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Thu, 25.08.2016

Zurich (EN) : Zurich, 25.8.2016: Treats on streets, howl at the moon & smile at cake

Dear Ronster

I tell you about my favourite places and happenings in Zurich every week, but i still know very little about you, or if i'm satisfying your every need with my weekly newsletter. So, in a 'one-way speed-dating' type of thing i've compiled this very short questionnaire to find out a little more about you, and if we're meant to be together forever.
I'll appreciate it very much if you could take a couple of minutes out of your hectic schedule to complete it. The questionnaire is here.
Thank you for taking the time & give my love to the city, Ron

Zurich Photo Trip → City Talk
Party/Exhibition: Faded photo

Foto-Ernst, the legendary camera and photography store on Badenerstrasse has been around since 1939, with Fritz Ernst taking care of business everyday for, amazingly, 80 of those years. He has always specialised in analog equipment, but with the advent of the digital era Foto-Ernst fell out of step with the times and so, last autumn, Mr Ernst needed to sell the premises. But what remained was an Aladdin's cave of analog cameras, flash units, lenses, in fact anything for lovers of photography. And so, in conjunction with the season opening of Photobastei, a celebration of the Foto-Ernst legacy is taking place for 10 days called the Foto-Ernst Sommerfest. They've organised an exhibition of photographs and images taken in and around the shop since it first opened. You will also be able to buy from the treasure trove of historical and vintage equipment that was both Foto-Ernst's blessing and curse. The opening night (Thursday) will be opened by the Kodak-Girls with dj Mindflight, with an afterparty with Micro Soul playing live, and djing by Funkerlaus Canti.

Thursday to 4th September (Opening night party- Thursday from 6 pm), Photobastei

Party: Come together

Manifesta 11, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, arrived in town a couple of months ago and has since made itself very at home in Zurich's cultural life, like a particularly creative and intellectual squatter. It still has 3 weeks to go before packing its bags and leaving again, but before it does it wants to celebrate all things Manifesta with the Manifesta 11 Night at Löwenbräukunst. This special event will bring together  artists and collaborators, local musicians and djs, food projects, education activities and live performers who have played a part in the Manifesta program. As you might imagine the line-up is large and extremely eclectic, from dj sets and audio-visual installations to having your haircut on stage and a nighttime flashlight tour of Helmhaus. Entry to the event is open and free, although if you want to guarantee a place you should register here. Alternatively, just try turning up at the door on the night.

Friday 7 pm, Löwenbräukunst

Open Air: Treats on streets

Maybe it's that vague sense that summer is slowly packing away her golden trinkets for another year that has done it, but this weekend the city street-festivals are out in force, and offer you a chance to cruise through town, party-hopping. The  Röntgenplatzfest takes place on Friday and Saturday and will have a great selection of live bands and djs playing both evenings. It will also be a kid-friendly zone on Saturday between 2 pm and 5 pm.  Brupbacherplatzfest is also happening on Friday and Saturday, and also has some fantastic local talent playing live and djing across both days. If you want to time your arrival for lunch or dinner they'll have some great street food from India and Eritrea, to be washed down with a frozen margarita or cocktail, or two. Friday sees the granddaddy of all Zurich street-fests taking place - the  Hallwylplatzfest is now in its twenty-first year and has a kids fest until 6pm then out come the bands. This one probably has the most neighbourhood crowd attending. Finally, from Friday to Sunday, is the Dörflifäscht on the Niederdorf. Again, there'll be bands and djs a-plenty, with some excellent special guests including the African Royal Ballet from Mali and a drag queen show by the Heaven Drag Race Girls. This street-fest also has the added benefit of many of the bars and restaurants in the area taking part.

Friday from 8 pm, Saturday from 1.30 pm, Röntgenplatzfest

Friday from 5 pm, Saturday from 1 pm, Saturday, Brupbacherplatzfest

Friday from 6 pm, Saturday from 2 pm, Sunday from 11 am, Dörflifäscht, Niederdorf

Yoga: It's what and what?

As i slip on my lycra yoga leggings, clear my mind, and end up face first into the floor as my Downward Dog goes wrong again, there's one thought that always crosses my mind - i could do with a beer. Well, it seems as if someone picked up on my desperate thought transmissions and has invented Beer Yoga. That's right! Human civilisation has finally reached its cultural zenith, and it's clearly all downhill from here. The beer and yoga aspects of these sessions are both taken seriously, with Jhula and Emily, who organise Beer Yoga, being both qualified yoga teachers and passionate about beer. The first session is at Yoga Tribe on Sunday, with a second being organised for Tuesday at a TBC location. Check their website for update. A session costs 30.- including beer.

Sunday 6 pm, Yoga Tribe 
Tuesday 6 pm, TBC

Concert: Howl at the moon

The band name, Wolf Alice, sounds like a fairytale hybrid of a sweet girl collecting woodland bluebells and the feral beast that stalks the dark forest, and in many ways their music also reflects this blend. This four-piece indie band from London has Ellie Rowsell as lead singer, and her presence, as well as her gossamer voice, will seduce you with its folky sweetness until the band kick-in with their psycho-grunge guitars, and she raises her voice to a howl that will rip out your still-beating heart. They've just released their first album, My Love Is Cool, and my Ron-Radar believes they could be the next big thing, so to see them at a small venue like Dynamo on Monday night could be a story worth retelling.

Monday 7 pm, Dynamo

Truth Facts
Drinking: Cool Acid

And just like that, there's  Acid on Langstrasse. If you're thinking of yellow smiley faces or a weird 80's club, you couldn't be further from the truth. Acid is a new coffee bar at Langstrasse. A great place to watch people passing by while sipping wonderful coffee that, of course, doesn’t taste like acid at all. But their cakes might leave you with a big fat smile.
Acid, Langstrasse 67, 8004. Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday 7.30 am to 12 am, Thursday to Saturday 7.30 am to 2 am

Shopping tip: Stylish in the sun

Summer is still going strong, and if there's anything of which you can't have too many, it's sunglasses. Also, mine always seem to go strangely missing. My latest favourite model is by the Swiss sunglasses brand INUV from the start-up Swiss Eyewear Group: great quality, optimal protection and cool design. Do you want one as well? I have ten to give away. Just send me an e-mail.

Good to know: Pop up wanted

The Rosengarten Reservoir was built in 1929 but the last 80 years it's been standing around unused. In November, new student flats will be built there and the city council is looking for a pop-up until then. It's a cool place and if an idea for a pop-up, pops up in your head (parties and gastro aren't allowed) get in touch here. If you just want to look around at what's formerly been known as the horror house of Rosengarten, you can contact them using the same link.

Web tip: Restricted Areas

For his project Restricted Areas, the Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko visited places, where the Soviet Union strived secretly for technological progress. His pictures capture an eerie mood of dystopian environments where rockets, inoperative factories as well as the largest diesel fuelled submarine are seemingly waiting for the end of the world.

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