Thu, 10/09/2014 - Zurich, 09.10.2014: Designer hotel, food to go & je ne sais quoi
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Zurich (EN):Zurich, 23.5.2012: African, Asian & some rocking Swiss

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Dear friends
Enjoy your long weekend!
Give my love to the city, Ron
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Zurich Photo Trip
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Traces of daily life
One of my favourite artists exhibits in Zurich: Onur Dinc. The native Turk became a recognized name in the international art scene throughout the last years. In his photo-realistic images, he captures moments of everyday life and frees the instant in time with a lot of expressivity.  With various paint utensils – his tool of choice is the paint roller - and collage techniques he creates fundamental feelings on large canvases. The exhibition at the Trace Gallery lasts until 21st of June.  
Opening: Thursday 6 pm, Trace Gallery, Militärstrasse 76
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Africa is here
At Afro-Pfingsten you find everything that you connect with Africa – except the wildlife. Great food, markets where you find anything the heart desires, street artists, hot rhythm and a good vibe.  It started yesterday, but you can visit the exhibitions with current African artists throughout the weekend until Palm Monday. In the evenings there are food stalls, films and from Friday concerts, concerts, concerts! Programme
23.-28. May, Winterthur Old Town and Katharina Sulzer-Platz
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Best pictures
If you’re in town over the long Palm weekend, the photo exhibition at ewz selection – the best of Swiss photography - is still taking place until the 28th of May. I can recommend their event on Friday: 31 Days, 31 Ways, 31 Minds. Photographer Stephan Schacher asked 31 people in New York, how they would change the world in 31 days. He now repeated this project in Zurich. On Friday, he talks about his work and his experiences. And until Friday evening you can still vote on the best Ron Orp Community picture and win a Canon Camera. The winner will be announced on Friday at 11.30 pm.
Friday 8 pm, ewz-Unterwerk Selnau
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Italian Dinner


A culinary dinner awaits in central Zurich at Restaurant Milano. You'll be served tender stripes of chicken and a sweet dessert. Enjoy the Italian hospitality and the dinner for two or four. This great offer is available to you from only CHF 27.

Rock will never die

If you’re looking to wig out to some long dead classic rock bands in concert there seems to me only 3 ways to do it: you can Tupac hologram them back to life, you can invent a time machine fuelled by patchouli oil and set it to the heart of the 60’s or you can go to the History of Rock festival at Alte Kaserne. Many bands including Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd and The Who are all appearing, in tribute form, throughout the next two weekends. They may not be the real thing but if you squint a little and inhale some leftover patchouli oil, you’ll be at Woodstock in no time.
Friday to Sunday 25th-27th May and Friday/Saturday 1st-2nd June 19:30 pm, Alte Kaserne

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Spin the dj

Chaos theory may be at the cutting edge of science but that doesn’t mean it can’t be put in service of a great party and with this in mind, Plaza are putting on a Track Roulette night this Saturday. The idea is that 14 djs are primed and ready to go, as one record spins to an end, a number is randomly generated to pick the next dj, who then plays his (or her) track. A dose of crowd jeering will also move the dj along. Leaving the running order and style of tunes in the lap of the gods, and a restless audience, seems like a perfectly good use of chaos to me.
Saturday 11 pm, Plaza

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Now it begins

Forget about the changing of the clocks; there’s only one way to really know that summer time is finally upon us – Primitivo is re-opening this weekend. The place has been scrubbed up, rebuilt and will be waiting for you with it’s bar, kitchen, grill and sun decks this Sunday. A great selection of local djs has also been invited down to make sure things get off to a shining start. The one proviso is that it’s only happening if the weather is good! Of course it’ll be good. Trust me.
Sunday 2 pm, Primitivo

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Meet the artist

Elena Habicher was born in Tajikistan but has made her way, via Russia, to Zurich where she now lives and creates her fantastic artwork. Always existing in the blurry regions between dark and light, love and hate, her artwork is never fixed to space or time, and by using unusual mixes of media to push at traditional art limits she creates images and objects that have the vibrancy of new life. She has her opening night next Wednesday, where you can meet her, as she begins a 5-week exhibition at AB Gallery called Anymore Anyway.
Wednesday to 7th July, 5 pm, AB Gallery, Klausstrasse 23, 8008

