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Thu, 16.12.2010

Zurich (EN) : Zurich, 16.12.10: iphone app, shopping guide & over the moon

Dear friends

Ron Orp’s Mail is available as an app now. I searched my mind and came up with a few practical functions which are also interesting if you’re on the road. For example you can take pictures with your iphone and upload them directly into the urban city trip section – so that my wish for more photos might become true! The app is available in German, French, English and Portuguese accordingly to the city you choose. You can download it here.
Give my love to the city, Ron

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Electric futureland

As we all know the predicted future of transportation is a little behind schedule. The personal jetpacks and teleportation devices are still in development alongside the hover-car but there are companies whose ideas are bringing the real future closer everyday. The Hub is hosting two of these companies – Tesla Motors and Flyerelektrovelo – who will present their company stories as well as taking questions and giving advice to any upcoming social entrepreneurs. If you do invent something, call it the Ronorpatron – it’ll make me happy.
Thursday 8 pm, The Hub

I heart art

Owning original art is normally reserved for the rich or the daringly criminal but Station21 is giving you the chance to own an original piece without being either. 26 artists from around Switzerland are being gathered for an art show under the name Himmelwärts 10 (Skywards 10) where you have the opportunity to talk directly with the artists and, if the mood grabs you, to also buy the art. Prices range from 1 to 199 francs.
Friday 6 pm & Saturday 12 pm, Station21

Latin label

Cómeme is a new electro-dance record label from South America founded by Matias Aguayo and Gary Pimiento. They will be focused mainly on South American artists but are happy to colaborate with any Europeans biten by the Cómeme bug. See what the new label has to offer as they perform a live set with percussionists and a backing vocalist from London at Zukunft.
And if you need a little easy food, music and shopping before the South Americans rock your world then the Nacht Markt at Kasernanareal is back again.
Friday 7 pm, Kasernanareal
Friday 12 am, Zukunft

Gyrate and skate

With December comes the ice but also the skating. The second Zurich Ice Disco is happening at the Dolder Ice Rink this weekend. No need to worry about falling over as the disco, soul and electro beats will keep you upright and flowing along all night. The night has some great djs as well as a live show by Les Retardieux. The after-party is happening at Plaza Club with Kraak & Smaak leading the dj charge.  Just remember, the sliding backwards will be a lot harder and less cooler at the Plaza then the Dolder.
Saturday 5 pm, Dolder Ice Rink
Saturday 11 pm , Plaza Club

Christmas plaza

If you want to get away from the Bahnhofstrasse Christmas crush then get down to the Plaza Club, which is transforming itself into an urban Christmas village for the week leading up to Christmas. Not only confined to the club but also the streets surrounding it, you will find stalls from some of the local boutiques and they have also planned a party program for each day. As you’ve been good readers this year I have some special surprise gifts to give away from Meine Garderobe and Cloud8, two of the labels at the market.
e-mail me.
Sunday-Friday 11.30 am, Plaza Club
Free jazz

This Monday, jazz singer Sophia Bastian sings at Kaufleuten. As a thank you to everyone who visited the club, lounge and/or restaurant this year, the concert is for free. Make sure you get there on time.
Monday 8 pm, Kaufleuten

Good to know

Each year it’s the same game. December comes around and everyone acts surprised that only a few weeks are left until the holidays. The workload increases and the inner city is ruled by shoppers. And there are so many of them. Now, Christmas is only one week away and of course you haven’t had time to do your present shopping. But don’t get scared. You don’t have to throw yourself into the  crowds at Bahnhofstrasse. In my latest digital magazine I put together gift ideas so you can pick the missing presents at home. Unfortunately, amongst the Christmas frenzy I wasn’t able to translate it into English. Sorry about that! But what is it what they say? A picture speaks a thousand words.

Eating: Over the moon

Ron’s assistant: You look happy…
Ron: I just had a great lunch!
Ron’s assistant: So you’re drunk?
Ron: No, great food! At Hin & Weg. It’s a catering and take- away place between Schmiede Wiedikon and Goldbrunnenplatz that cooks so tasty that I’d like to book them as my personal catering service!
Hin & Weg, Birmensdorferstrasse 171, Zurich

Across Switzerland

And yet I’m telling you about another publication which is in German only: Transhelvetica. Why? Because it’s new and because it’s produced in Zurich. And also because you might have German speaking friends or colleagues for which you’re searching for the perfect gift. (Because it's also really nice!)  An annual subscription (6 issues) is only 45 francs.

