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Urban Signs Photo Trip

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Zurich Photo Trip

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Hello people,
My name is Elizabeth. If somebody needs a room in Zurich, please let me know.
Thank you very much.
If what write me on my e mail.

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3.5 room in Kreis 4 - available from Dec 13th

Hi - I am leaving my 3.5 room apartment in Kreis 4 on Dec 13th. Great location in the lively part of Zurich (Ida Platz, Helvetia Platz, Hardbrucke all close by) with all shopping...

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Looking for temporary accomodation in October for 2 weeks

Hi , Me and my husband are looking for an accomodation for 2 weeks from October 2nd to Oct 18th 2014 .
Please let me know for any vacancy or availability.Preferable location would be...

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italian lessons

Hi everyone,
I am an italian sociologist, phd in social research and teacher in the public italian schools. I have been living in Zurich and I offer private italian lesson for cheap...

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Italian lessons offered

I am native Italian and have experience teaching Italian as a foreign language to adults.
If you are interested contact me at

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Expats looking for a English or Spanish or French speaker cleaning lady?

House cleaner in Zurich / Cleaning lady in Zurich
Offering a variety of services including:
- Spring Cleaning
- House Cleaning Services
- Apartment Cleaning
- Office Cleaning
- Before...

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1 room in a 7 bedroom WG available from 01.10.14

We are looking for a new room-mate in a WG with 6 other people, located between Ober Letten and Schaffhauserplatz.
International WG, where we share when we feel like and we chill when we...

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Shared office space!

I'm (26) looking for someone who is interested in sharing my office with me. The office is a simple room of 20 sqm and fully furnished for 2 persons. It's placed in Stäfa, directly next...

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Nature Photography

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8 km Blumen - Längste Girlande der Welt in New York kreiert

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Boosting an innovative start-up in natural healing by helping her finance a trial of general interest that is still holding her...
Get involved!
Boost this project!

3.5 room in Kreis 4 - available from Dec 13th

Hi - I am leaving my 3.5 room apartment in Kreis 4 on Dec 13th. Great location in the lively part of Zurich (Ida Platz, Helvetia Platz, Hardbrucke all close by) with all shopping facilities less than 5min away from the house.
65 m2, 2180 CHF
If you are interesting, please drop me a note...

Zurich Photo Trip

skillharbour - exchange travel hints against your skills!

You can swap your talents and hobbies easily and for free on the new, cool platform Are you looking for travel tipps to exchange...
Classical clash

Classical clash

If you think of a live performance of classical music, I’m sure certain images come to mind – perhaps violinists in tuxedo’s, cellists in evening gowns, plush red theatre seats, the respectful murmur of an expectant...
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Add to favourit  Zurich Photo Trip
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Add to favourit  Festival: In the old town

The legendary «Dörflifest» takes place one more time this weekend at Niederdorf. The cobbled streets will be filled not just with hen and stag nights as well as young party goers (the usual crowd) but also a large quantity of locals. So expect a busy place where you find everything your night-owl heart desires from food and drinks, to stalls and live music at Hirschenplatz.
Friday from 6 pm, Saturday from 3 pm, Sunday from 10 am, Niederdorf

Add to favourit  Festival: On the go

Whenever I return from Asia, I miss the wonderful street food that’s on offer there. Seems like someone heard me. The first Street Food Festival takes place this weekend with delicacies from the world over, everything to go. Friday starts with a musical introduction and a dinner set-up, Saturday you can eat your way around the globe all day and night and on Sunday the Food Market offers an alternative to the classic brunch. If your mouth is already watering – hang in there, it starts tomorrow.
Friday from 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday from 12 pm, Allmendstrasse 92, 8041


The next generation full body workout has arrived to Zurich!

Booster Pilates combines the therapeutic qualities of Pilates, the toning benefits of strength training with a high intensity, calorie burning and no-impact workout.


Training is done in small groups of five people max., led by a certified coach.


Your first session is free. Prices start from CHF 33 per 50-minute class with more than 50 classes per week.

Add to favourit  Party: A long night at the museum

A long night awaits you at Photobastei (to be honest, I never realized there is another kind of night there) with concerts, performances and  open house within the museum. After its few months of existence this is Photobastei's last weekend, and this its final event - it's now or never time.
Saturday 8 pm, Photobastei

Add to favourit  Festival: International affair

Next to the «Dörflifest» and the «Street Food festival» there is also a festival at Zeughaushof. It’s a first and the program offers everything from games for kids and families to food stalls, exhibitions as well as live music. You get the best songs of rock history with Family Affair, followed by the powerful voice of Janis is Alive. Prior to the band, lecturers and students of the Voice+Music Academy will prove their talent. An international affair that takes place on Saturday. Entry is for free
Saturday from 2 pm, Zeughaushof

Add to favourit  Festival: Short is sometimes better

It's been twelve years since Fantoche, the international festival for animations, had its launch in Baden. I've visited the festival several times over the last years and can recommend this trip out of town to all of you. Next to animation shorts you’ll also find cut scenes from video games for national and international designers. This year’s guest is Japan so I’m sure you’re in for some innovative treats and with more than 1000 shorts to choose from, there is something for every taste.
2. to 7. September, Fantoche, Baden 

Add to favourit  Wulffmorgenthaler
Add to favourit  Save the date

The 25 hours Hotel will turn into a fashion house for a weekend with pop-up-stores, bars, fashion shows and djs from 10.-12. October. If you’re a fashion designer, get in touch, there are still some rooms to be taken over by young talents. And if shopping, beauty, fashion and parties all in one sounds like heaven to you: I have 5x2 tickets to give away. Just send me an email and let me know why you have to be there and they could be yours.
10.-12. October, 25 hours hotel

Add to favourit   Eating: A taste of sunshine

Dinghy is a lovely little bar with a colourfully decorated forecourt right at Schanzengraben. Next to good coffees and a varied menu with a few selected dishes each day, they also offer a classic «Italian Aperitivo» from Wednesday to Friday. It’s probably one of the few places where you can find some Mediterranean flair this rainy summer.
Dinghy, Brandschenkenstrasse 5, 8001. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am

Add to favourit  Shopping tip: Blossoming gifts

My latest recycling discovery is the wrapping paper by Eden’s paper. After the gift is given and unwrapped, you can bury the paper in the earth. With a bit of luck and dedication the inserted seeds will grow into something edible. Three different kinds of papers are available: «Super Food», «Summer Salad» or «Flower Power» - made only from natural colours of course.

Add to favourit  Good to know: New in town

Although I believe that you receive all essential information from me that you need to assimilate in Zurich, I’m aware that there are some of you, who’d like to know even more about Zurich, the system and its bureaucracy. «Neu in Zürich» is a service by the cantonal council and what it lacks in style it makes up with information. Here you can find everything you'll ever needed to know about health, education, social security, police and customs.

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nice ;-)
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Hi I am interested in the mattress. Can you share a pic? Can you tell me the pickup address?
chirayu zum Thema: "Free Furniture (Pickup Zurich)"
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