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Thu, 22.09.2016

Zurich (EN) : Zurich, 22.9.2016: First edition, rhythm is gonna get ya & Zurich's holy cow

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Book Party: First edition

The Swiss poster and graphic design tradition is long and influential, even being given its own stylistic name: The International Typographic Style, or Swiss Style. But for this tradition to survive it must be renewed with the blood, sweat and ink of a new generation of designers. Dafi Kühne is one such designer, and his work bridges the gap between the past and the future by combining digital methods of design with the centuries old practice of Letterpress printing, using wooden blocks and ink. He is about to publish his first book, True Print, which showcases his beautiful design aesthetic, and has a pre-sale party on Thursday at Roy's, where you can meet Dafi and pre-order an exclusive, limited-edition copy of his book. There'll also be the experimental electronica of Sexomodular playing live, djs Hoochie & Komplize Coochie, and hotdogs with Glarner beer.

Thursday 6 pm to 11 pm, Roy's, Pfingstweidstrasse 23, 8005

Sport: King pong

There comes a time in all our lives when we realise that opportunity and destiny are the same thing. A moment that destroys your meaningless past and ushers in a glorious new future. That moment arrives for you on Friday and Saturday with the Swiss Series of Beer Pong at X-tra. Teams of two will compete against each other in this ancient sport of kings, as they attempt to lob ping-pong balls across tables into plastic cups full of beer. The winners will be entered in to the World Series of Beer Pong taking place in Las Vegas next year, and have a chance to be crowned rulers of the world. If you're very quick it's still possible to register a team, and it's free entry for any spectators.

Friday 6 pm, Saturday 11:30 am, X-tra, Limmatstrasse 118, 8005

Festival: Pull back the curtain

The great and powerful Wizard of Oz knew that looking behind the curtain of magic can have a devastating effect, but Schiffbau have no such worries as they reveal what goes on behind the scenes of creating their stage productions, from the initial idea to the premiere party. The Schiffbaufest on Saturday will offer half hour backstage tours that shine a light on the dark arts of stage production, but to ensure the magic isn't totally explained away, they'll also have plenty of stuff happening front of stage to keep you entertained, including a street food market, live music from Schtärneföifi, Aliev Bleh Orkestar, Becky Lee Walters & Friends, BLÆKSPOT and slam poetry from Simon Chen. Their new bar and kantine will also be reopening as part of the Schiffbaufest with surprise guests and a selection of djs playing into the early hours.

Saturday 3 pm to 2 am, Schiffbau, Schiffbaustrasse 4, 8005

Concert: Garden state songs

Pinegrove hail from New Jersey and, while they may not be as cool as some bands from the hipster end of New York, they carry in their songs a gritty emotional truth that their Big Apple brethren occasionally lack. Pinegrove's music has the same sharp Americana/indie rock angles that bands like Modest Mouse and Built To Spill excel at, and the woozy, cracked vocals that Jeff Tweedy from Wilco uses to such emotional effect. They released their official debut album, Cardinal, earlier this year to rave reviews, and will be playing live at Papiersaal on Sunday. I have 2 x 2 tickets to give away. E-mail me.

