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Thu, 28.05.2015

Zurich (EN) : Zurich, 28.5.2015: Free travel, slow is good & the best things come in threes

Zurich Photo Trip → City Talk
Stage: Relaxing night out

Like any good relaxing seduction, the new performance piece by Friction starts with a hot drink, takes place across 3 rooms and lasts about 90 minutes, at least that’s how this Ron Romeo rolls. To inaugurate the opening of their new North Wing space, Gessnerallee have invited Friction to perform Come North, Baby where visitors journey through 3 rooms. The first contains video installations plus the aforementioned hot drink, the second a guided meditation and the last a musical mind meld with the Trio Heinz Herbert. Leave the world behind and come North, baby. Entry is free but space is limited, so reserve your spot at

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9 pm, Gessnerallee

Party: 35 seasons

If ever there was a place for all seasons in Zurich it would be Xenix

winters getting cosy on their sofas watching a movie, summers hanging out in the open air - and this Friday they will be celebrating their 35 th birthday. Up until 5 pm, there will be a few treats for the kids – children’s theatre, balloons, silk screen printing but after 5 pm it’s time for the big kids to take over. The bar will be open, food will be served and music will be played live by the glam-punkers Gutter Queens and rock’n’rollers Baby Halbstark. And not to forget that Xenix is also a cinema, they’ll also be showing hourly the Rube Goldberg-esque meditation documentary The Way Things Go by Swiss artist duo Fischli and Weiss, which is usually on permanent exhibition at the New York Museum Of Modern Art.

Friday from 3 pm, Xenix

Cinema: Mobile movies

The digital revolution has had as profound affect on the creative arts as Karl Marx and the Communist revolution had on the industrial age. By giving people control over the means of production it allows them, in theory, to own and create the world as they want to see it. Now anyone with a computer can create symphonies and ownership of a mobile phone means we’re all potential Kubricks and Scorceses. This brave, new world is celebrated for the first time at the Mobile Motion Film Festival at Arthouse Kino Uto this Saturday. All films have been shot on a mobile device (phone, tablet, GoPro) and are under 10 minutes long. Screenings and award ceremony for best in category will take place on the evening, followed by an after-show party at Plaza.

Saturday 8.30 pm to 11 pm Arthouse Kino Uto (Screenings and Award Ceremony) 11 pm to 2 am, Plaza Klub (After-show party)

Stage: Krishna comes

After travelling the world for the last couple of years to rave reviews, Krishna - The Musical, comes to Europe for the first time this Saturday and they’ve chosen our little town to perform, specifically the Schützenhaus Albisgütli. Choreographed and directed by award winning Indian actress Shobana, the musical drama tells the life story of the most popular Hindu divinity, Krishna. Using modern and traditional Indian dance and 18 dancers, the story of Krishna is told with a backdrop of colourful costumes, Indian classical and Bollywood influenced music and voice-overs from some of Bollywood’s biggest stars. 

Saturday 6 pm, Schützenhaus Albisgütli

Concert: Slow is good

The Slow Show aren’t lying. This UK band do exactly what it says on the tin. Their music has the same slow burn qualities as Elbow or The National, and will seep into your mind like a warm bath after a winter’s storm. The heartbeat drums and swooning guitars lay the foundation for lead singer Rob Goodwin, whose timeworn baritone sounds like the voice of God gently whispering into your ear that everything will be all right.  Their latest album, White Water, came out in March and they’ll be playing at Papiersaal on Sunday evening.

Sunday 8.30 pm, Papiersaal

Good to know: How to travel for free → Good to know
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Though buses, trains and trams are crowded during rush hour, I really appreciate the smooth running of Zurich’s public transport system. Organising the different transport companies under one roof (ZVV) made it even more efficient. This smart decision dates back to 1990, so this year ZVV celebrates its 25 th anniversary. As a thank you to all passengers public transport will be free of charge this Sunday, so you can use every mode of transport (from ship to bus and from tram to train) for free, as long as you’re within ZVV land, which covers, more or less, all of Canton Zurich.

Sunday from midnight until Monday 5 am, Canton Zurich

Concert: Life goes on

Suffering for your art can be overrated but, as Dylan sang, when you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose. Timothy Showalter aka Strand of Oaks started life as an acoustic folk singer making heartfelt but insubstantial music but after breaking up with his girlfriend and experiencing a near death accident he spent 3 weeks locked in his studio and poured his pain and heartbreak into his new album, Heal. The result is vital rock music of cathartic power and emotion that not only looks to the light at the end of the tunnel but also creates its own sun to lead the way. He’ll be playing at Bogen F on Monday. 

Monday 9 pm, Bogen F

Shopping tip: Exotic treasures

Ananas is a second hand shop and although it specialises in old or rather used things, it has something new to celebrate: a new shop. The store focuses on wearable items and accessories, carefully selecting each piece individually to guarantee immaculate condition as well as stylish designs. The team invites you to join them for a drink and a hot dog this Saturday from 2 pm to have a look around their colourful collection.
Ananas, Gemeindestrasse 65, 8032. Opening hours: Monday 2 pm to 6.30 pm, Tuesday to Friday 11 am to 6.30 pm, Saturday 11 am to 4 pm

Ron’s video gem: New York Moments
New York Moments by Tim Sessler and Cameron Michael is a cinematic short about the big apple. Just slow down and take it easy...
Dear Baroness, I broke someones bed...

Dear Baroness,


I need some advice. What is the protocol if I broke someone’s bed? How and what position we were in is, ahem, irrelevant. I just want to know if I’m supposed to fix it, or pay for a new bed frame, or maybe just buy her dinner?..

Continue reading here

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Summer of Love
  American comedienne Sylvia Day brings her latest comedy variety show SUMMER OF LOVE to Zurich on June 17-20. Tickets at
17.06.2015 | 20:00 | Sylvia Day Productions

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