstrasse 3, 8037

Film/party: Tickle your fancy

If you're one of those people who begin to salivate with excitement as the weather turns cold, and the thought of fresh powdered snow and an empty piste gives you a skigasm, then prepare yourself for a little foreplay. The guys at Mindset Prdctns. spent last winter touring the slopes of Europe and filmed their exploits. They've now put the results together in a beautiful new feature film called Creamy. The premiere of Creamy will be shown at Wunderbar on Saturday night and, as this is a premiere and being held in a bar, they will also be having a party, both before and after the screening, to celebrate the release.

Saturday (9 pm, doors open, 11 pm film screening ), Wunderbar, Sihlquai 115, 8005

Eating: From nose to tail

Vegi/vegan spoiler alert: This event contains meat. Lots and lots of meat! Restaurant Metzg brings a whole cow to the table - not just the preferred fancy parts. At the Oxete evening they'll prepare everything from nose to tail over the course of five evenings – with five courses each. This Saturday, they begin with the offal, in November they continue with the front and back halves. Here you find the menu from Saturday. Make sure you book ahead as there are just 29 seats per night. For this Saturday, i have two of those to give away for free, just send me an e-mail and please include your phone-number. 92 francs, excl. drinks
Saturday as well as 4th, 5th, 18th and 19th November 6.30 pm, Restaurant Metzg

Party: Fun factory

There was a time, in Zurich's not too distant past, when many parties took place in old factories and warehouses. Some dubiously legal, others straight-up 'run, here comes the cops' illegal. Those times may have changed a little, but the Sihltal Festival on Saturday is hoping to bring back that spirit, if not the escaping-down-dark-alleyways thrill. Along the banks of the Sihl, at Landnau am Albis (about 20 minutes from HB), you'll find the factory complex where the festival is taking place. The music will be a mix of hip-hop, electro, techno and space pop provided by djs and live bands including Flexfab, Rotchopf and 1000skillz.

Saturday 8 pm, Spinnereistrasse 19, 8135

Truth Facts
Cinema: Sound and vision

Of course, silent movies aren't really silent. If music plays an important role in modern films then, back in the pre-talkie era, music had to express almost every nuance of the emotional flow of the plot and characters. Strangely, it seems the only instruments they had available back then were plinky-plonky, saloon-type pianos, which seem to make an appearance on every silent movie soundtrack. These days we know better, and Uto Kino hope to prove this on Wednesday with a silent movie night with live music. The first film is Shoes, a US movie about poverty and what the heroine has to do to get a new pair of shoes, by female Hollywood movie pioneer and director Lois Weber. The music will be played live by experimental-pop duo Taimashoe and Staubfänger. The second film they're showing is Verdens Undergang (The End of the World), a Danish sci-fi movie about a passing comet bringing catastrophe to the Earth. Live music is provided by Massicot, a 4-piece Geneva post-rock band.

Wednesday 8.15, Uto Kino, Kalkbreitestrasse 3, 8004

Good to know: The flavours of autumn

I like autumn with all its colours and flavours. One of my personal highlights is venison. Of course accompanied by the best side dishes imaginable – also good as a vegetarian option - such as red cabbage, spaetzli preferably with a mushroom sauce and caramelized chestnuts. For a meal with more meat, it’s worth going to a restaurant, as the demand for venison is higher than there is Swiss meat – most of the shops sell meat from New Zealand. Which is why I share my three top choices in town with you. The season is short, so make sure you book ahead. Ziegelhütte: From roast saddle of venison to porcini ravioli – everything tastes of the golden season. Until 27 October. Caduff’s Wine Loft: Chances are high that the chef himself shot the deer you’ll be eating. Just ask and I’m sure Beat is more than happy to share the story. Until 29 October. Gartenhof: From boar to stag, everything on the game-menu comes from the Zurich region. Until 6 November.

Ron’s video gem: Have you ever had real wasabi?

Do you like, or rather love, wasabi? Then the chances are high that you’ve been conned. Most of the time the hot paste is not made of wasabi but rather green tinted horseradish. At least that’s what I've learned from this video.

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