Music map of Manhattan

Flavorwire puts it so well that I’ll quote:  “If you’re sick of hearing Frank Sinatra tell you that he wants to be a part of it, or Alicia Keys gushing about how these streets will make you feel brand new, then rejoice – here’s an alternative musical history of the Big Apple.”  So have a look and wander through the streets that wrote music history.

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Party: Feel the beat Parties
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Berghain, Fusion – that’s music in the ears of a techno friend, parties, where days turn into nights and nights into days. It’s still too cold for an electronic outdoor festival but Café Gold helps out by bringing one of the latest newcomers to town: Vril. The press describes him as a traveller searching for original sounds, all I know is that the noise he creates is beautiful. Support act is local dj Wandler as well as Voltmar. Entry 20 francs

Friday 11 pm, Café Gold

Beer-Festival: A taste of Switzerland’s finest Events (various)
Read more

I was always wondering what’s missing in town and finally I found the answer: a beer festival. And no, I’m not thinking of the one in Munich or Zurich’s imitations, but a proper event dedicated to beer in all its variety. There are so many microbreweries in Switzerland and I’d love to try them all, or at least all of the 128 beers served this weekend at Spirgarten. So maybe, this feels a little bit like Oktoberfest (certainly on the next day) but the intention is differently. Isn’t that all that counts?

Saturday 1-11 pm & Sunday 1-7 pm, Spirgarten (Lindenplatz)

Concert: The Irish punk diva Live (concerts)
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Usually, Maria Doyle Kennedy & Kieran Kennedy play their first concert after New Year at El Lokal, but this year, they waited for spring.  Their raw folk and bluegrass contains just the right melancholic notes for a slow Sunday evening concert to close the weekend and starting recharged into the new week with an open heart. The Irish duo is known to leave a happy audience behind, or in El Lokal’s words: «Maria, we love you! Forever!» Entry 25 francs

Sunday 8.30 pm, El Lokal

Good to know: Run you record Good to know
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This Sunday, Zurich becomes sporty, as the Zurich marathon takes place. If you wanted to take part, I have some bad news for you, registration is already closed. But the good news: you can go out, drink beer and go and afterwards watch someone else doing all the work. If you want to be more active, however, there is a charity run coming up where you can also compete against your buddies back home: Wings for Life World Run. It takes place all over the world on the 3rd May at the same time. And when I say at the same time, I mean synchronic: In Olten (just half an hour from Zurich) it's happening at noon, in Auckland at 10 pm, in California at 3 am. If you fancy running against the world and for a good cause - it funds research to cure spinal cord injury - then nothing should stop you from taking part. 

Getrudhof: Swiss classic with a twist Swiss cuisine
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I’m sorry my dear vegetarian Ronsters, my eating out tips were all a bit heavy on the meat front lately. Again this week. But if you eat meat and came to love the Cordon bleu then I have to let you know about Getrudhof. From the outside the venue looks like your everyday Swiss restaurant, and the interior isn’t much better. But they serve more than a dozen different kinds of the traditional Swiss dish, one tasting better than the other. The staff is friendly and lovely and all portions come in three optional sizes. If you’re a group, you better book ahead. And next week, I’ll bring you a veggie suggestion.

Gertrudhof, Getrudstrasse 26, 8003. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 11 am to 2 pm / 5.30 pm to 11 pm, Saturday 5 pm to 11 pm, Sunday 4 pm to 10 pm

Pop Up Store: No Titel Newly opened/pop up stores
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Fat colourful Berber carpets reminding of old landscape paintings, Bosnian kilims that are hard to find and African stools prompting images of ancient king’s presents. At untitled#1 you find unique, handmade pieces that tell a personal story. The first pop-up store last year as a success, so I hope for some history repeating.

New Pop-Up untitled#1, 15.-25.04.2015 Zweierstrasse 176, 8004. Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday 12 pm to 7 pm, Saturday 10 am to 5 pm


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