Thu, 01/22/2015 - Zurich, 22.1.2015: Free wine, living room & a star is born
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Zurich (EN):Zurich, 9.2.2012: Unplugged, happy birthday & how to keep warm

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Finding a flat in Zurich proves to be more and more difficult. The prices are high, empty flats are scarce, so people are willing to do anything for a lease. But to force new tenants to take on your old furniture if they want the flat is just not right. Therefore I won’t include ads in the newsletter, where furniture has to be taken over or where extra money has to be paid.
Peace, love and happiness to the city, Ron
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A little bird told me that a new venue will open its doors. The name of the new shop, declared as a pop-up-bar and restaurant – is Hausbar. It found its new home in the former Boos-Lounge, as central as you can be. Today is the opening but for the entry you need to know the password. But from Friday its open daily and for everyone.
Mon to Wed: 9.30 am to midnight, Thu: 9.30 am to 2 am, Fri to Sat: 9.30 am to 4 am, Sun: 3 pm to midnight. Hausbar, Schweizergasse 8, 8001 Zurich
Add to favourit  Happy Birthday!
Hive is celebrating its anniversary this Friday. Looking back on six years filled with electronic music, live gigs and party goers it brings Canadian James Teej to the party. Support act are Hanne & Lore who always bring a smile to my face when I see them behind their decks. Happy Birthday Hive!
Friday 11 pm, Hive
Add to favourit  Acoustic zurich

APART call themselves the green culture café and it’s certainly a fine place to relax and while away a few hours if you’re ever around Kreis 3. They also put on some cultural events throughout the year. Tomorrow an event called Züri Unplugged will showcase show of the more rustic charms of the city. Tanja Kummer will tell stories of her experiences of Zurich, Christine Lauterburg will yodel (yes, I said yodel) and Dide Marfurt will play zither, Helvetic bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy. As it’s too cold to visit the mountains, why not bring the mountain culture to Zurich?
Friday 8 pm, APART grünkulturcafé

Add to favourit  New blood

The UK scene has stolen the hip-hop fire from the US and is lighting up dark corners unexplored by their American cousins. Young Montana, voted ‘Favourite unsigned artist’ in 2010 brings his grime, hip-hop and electronica influences to the Life Bricks night at Exil. Lapalux who defines the Life Bricks mantra of ‘experimental hip-hop and bass’ joins him, also from the UK. If you want to see what a new generation are turning hip-hop into, this would be a good place to start.
Saturday 11 pm, Exil 

Add to favourit  Do the Dø

The French-Finnish band The Dø have thrilled audiences since early 2005. Honing a real independent pop production, they stand out from the crowd with their use of strings, jazz passages and indie-pop elements. While this mixed bag of genres could sound chaotic in more mundane hands, The Dø lead us on a merry adventure and never lose their way. They play live at Mascotte this Sunday and I have 3 x 2 tickets to give away. Email me.
Sunday 8 pm, Mascotte

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The ewz.stattkino opens its doors for a 10-day run of great cinema this Wednesday. Some classic movies are on show including Bullitt, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Hellzapoppin’ but what makes these shows unique are the extras that go along with them. Many have their soundtracks played live by dj’s or electro bands, some offer a dance course, aromas (smelly-vision) or even a free breakfast box to go along with your viewing pleasure. This must be the ultimate 3-D cinema experience.
Wednesday until 26th February, ewz-Unterwerk Selnau & Arthouse Le Paris