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Asian delight
The Thai restaurant FiveSpice at Zweierstrasse could also be called five stars. Well, at least this would be the grade I’d give them. Tasty curries and exotic salads are served by a friendly staff. The venue is simple but nice, central and the prices very reasonable. The menu ranges from noodle and rice dishes to curries and stir fries - and everything we tried tasted wonderful. The only two minus points I’d give: None of the meat is from Switzerland (or Europe) and all (!) my clothes carried that kitchen smell afterwards. But as I own a washing machine and like vegetarian food, I’ll certainly be back.
FiveSpice, Zweierstrasse 106, 8003 Zurich
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Good to know
Many of you often think that I'm joking when I'm referring to the former “dancing ban” on bank holidays in Zurich. So I’ll take you on a little historic tour. Until the millennium, no cultural or sports events were allowed on religious holidays (Easter, Palm weekend, Christmas). This meant: no cinema, no parties, no anything. In the year 2000, this ban was lifted in the Canton of Zurich; but only indoors. Non-religious outdoor events are still not allowed. But the Cantonal parliament is currently discussing to lift the ban altogether. I’ll keep you informed. The ban is still in place in six Cantons in Switzerland: Aargau, Glarus, Uri, Obwalden, Solothurn and Appenzell Innerrhoden.
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Fashion loves music loves fashion
The makers from the British fashion label Fortyounce design cool t-shirts and accessories. And regularly compile their favourite hits to playlists. These you can download for free on their website. The free-equals-no-good-rule doesn’t apply here. Their music and fashion are both invaluable and trendy.
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Urban Signs Photo Trip
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Hello everyone, I am a yoga instructor and I mostly work in personal training at your place or small groups. If someone is interested, please let me know. Cheers. -Eirini

Zurich Photo Trip

Echo Vogue Switzerland

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Free style

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Add to favourit   Opening
Beach style: Rimini may well be an Italian city on the Adriatic Sea, but it’s also a pool area in Zurich at the Schanzengraben. During the day the swimming area is for men only (there’s another one just for women at the Limmat near Bürkliplatz). In the evening it's open to the public and offers food and drinks in a beach-style environment, where you’ll feel like you're in the Mediterranean. 30 April sees the start of its ‘official’ season, but it’s actually open whenever it isn't raining.
Daily 7.30 pm, Rimini
Add to favourit   Fashion show
Art and fashion: First, head to Madfashiongalerie which celebrates its 17th anniversary with an exhibition featuring illustrations by Icon 73. After a prosecco (on the house), go to Forum where K-Styling hosts its first styling and fashion show. The labels Redroom, CKLZ, Ladina Bosshard and Lila Veerapen present their latest collections and the stylists change make-up and hair live on stage.
Thursday 7 pm Madfashiongalerie
Thursday 9 pm, Forum

