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Thu, 08.10.2015

Zurich (EN) : Zurich, 8.10.2015: Soul balm, fashion hotel & the winner is...

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Party: All you need
If you’re procrastinating about the type of music you’d like to dance to on your big Friday night out, then let Plaza be your procrastination destination. This Friday they have the Kill/Away Festival that will have a selection of dj’s and a live act playing music from across various genres from rap and house to electronic and indie. From the Paris record label, Ed Banger, will be dj and ex Daft Punk manager, Busy P, with label mate Boston Bun. Zurich rapper Skor will also be on hand for dj duties, as will Plaza residents dj’s Mannequine and Disco D. And to round off the evening, Zurich hip-hoppers Jas Crew will be playing their new album live. Now, if only you could decide what to wear.
Friday 11 pm, Plaza
Stage: Book of war
Truth may be the first casualty of war, but children are very often a close second. In the play, The Notebook, based on the award-winning novel by Ágota Kristóf, two actors from the British theatre group Forced Entertainment play twin boys who are evacuated to their grandmother’s farm in the Hungarian countryside to shelter from the conflicts of WW2. What unfurls is a fairytale-like story of dark humour and bleak horrors. It’ll be performed at Gessnerallee from Friday until Sunday.
Friday and Saturday 8 pm, Sunday 6 pm, Gessnerallee
Shopping: Fashion hotel
When is a hotel not a hotel? When the beds have been abandoned and the rooms are turned into individual pop-up stores for local and international fashion designers, of course. This weekend sees the 25hours Hotel turned into the Fashion Hotel, as its lobby becomes a lounge bar with dj’s and fashion shows, whilst its corridors and rooms become the shop windows into the imaginations of a myriad of new and established designers and brands.
Friday 9 pm – 2 am, Saturday 1 pm – 2 am, Sunday 11 am – 6 pm, 25hours Hotel, Pfingstweidstrasse 102, 8005
Party: A picture paints a thousand words is a new photo reportage website that is being launched, with a party, at the relocated Photobastei on Saturday evening. Onedayportray is the idea of two women from Zurich who, after studying and beginning a career in journalism, realised that the idea of in-depth and soulful reporting of people’s lives was not high on the media’s agenda. So for every subject of their photo portraits they spend an entire day getting to know them and their lives rather than just a short conversation with the results being published on the website. The launch party will be in the bar at Photobastei with music by Momo Love. You’ll also get a chance to see some of the initial subjects of their photo-reportage.
Saturday 5 pm, Photobastei
Cinema: Come out
On Sunday it’s National Coming Out Day, the annual international awareness day for the LGBT community that was founded in 1988. Now this isn’t a compulsory thing, so if you’re straight don’t fret, but it is a day of celebration for what can be one of the most difficult things members of the LGBT community go through. To mark the day, Xenix are showing two excellent full-length movies and a selection of short films with LGBT themes. Fear of Water is a British film about two women’s self-discovery, awakening sexuality and the search for independence, whilst Tiger Orange explores two estranged gay brothers from California who struggle to reconnect after the death of their father. All films are in English or have English subtitles.
Sunday from 4.45 pm, Xenix
Concert: Soul balm
If in this week of grey skies and falling leaves you feel like your soul needs a big, warm hug then get yourself down to El Lokal on Monday evening where you’ll get to hear Maximillian Hecker. He says of his own songs of loves lost and found, that they are ‘melancholy pop hymns’ and with his gentle voice and acoustic tones, that seems about right. He’s spent a lot of time touring Asia with one of his most beautiful songs called Gangnam Misery. Yes, that Gangnam. So if Gangnam Style is the sound of Saturday night out, then Gangnam Misery, and Maximillian Hecker, is the sound of Sunday morning coming down.
Monday 8.20 pm, El Lokal

How do I start up a business in Switzerland? How much does it cost? Which legal form is most appropriate? What is important regarding the company’s name? Answers to these questions you will get at IFJ’s 3h course in Zurich on October 13. We cover the most important aspects to help you prepare for your startup. The course is free of charge; all you need is a business idea. Our experts are happy to support you in your business venture.

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Truth Facts
Eating: The Italian job

Michelangelo was a famous artist in the 16th century. And it's also an established Italian family-run restaurant in Kreis 3. It's one of my locals and the place to go if you want to get a little of that Latin flair  - white table clothes, great pizza and penne, Italian wine, large tables seated with entire families, buzzy atmosphere, and friendly staff. They just refurbished the interior to dampen the noise of all those happy eaters.
Da Michelangelo, Gertrudstrasse 37, 8003. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 6 pm to 11 pm, Saturday 6 pm to 11.30 pm

Good to know: Heads up

You might have noticed all the faces on the advertising boards around town - the Swiss are electing our national council. This election takes place every four years. What's our job? If you live in the Canton of Zurich you get to choose 34 politicians representing your region in the Nationalrat (similar to the Congress in the US). The amount of seats depends on the size of the canton. For the Ständerat (similar to the Senate in the US) you get to choose two names. Each canton has two representatives, independent of size and population. The difficult part in this election process is the overwhelming choice of about 1000 candidates. If you'd like to know which Swiss party or which politicians actually represent your opinion you can fill in a questionnaire at Smartvote - in English - comparing your answers to those of the politicians.

Shopping tip: Pop-Up-Sihlcity

Maybe you remembers my call for a pop-up-store at Sihlcity? Right: Everyone was able to win a store for three months and I was one of the jurors, and with Marta, Print Matters and Sanikai we found three winners. You’ll find them until the end of January at Pop-Up-Sihlcity.
Sihlcity, Kalanderplatz 1, 8045. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9 am to 8 pm

Ron's Video Gem: Love is not a crime → Video gems
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It's a mixture of documentary and feature film, set in 1956, when Zurich was perceived as a pioneer in gay emancipation throughout the whole of Europe. «The Circle» (in German  «Der Kreis») It's a moving piece about two men who fall in love while the repression against homosexuals became increasingly intense. The film comes with English subtitles. 

Dear Baroness, I need to know how to Sext!

Dear Baroness,

My girlfriend wants me to send her sexy notes while she’s at work. I want to do this for her, but I know I’ll be terrible at sexting. Can you give me some basic rules and advice? 


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