I never received Ron Orp’s Mail. Register!
Afterwards you’ll receive an auto response e-mail that includes a confirmation link. You have to open the link to confirm your registration. If you did this but still don’t receive Ron Orp’s Mail, please check the next entry “I don’t receive Ron Orp’s Mail anymore”.
I don’t receive Ron Orp’s Mail anymore.
I find this very sad. But there are a few reasons why this might have happened.
Tip 1: Check your spam folder. Found? Yes? Then please confirm Ron Orp’s Mail (noreply@ronorp.net) as safe, thank you! If you don’t find it in your spam folder, check the following tips.
Tip 2: Don’t panic. Log in and you’ll find the current newsletter on the website. It’s possible that I might not have sent out a newsletter – sometimes I have tech trouble, and sometimes I take the day off (though that’s just between you and me!). Anyway, missing emails are one of the world’s great mysteries.
Tip 3: It’s publication day and you still haven’t received my newsletter. You checked Tip 1, and you’re not in the mood for Tip 2 anymore. So it’s time for Tip 3. Contact the people who are responsible for your IT and ask them if they blacklisted us. Use all your charm and explain that this is a no go. If you have a Yahoo or Gmail account, write to the provider. Now you have to tough it out until you receive my newsletter again. Cheers!
Final tip: If you still don’t receive my newsletter, please write to me at user@ronorp.net. But don’t expect any miracles, please. Most of the time, I’m at my wit’s end at this point.
I don’t see the images or the comic in the newsletter. What’s wrong?
What a shame. Your image blocker is active, and you’re definitely missing out. Each mailing programme has its own tricks to deactivate the image blocker. My advice: right-click and mark Ron Orp's Mail as “safe”.
How do I order Ron Orp’s Mail for other cities?
Under “Your account”  > “Your newsletter” you can subscribe to Ron Orp's Mail for other cities.