Add to favourit  Eating: New Asian
I first spotted the new Asian restaurant at Kalkbreitestrasse cycling past -and forgot all about it. A few weeks later, I read a review on Spotted by Locals about the place- and forgot all about it. Until a few weeks ago. I was cycling home from work hungry and came past the corner Weststrasse / Kalkbreitestrasse and saw Weibian . Stopped, walked in, chose a take away, left tip for the friendly service, went home, ate – and was happy.
Weibian, Weststrasse 146, 8003 Zürich
Add to favourit  Good to know
Brrr, it’s freezing. So here a few tips on how to stay warm. Saunas: Zurich has various Saunas so it should be easy to find one that you like. Have a look at the overview and don’t forget the latest addition at Volkshaus. They all have one thing in common, it’s really warm inside. Tea: Tea warms from the inside. Zurich hosts many specialized tea shops such as Schwarzenbach, Teehaus Cha or Shui Tang, in which you’ll certainly find a flavour you like. Stay in: And watch DVDs, for example you can order food and Fight Club at Lilys. Or brush up on your Swissness with some Swiss films on DVD (with English subtitles of course).  Enjoy: Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It’s likely that many lakes in the Canton will freeze over by the weekend and will be open to the public. That doesn't happen very often. Check the local newspapers.
Add to favourit  Window farm

Urban farming does not necessarily have to be done outside, as the website shows. There are numerous tutorials and models that allow you to create your own window farm out of household objects. And who has a good tip, passes on his knowledge to the rest. So create your own Hanging Gardens of Babylon and join a growing community of indoor urban farmers. Now is a good time to start planning. Get involved!

Add to favourit   Congo through rose-colored glasses

The photographer Richard Mosse documented the conflict in Congo. He did it with a special AeroChrome infrared film that turns the forest landscape into a candyfloss dream, giving these tragic images of war a strangely innocent hue. This enormous contrast, Mosse hopes, will draw our attention to the trivialization of this war.


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soon it has been four years since we released our highly appreciated debut album «acts of love». the first single, «love...
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I'm currently looking for a woman 21 years old to 30 in Zurich, Average built..
I am learning Professional Make Up artist and I need a model on February 15 2015 ( Sunday, whole day) to help me
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Zurich Photo Trip

Visit the Azores Islands

The Archipelago of the Azores is made up of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. Flights from Lisbon are just over two...

Not a million miles away

Zurich will always be my first love but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a wandering eye for the satellite towns that make the extra effort to flirt with me. Over the coming week, Baden will be having what is, possibly, the first...
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Going to the cinema is one of my favourite ways to spend an evening. Especially to see intelligent films with heart, just as Riffraff or Houdini tend to show. As my last cure for your January blues, I give away a free annual pass for the rest of 2015 for these two cinemas. Just send me an e-mail

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Add to favourit  Stage: No artifice
All art, on some level, must be autobiographical. If it doesn’t uniquely reflect the artist or their view of the world, then why should we care about it? Mental by UK performance artist The Vacuum Cleaner is an intensely personal piece about the artist’s own history of mental illness and activism. It is a brutally honest, powerful and often funny portrayal that will feel more like confession than performance. To add to the intimacy of the evening, Mental will take place in the bedroom of an apartment in town. Due to this, there are only a limited number of seats available and reservation will be required.
Thursday 8 pm, Friday 6 pm & 9 pm, Gasometerstrasse 45, 8005
Add to favourit  Festival: Not a million miles away
Zurich will always be my first love but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a wandering eye for the satellite towns that make the extra effort to flirt with me. Over the coming week, Baden will be having what is, possibly, the first music festival of the year in Switzerland. The One Of A Million Music Festival has a line-up of 40 bands from across 13 countries that will be playing live in 3 intimate venues around town, as well as a scattering of smaller venue sites. The bands are all under-the-radar, which suits a boutique festival like this, but all have an indie melodic quality that will make a trip outside of Zurich’s city limits a treat. I have 1 x 2 tickets to give away for this Friday or Saturday. E-mail me, letting me know which day you’d like to go.
Friday to Saturday (7th Feb), Baden
Add to favourit  Happy 6000th
I’m not sure who’s been keeping count but Supermarket will be celebrating its 6000th day anniversary this weekend. So you don’t need to calculate, that makes it nearly sixteen and a half years old, and as far as a club’s lifespan in Zurich goes, this makes Supermarket one of the wise old men of the night. To celebrate the occasion, many of the dj’s who have defined Supermarket’s sound over the years will be returning for a party that will start at 10 pm on Saturday and continue, non-stop, until 6 am on Monday. I think Supermarket just looked you straight in the eye and dared you to call it old!
Saturday 10pm to Monday 6 am, Supermarket
Add to favourit  Concert: Graceful expulsion
Some music defies genre descriptions. With Canadian band Cold Specks you might go with gothic-gospel, or even soul-punk but either way you’ll end up sounding like you’re trying too hard. The lead singer of the band, Al Spx, has a voice that would sound at home bouncing off the rafters of a gospel church, while her band makes music that swirls and bucks behind her like a dark stormy sea. Their debut album was called I Predict a Graceful Expulsion, and that’s probably the best description of their music you’ll find. They play at Rote Fabrik on Saturday.
Saturday 9 pm, Rote Fabrik
Add to favourit  Concert: Mali music
If the Blues had a birthplace it is now commonly thought to be in Mali’s soulful and moody stringed instrument tradition. Boubacar Traore has been a master of the Mali desert Blues since the early sixties but, like all good Blues-men it seems, his path wasn’t easy. From legendary status in his youth, he then spent twenty years out of the music business trying to make a living for his family. After being rediscovered in the late Eighties, he then moved to France to work as a labourer after his wife died, only to be rediscovered again years later as interest in ‘world music’ grew. Now, as an old man, he is again in his rightful place, recognised as one of the greats, playing music that both soothes and saddens the soul. He’ll be at Moods on Sunday.
Sunday 7 pm, Moods
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Add to favourit  New kid on the block: Pleasant pop up

