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Thu, 28.04.2016

Zurich (EN) : Zurich, 28.4.2016: Happy birthday to me, power to the people & love to nature

Dear Ronsters
  Being the busy social butterflies that you are, I thought I’d remind you that it’s my birthday party tomorrow night (Friday). Kon-Tiki is the place, from 6 pm ‘til very late is the time. I’ll be there. Bands will be there. Djs will be there. It would be a real shame if you weren’t there. Yes, i mean you. You know who you are.
Give my love to the city, Ron
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Party: Bread bag → Vernissages & exhibitions
It is said that man shall not live on bread alone, which makes it all the better that the party at the John Baker bakery on Thursday also has wine, beer and art on offer.  A while ago John Baker ran an art contest, in conjunction with Kunst Salon, for artists and illustrators to design their new cotton bags; the party on Thursday gives us a chance to celebrate the winners, meet the artists and buy these cool limited edition bags. Just don’t ask for an extra bag to carry yours home in.
Thursday 6 pm to 9 pm, John Baker, Helvetiaplatz, 8004
Festival: Underground, overground → Live (concerts)
The Perlaton alternative music festival goes to the dark and hidden corners of the Zurich performance underground and shines a bright light on the artists living there. The festival takes place over 3 days at Photobastei, and will have 15 acts, including bands, video installations, dance groups, spoken word and 5 djs playing across its diverse canvas. The performers come mostly from Zurich, but that is all they have in common, as Perlaton purposely brings together acts that differ as much in genre as they do in performance styles.
Thursday to Saturday 7 pm, Photobastei
Revolution: Power to the people → Events (various)
The 1st May has traditionally been a time for the workers of the world to unite, but this year the idea has expanded to include all the people of the world. Under the slogan ‘Wir sind alle Flüchtlinge’ (We are all refugees), the 1st May’s events will actually be taking place over 3 days, from Friday to Sunday, in and around Kasernenareal. If you feel the need for action, a demonstration is planned for Sunday at 10.30 am from Helvetiaplatz. There are also around 40 political events taking place across the weekend. If your revolutionary tendencies are more cultural, then you can enjoy film screenings, food stalls and presentations, as well as a full music festival line-up with a diverse set of bands throughout the weekend. See the full political program here, and cultural program here.
Friday to Sunday, various times, Kasernenareal and Helvetiaplatz
Party: Bring your own → Parties
You may have a collection of vinyl records that’s been gathering dust since the pre-compact disc days or maybe you’ve recently got into buying the black stuff as a way to get that ‘authentic’ music experience, you might even be a long time vinyl-junkie, but whatever the case the Vinyl Night at Plüsch wants you and your platters that matter. They want you to bring your own vinyl along and have it played out to the waiting dance floor. Any style of music is welcome, and the evening is more about having fun than being the coolest tunesmith. They’ll also welcome you even if you don’t bring anything with you.
Saturday 7 pm, Plüsch
Project: 100-Day dream → Lectures/information talks
  If you woke up the other night in a state of inspirational fervour with a big idea that’s going to change with world, or maybe it’s just a small one - like an app to help people find the pet of their dreams, probably called Bettr Pettr - but have no idea what the next steps would be, then the 100-Day’s Crowdfunding Workshop is here to help. On Tuesday evening, in the bar at Photobastei, you can hear about the 10 success-factors needed to get your project financed, using previous project examples and friendly experts. In the interest of full disclosure, 100-Days is part of my Ron Orp family of projects.
Tuesday 6 pm, Bar in Photobastei
Truth Facts
Eating: You wild thing

I don’t like garlic, and I’m also not fond of wild garlic no matter how much everyone oohs and aahs over it in Spring. That said, I somehow ended up ordering wild garlic pasta for lunch last week. Schönau – you broadened my mind and palate. I cannot wait to discover you – Schönau, not the wild garlic – properly in summer time, sitting outside, watching the frenzy at Bäckeranlage from across the road and just enjoying more of your wonderful food. Welcome to the neighbourhood.
Restaurant & bar Schönau, Hohlstrasse 78, 8004. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 11.30 to 12 am, Saturday 1 pm to 12 am, Sunday 12 pm to 8 pm. Closed on Monday, unless the sun is shining

Shopping tip: Local lingo

This Saturday Chreis celebrates the opening of its pop-up fashion store. You get to meet the designers, receive drinks and you can also join the styling contest to win one of the goodie bags. The bands Quatroleoni (jazz) and Nkelo (electronica) will make sure it all turns into a big party. And – come a little bit closer, as I’ll only tell you – the code word for a 10% discount is «Chreis Cheib» - local lingo for district four.
Saturday 4 pm, Chreis, Lagerstrasse 34, 8004. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11 am to 7 pm, Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

Good to know: Save the planet

Energy generation was the motor of the economy over the last decades. And worth paying almost any price it seemed. But environmental catastrophes such as the oil disaster currently in front of Genoa or the extreme weather conditions show that things have to change. The first step for a better world lies with us. A lot of potential lies within household appliances. If you live in Zurich, the city gives you money back if you buy a coffee machine, fridge, freezer or a washing machine of the best most economical category. Just ask the dealer in the shop for more details.

Web tip: Fancy a movie?

The last weekend was all about staying in, best under a warm blanket on the sofa with a good movie to watch. If you ran out of ideas of what to watch, try What Is My Movie. It’s a database with recommendations. Describe a movie using your own words, or search with titles, actors, directors, genres etc. And they’ll find movies for you to watch. Such as Captain Ron.

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