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Thu, 09.12.2010

Zurich (EN) : Zurich, 9.12.10: Urban signs, Baby Genius & Redley Exantus

Urban Signs Photo Trip goes Photo10

I love the various urban signs that you upload each week. Cheers! You can also upload photos of Zurich which will then appear in one of the newsletters. Lately there weren’t any. So if i get a wish for the Christmas, then it’s your images of Zurich, uploaded on the website. Cheers again!  But let’s go back to the urban signs photos for now.  Photo10 is one of the most important work exhibitions of Switzerland’s photography. About 120 photographers display their pictures there. Ron as well! I’m allowed to fill two walls, which i pass on to you. Each photo of the topic urban signs, which is uploaded to the forum and of which a print out (max A3) is sent to Blofeld will find a space at Photo 10. The best image will be awarded with a Nikon COOLPIX P7000 with wide angle converter. Upload & send photo to: Blofeld Entertainment GmbH, Re: Ron Orp, Langstrasse 94, 8004 Zürich

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Good. No, bad

Argument about art is as common as agreement, which is partly what makes it art I suppose. At Art + Argument, as you might expect, two expert teams are asked to oppose or defend an idea about art and painting for five minutes, followed by challenges from the other team and then audience members. I like the idea that team members don’t have to agree with the position they are arguing which should add an element of irreverence to the whole affair.
Thursday 7:30 pm, Claudia Groeflin Gallery, Dienerstrasse 12

Child prodigy

Baby Genius may come from Luzern but Britpop was where this boy learnt to rock n’ roll. The English exports of attitude and improvisation seem to have found a happy home here. Baby Genius is touring his new album and will be at a favourite of mine, Long Street Bar, this week.
Thursday 8 pm, Long Street Bar

Pinball wizard

‘Ever since I was a young boy/I've played the silver ball/From Soho down to Brighton/I must have played them all’ - if you’ve always wanted to be cool like Tommy (but without the physical hindrances) then you now have your chance to shine. Le Calvados have organised a pinball competition and for the 5 franc entrance fee you get your beer included as well as a chance to win, among other things, a season ticket to Letzigrund. Of course all this pales into insignificance compared to being crowned Pinball Wizard of Zurich.
Friday 6 pm, Calvados, Idaplatz

Party people

Elektrostubete is the party label from Bern and on Friday they bring the party to Rote Fabrik. ‘Stubete’ is a traditional Bernese word for a small celebration with folk music and dance, however this is like comparing candles with neon. A live show by Polder from Amsterdam will be followed up by some of the best djs from the two Cantons including Dejan, Lukas Kleesattel, Dave Canina and Jon Donson.  Traditional it ain’t.
Friday 11 pm, Rote Fabrik

Rambling rose

Jesse Rose is a London house dj, based out of Berlin. As a producer, remixer and label owner he has been involved with some great names (Hot Chip, Radio Slave), and as a dj plays across Europe as well as residencies at Kiss FM and Back to Yours in London. This Saturday he’ll be headlining at Hive along with P Toile.
Saturday 11 pm, Hive Club
Shake a leg

I usually associate Stratford-Upon-Avon with Shakespeare, the picturesque home town of the famous writer, with ancient theatres that still stage his plays. I’m not intending to convince you to visit the town and see play there by the Shakespeare Company (though it’s definitely worth a trip). But Stratford-Upon-Avon rocks. Indie rock by Eight Legs. This Tuesday at Hafenkneipe.
Tuesday 8.30 pm, Hafenkneipe

Eating: Kantine Hermetschloo

Most meals that I don’t eat at home are actually over lunchtime. So I thought I’d recommend a nice, public canteen for a change: Kantine Hermetschloo. Being located at Zurich Altstetten, it’s not very central, but many of us don’t work in the inner city. From the venue on the sixth floor you get a fantastic, urban view over the city, just above the rail tracks. The friendly team cooks fresh, seasonal, international meals daily. If you know of other public canteens that are worth a try, let me know!
Kantine Hermetschloo, Hermetschloostrasse 70

Good to Know

It’s cold outside – time to take a bath. Nothing warms cold bones as good as a hot bath or a visit to the sauna or a spa. Saunas you find all around town, at your local fitness centre, at the lake, at Helvetiaplatz (Stauffacherstrasse 60) or the Turkish version Hamam in the Niederdorf (where you can also book online now). This week, there is also the opening of the first thermal spa in Zurich. Hooray! Zurich always had hot springs, but Zwinglian Zurich was against thermal spas. Until now. This Saturday the first ever will opens its doors, in an old brewery house. I like the idea! It opens this Saturday and offers 2 for 1 entries until 17 December.

The international language of rhythm

Recently I went clubbing in Tokyo with Mr until the early mornings. His platform is like a treasure chest, filled with dj-mixes of music across all countries and genres. For your personal treasure hunt, you fill in genre and style and then: float. You’ll find new tunes but also timeless classics. Wonderfully international and eclectic. That’s what I’m listening to this morning.