Last week, the pop up Penthouse Gallery moved into the former house of pleasure «Irma la Douce». Until March you’ll find exhibitions, performances and readings as well as a wine bar. You can view their first exhibition «Modification» every Thursday and Saturday until 5th February – or just go to see how a brothel looks inside. Afterwards they’ll change the setting, which will start with another opening party.
Penthouse Gallery, St. Jakobstrasse 52, 8004. Opening hours: Thursday & Saturday from 6 pm to 10 pm

Add to favourit   Eating: Little Brazil
Just as the name Little Brazil suggests, this restaurant serves great Brazilian food and is rather snug, in a good ‘we’re all in this together’ type of way. You can, of course, start things off with a caipirinha, just like mama used to make, if mama didn’t know when to stop pouring the cachaça. The menu has a great choice of food from the selection of small starters to mains that included Picanha and Moqueca (my favourite), and everything is looked after by the great women who both own and run the place, and make you feel welcome in their little corner of Brazil.
Little Brazil, Schmidgasse 6, 8001
Add to favourit  Good to know: Just justice

New year, new laws so it’s high time to fill you in on the latest changes of our justice system. Compared to other years, there are just a few and none of them drastic. But there is one modification that might become important to you, if you ever drive a car in Switzerland and if you don’t take the alcohol limit that seriously. If you cause an accident under the influence of alcohol, or because you fall asleep or consumed drugs (zero-tolerance) it will be seen as intentional negligence. Until 2014, your insurance company had the right to pass on all costs of the accident to you. But you were able to protect yourself from that with yet another insurance. Since the beginning of 2015, insurances must pass on all costs without exception. One more reason why it’s great to live in Zurich – you don’t need a car.

Add to favourit  Web tip: Where is Ron?

A while ago, I came across an old film-roll in my attic and decided to send it to «Rescued Film». Also, I wasn’t sure if the photo shops in town still develop films or if they’d just laugh in my face. «Rescued Film» is an online image archive, specialising on pictures between the 1930s and the 1990s. Amongst them you’ll find historic photos – for example from the Second World War - and personal snapshots. If you look very closely you might even find one of me, hanging out with my buddies looking extremely cool in our 1990s outfits. And no, it wasn’t a costume party.

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Dear Baroness,

I'm losing my girlfriend to a bearded hipster.

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