Add to favourit   Digital culture
Virtual world: Tweakfest is the meeting point for all techies and the digital avant-garde. Under the theme ‘interfaces’, the festival hosts a conference (in English) with futurologist Ian Pearson at Technopark, followed by an exhibition about digital art and a party at Alte Börse. On Saturday the programme continues with brunch and workshops. I have 20 tickets for the exhibition and party to give away.
24-25 April, Technopark & Alte Börse
e-mail for tickets
Add to favourit  Art exhibition
Latin art: Daros-Latinamerica has compiled an art collection which includes all genres and media of contemporary art from Latin America. Artists of all ages are represented whose work has already made, or promises to make, an impact on the art world. Some of these are exhibited at Löwenbräu-Areal (Limmatstrasse 268) from 24 April to 6 September. On Saturday, General Manager Hans-Michael Herzog talks to artists Clemencia Echeverri, Miguel Angel Ríos, Teresa Serrano and Javier Téllez (in English) about their exhibits.
Saturday 4 pm, Löwenbräu
Add to favourit   Weekday affair
Alone in the city: Zurich based singer/songwriter Fai Baba has set up camp in Bar3000. For three Tuesdays this month and one at the start of May, he’ll play alone or with guests in the Zukunft’s very own bar. Catch one of the two upcoming concerts (this Tuesday and Tuesday next week) to hear his songs which range from folk to noise and blues. Entry is free - but they'll be passing a hat! 
Tuesday 9.30 pm, Bar3000
Add to favourit  Midweek affair
Oh my darling: If you're familiar with the series Dirty Sexy Money, then you’ll know that the main character Nick George certainly wouldn't mind killing a Darling from time to time. If that’s all too obscure for you then rest easy; Kill Your Darlings is the title of a concert which crosses opposite musical genres. This Wednesday, Trio Trafique (sax, violoncello, piano) meets Sebastian Hoffmann (turntables/electronica) at Theater Rigiblick.
Wednesday 8 pm, Theater Rigiblick
Add to favourit   Good to know
Parks in town: Temperatures are rising, so it's time to stoke up the first BBQ of the season or simply bathe in the sun. Fortunately, Zurich’s got loads of parks (though many of them are a tad small) where you can lie on the grass and experience the joy of dolce fa niente. Bäckeranlage: This park, at Stauffacherstasse/Hohlstrasse, is the green lung of Kreis 4. With large trees for shade, sunny spots on the grass and a restaurant if you're hungry or thirsty, there’s also children’s playground and, if the grass is still wet, handy benches. Nobody minds if you bring a grill or a guitar along and, despite the crowd, you’ll generally find a quiet spot to read a book. Botanical Garden: The old botanical garden is located at Selnaustrasse and offers peace and quiet, plus space to relax, in blooming surroundings. Irchelpark: This park, near the tram stop Milchbuck, surrounds the university campus and extends over a main road. It's spacious (for Zurich) and is also a great spot for a barbeque with its very pretty lake – complete with fish and ducks. The more active among you might like the jogging track and tennis courts. Platzspitz: This green area next to the main station was once known as Switzerland’s “needle park”. However, nowadays you’ll find it’s a clean and pleasant spot, filled with trees and benches and an old band pavilion. Located right at the Limmat, it's a nice spot for lunch.
Add to favourit   Eating
Historical feast: Zum Kropf is a classy restaurant in a stunning building with a menu that features a mix of traditional Zurich and Bavarian cuisine; all served in baroque surroundings. Although many restaurants in the city were built between 1880 and 1890, this is the only one whose original decor remains almost untouched.
Add to favourit  Web
Frozen moment: The action scenes in the last James Bond film were a bit too fast for me (I must be getting old!) If you felt the same way, check out this Carousel interactive film by Adam Berg, where a cops and robbers shootout sequence (with clowns, explosions, a decimated hospital, and plenty of broken glass and bullet casings) seems frozen in time. Viewers will be able to experience the feeling of walking through the action.
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Add to favourit  US Tax return – HELP?: Hey there – my swiss wife and I are living in zurich since december 2006 and it's our first year filing taxes as a married couple – anyone got any experience on how that works or if there is us tax assistance in switzerland? many thanks for all the advice in advance!
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language exchange:Hi I'm looking for a woman who speaks english (mother tongue) and would like to learn spanish. I'm speaking spanish (mother tongue) from Chile
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Add to favourit  Share flat in the heart of Zurich - Kreis 5 : Hi! Room in a flat share for 10 months. The apartement is situated in the heart of Zurich in Kreis 5 next to many bars, restaurants, cinemas is a two floor "Maisonette" apartement with an own roofterace for barbecue and sunbathing. The size of the room is around 11m2 and is furnished. Looking for sby with experience living in flat shares, age from 23 - 40 years. Working as Technical Engineer and Musician, travel a lot and don't mind to cook something from time to time...the cost of the room would be CHF 950.00 incl. extra expences and wirless internet. The room would be available from September 2009 for 10 months (flexible). On the following Website you can find some pictures. Please contact me on email in case of interest and further questions.Kinde regards,Marc
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Add to favourit  Apartment wanted in Zurich :Hello,I am looking for an apartment in the Zurich area. I am quite flexible on the move in date, the rent and the number of rooms.Please contact me if you have anything.Cheers,akhi
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Add to favourit  Carpet: I sell due to moving a red orange carpet (IKEA Stockholm), which is almost two years old and in very good condition.Product description: wool, length: 240 cm, width: 170 cmSelling price: CHF 170Original price: CHF 449A delivery would be possible if the buyer is within the Zurich area.Tel: 0798 44 27 34 (09.00 - 22.00), E-Mail:
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I'm looking for a room:Hi folks! My name is Pablo Serrano. I'm looking for a room in Zurich. I currently live in GoldbrunnenPlatz but I have to move in 6 days (the 22nd). I'm a graphic designer and I'm learning German. I have no clue how long I'm going to be in Zurich, but more than 4 or 5 months for sure.Thank you very much folks, Regards, Pablo Serrano
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Temporary renting Aug. 1st - Oct. 31st 09: Cosy, furnished 2.5 room flat (45m2)in the middle of Zürich, Kreis 4. Very quite area with balcony, open kitchen, bath tub, W-LAN, Digital TV, bedroom to the backside. It includes everything to make you feel confortable at home.
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