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Dear friends
Happy Easter, my dear Ronsters. I hope you enjoy the time off despite the bad weather forecast and the closed shops. Just follow some of my tips and I'm sure you'll have a great time.
Give my love to the city, Ron
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Party: Birthday bar

The little bar with big ideas, Bar Rossi, is celebrating its 11th anniversary this weekend and, although the number isn’t so special they see no reason not to have a party.  So, on Thursday and Friday they’ll have djs Roli and Giovanni playing some classic old school party tunes, while on Saturday rock musician Andrea Bignasca plays live, sounding like a bluesy Eddie Vedder, followed up with an after party by djs Electromat and Alain Ford. Entry for all nights is free.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8 pm, Bar Rossi

Party: Todd the God

If you ever want to become a legend for doing something, then you either have to be the first or the best at doing it. In the case of dj Todd Terry, he’s both. During the late 80’s he was a pioneer of progressive and deep house music, also producing some of the era’s most respected albums, and almost 3 decades later he’s still showing people how things should be done. Without the influence of Todd the God, as his fans call him, your trips to the dancefloor would be a little less fun. He’ll be playing at Kaufleuten on Friday night.

Friday 11 pm, Kaufleuten

Concert: Easter indie

If you're looking for a good way to celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus this Easter time, why not go to the night at Amboss Rampe this Saturday. Whilst it’s unclear what His musical tastes were, how could He have not swayed to the jangle and blast of the great indie guitar rock played by djs Rocketaro and DerZensor, as well as the live band offering of The Bronze Medal from the UK, who have the same plaintive sound as a band like The National and have been all over the UK music blogs of late.

Saturday 8 pm, Amboss Rampe

Party: 24-hour party people

We’ve got Monday off, so we might as well make use of it. Starting on Sunday evening and going through, non-stop, to Monday night is the Eierschaukeln night at Hive. In collaboration with the Berlin based Kattermukke label, they’ll have plenty of djs to keep you going including Dirty Doering, Britta Arnold and Marcus Meinhardt, plus live music from Zurich electro artist, Canson

Sunday 11 pm until Monday 10 pm, Hive

Good to know: Zurich’s Easter tradition Good to know
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In Australia you have Bilby, in Poland you throw water and in the USA you balance eggs on a spoon. Zurich’s Easter tradition is called «Zwänzgerle» and takes place on Easter Monday at Limmatquai. You throw a twenty-cent-piece in the hope that it stays stuck in a hard egg that another person holds. If it works, you get the egg. If you miss, the egg belongs to the egg-holder. Hard boiled eggs are sold on spot so enjoy your day mingling with the locals.

Easter Monday 10 am to 12 pm, Rüdenplatz

Concert: Street soul

Kendrick Lamar seems to be the man of the moment, but until he realises that Zurich is the only place worth playing live, we can enjoy the music of his go-to vocalist, JMSN. JMSN was all over Lamar’s last album, infusing the hip-hop stylings with his soulful croon, and that’s pretty much what we get with JMSN own music. Imagine a slightly more street-credible Justin Timberlake and you’re halfway there. He’ll be playing at Exil on Wednesday night.

Wednesday 8 pm, Exil

Eating: From the wood to the hood: Hood Food Ron's gourmet tips
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Hood Food is the follow up to Wood Food that I told you about last autumn. Valentin, Laura and Fanny organize a pop up dinner at Mühle Tiefenbrunnen where they’ll surprise you with delicacies according to their motto: From the wood to the hood. It will be a spring «Metzgete» all around pork and I have 2 seats to give away for their otherwise sold out event on Friday at 7 pm. Just send me an email. More dates are available throughout April. 95 francs per person.

Tuesday to Saturday throughout April at 7 pm, Hood Food, Mühle Tiefenbrunnen, Seefeldstrasse 231, 8008


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