Sunday 8 pm, Papiersaal, Kalanderplatz 6, 8045

Fitness: Back to school
Forget about the hyper extension bench, the lat pull-down machine or the elliptical trainer - all you ever really needed to know about getting fit in a gym you learned in elementary school, and probably had twice as much fun doing it. The Urban Sports Club have realised this and have organised a chance for you to relive your school days with a gym session on Monday at Schulhaus Sihlfeld. They'll be reviving classic Swiss school gym lessons like Völkerball (similar to dodgeball), Mattenlauf (a kind of baseball/dodgeball hybrid) and Affenfangis (in my school we called this game Pirates, and you basically clamber over the gym equipment, without touching the floor, whilst being chased). Entry is free, but due to limited space you'll need to sign-up via email - - and no excuses to teacher about forgetting your gym kit, and then disappearing behind the bike sheds for a sneaky cigarette.
Monday 5:45 pm, Turnhalle B, Schulhaus Sihlfeld, Hirzelstrasse 11, 8004
Film & Concert: Rhythm is gonna get ya
I was once in a sleazy dive club in New York, with the dj playing drum&bass and, oddly i thought, a vacant drum kit set up in the corner of the small dancefloor. At some point, way past midnight, in walks Swiss drummer and percussionist Jojo Mayer, who casually seated himself behind the drum kit and, as the dj silenced the music, began to play his rhythms. And what rhythms they were. He managed to combine the naturalness of jazz drumming with the speed and precision of the programmed beats of drum&bass and jungle. It was a blurring of the line between electronic and shamanic. A new documentary exploring this innovative musician, 'Jojo Mayer - Changing Time' has just been released, and its premiere will be shown at Kaufleuten on Wednesday evening. This will be followed by a live concert from Jojo and his band, Nerve, and then a dj'd afterparty. Entry to the documentary screening is free. The concert and afterparty will cost you.
Wednesday 7.30 pm, Kaufleuten, Pelikanstrasse 18, 8001
Truth Facts
Eating: Where food becomes art

Next week, Amboss Rampe will become a restaurant for two days: Essen&Kunst (food&art), a caterer from St. Gallen is coming to town with the plan to seduce your palate and your senses. How? You will have to find that out for yourself. What I can tell you though: To the jazz sounds of Brandy Butler they will serve a creative 4 course symphony. The menu itself is another surprise – of course with a vegetarian option. My tip: Book immediately.
27 & 28 September, Essen&Kunst @ Amboss Rampe

Shopping tip: Pop-Up near Kreuzplatz

Selected jewellery, practical bags and quality shoes as well as many, many, many other products by various labels are to be found at the recently opened pop-up-store by Atelier S&R and Maison des Talons. My tip: There will be a closing sample sale on 1st October. But if you want to meet your favourite piece, rather than a crowd, visit the shop beforehand.
Until 1st October, Tuesday to Friday 11 am to 6.30 pm, Saturday 11 am to 5 pm, Ottenweg 35

Good to know: Who will win?

This weekend, once again, the Swiss will be busy casting their votes. The posted envelopes are thick this tme with various reforms, initiatives and proposals to decide. Here's a summary of national and local affairs. Environment: A proposal to reduce Switzerland's carbon footprint by promoting a sustainable economy is on the ballot. However, the support has substantially dropped over the last few weeks, and it is expected that the initiative will fail. Retirement: A people's initiative calling for a 10 percent increase in monthly payments to retirees will also be on the ballot this weekend. Currently the forecast looks like this proposal will fail as well, as people are worried how to finance this increase. Secret service: A reform of the intelligence service is up for a vote too. It would allow the agency to tap private e-mails and monitor other online activities. Similar reforms have failed over the last few years in Switzerland, as people place a high value of their privacy, although maybe not high enough as, at the moment, it looks as if it will win approval at the ballot. Local: In Zurich, we will vote on the go-ahead for various projects, such as the ice-hockey and sports arena for ZSC Lions, the school at Heinrichstrasse which would receive a kindergarten, a library and a gym, as well as the school in Affoltern. Most likely, they will all go through. Personally, I'm curious to see the result for Zurich's holy cow: Parking spaces. There is a proposal to increase the prices for street parking as they haven't been raised over the last 20 years.

Worth Reading: The most impressive buildings

To commemorate Architectural Record’s 125th anniversary, its editors have chosen to honor 125 of the most important works of architecture built since the magazine’s founding. Not an easy task. Amongst the most impressive buildings you'll find are the Empire State Building, Gaudì's Casa Milà in Barcelona (pictured), Munich's Olympic stadium, as well as the KKL in Lucerne. Cool.

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