Ron’s Interview

Redley grew up in New York and also studies fashion design there. Afterwards she chose Switzerland, well Geneva, as her home. After more studying, the innovative designer started her own fashion label: Redley Exantus. To cut a long story short – check out my interview with her here.

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Zurich Photo Trip
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A Sonnet to the 80s

It’s the year 1987. I’m sitting at the sea, sipping my fruity cocktail (with a little umbrella of course) and enjoying the last of the sun’s rays. This is more or less what I see, when I close my eyes while listening to The Sonnets. Internationally the Swedish band is taking over. In Switzerland you can hear them tonight in the intimate surrounding of Abart. So that I’m not alone in my fantasy, I have 2 x 2 tickets to give away. Oh, and the warm-up is taken care of by Blush from Basel.
E-Mail me for tickets
Thursday 8 pm, Abart

Hive five

Hive celebrates its fifth birthday this weekend and like all birthdays it’s a time for reflection and celebration. Over the two-day party Hive brings back some of the djs who’ve made the past 5 years worth celebrating. Friday has, among others, Kollectiv Turmstrasse, Johnny D and Luna City Express. Whilst Saturday is devoted to techno with Len Faki, Marcel Fengler and Matias Aguayo who have all been a constant presence during Hive’s formative years.
Friday & Saturday 11 pm, Hive

Holy moly

Take one-part White Stripes, one-part preacher and two parts crazy and you’ll get yourself a Reverend Beat-Man. This one-man blues trash band plays rock ‘n’ roll like the devil herself was after him. Often joined on-stage by cigarette smoking nuns this is a show unlike any you’ve seen before or will likely see again. If you’re looking for something to jolt you out of your February slumber, get to Helsinki and be revived.
Friday 9.30 pm, Helsinki Klub

Complex opening

Komplex 457 is a new concert venue in town. Looking at its future band bookings it has some pretty good names coming up but Saturday is the opening night. Entrance will be free (you just need to prove you’re over 18!) and, as this is an opening party, they have some djs to keep you entertained. Adam Beyer and Joel Mull from Sweden (yes, more Swedes and even more to come) and Gregor Tresher from Germany will be bringing the techno sounds. And just in case you missed it the first time – entrance will be free.
Saturday 11 pm, Komplex 457

Strippers delight

So, you’ve been out for a Saturday night and it’s 2 in the morning. Where’s the one place you want to be? A strip club, right? Under normal circumstances the Vegas Club may not be your venue of choice for an after-party but this weekend the strippers go and the clubbers arrive. Downstairs is a cosy lounge and bar whilst upstairs the club is taken over by a selection of fine local djs playing house/techno. With no curfew in sight, the dancing doesn’t stop until you drop. Or at least until the ladies want their poles back.
Sunday 2 am, Vegas Club
Moody artists

I told you last week about the Artist in Residence programme at Moods. This week Christian Weber has chosen another couple of great experimental artists. Matthew Welch plays the bagpipes…hold on, don’t stop reading!.. but uses electronic and orchestral influences and has played in the Brooklyn alt-rock scene. Neal and Jack and Me is the second act of the night and uses the poetry of Dorothy Parker over a four piece band led by Adrian Weyermann, lead singer of successful late 80’s Zurich rockers, Crank.
Tuesday 8.30 pm, Moods

Good to know

Did you hear a loud sound yesterday between 1.30 and 3 pm which you couldn’t identify? This wasn’t your neighbour’s burglar alarm. It was the test of the 8230 sirens all over Switzerland, which takes place every year in the first Wednesday in February. If you heard it, then it’s all good. It means you’d hear it in case of an emergency (like a war or so). If you ever hear the sirens at any other time, turn on the radio DRS to find out what it’s all about. Or check the heavy phone book you received on the last page – there you’ll also find some instructions so you know what kind of alarm you heard. If in doubt, just head to the cellar. It’s a good opportunity to check if you’d be comfortable there – otherwise I recommend turning it into a wine cellar. And yes, I’m aware that these traditions must seem very funny to you. But we’ll keep them anyway. Even if it’s just to give you something to write home about.

Eating: El Matador

Restaurant Camino compiled a series of special evenings throughout the year called Camino & Friends. For each of these evenings they invite a chef. This time, it’s David Martìnez, chef of Greulich. As you can tell by his name, he’s originally from Spain. So if you’re in need of some Spanish passion and sun, you shouldn’t be disappointed. 4 courses including wine, coffee and water for 129 francs per person.

Ron’s favourite song

More music from Sweden. Although you really are in Switzerland, which definitely isn’t the same. But back to the music. The Swedish singer/songwriter Lykke Li teases with her new single I Follow Rivers from her album, which comes to the shops today. The song is more mystical and darker than her previous songs. But it goes well with her northern roots. Watch video.

24th of July as film

Director Kevin Macdonald asked people all around the world to film their personal 24th of July and to upload the film on Youtube. From this, he created a cinema-length movie. Premiere was last week in London and further screenings are not confirmed yet. But you can already watch some of the short films online: Life in a Day.

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Rons trip to Japan
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