Thu, 10/16/2014 - Zurich, 16.10.2014: Horseplay, cross-genre & golden shoes

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    Work from home

    10/24/2014 14:04
I will be traveling to Vietnam on 10.07.2014. I administer there children from impoverished families for 3 months. As a...
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Studio to rent in Zurich, 8047. great deal for a single person.

Hello everyone!!!
I need someone to get my apartment here in Zurich.
rent: 1100,00 month. (kitchen, balcony, wc, basement), very new building,
Contract would be for 1/11/2014
I would leave a bed/sofa, kitchen table, balcony table and some oder stuff, value: 400,00 francs.
If you need more info,...

Zurich Photo Trip

Free style

Free style

This weekend sees Europe’s biggest freestyle festival come to the shores of the lake as plays host to some of the worlds best snowboarders, free skiers, mountain bikers and motocrossers. We may be less than an hour away...

Visit the Azores Islands

The Archipelago of the Azores is made up of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. Flights from Lisbon are just over two...
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Add to favourit  Cinema: Sofa, so good
The Sofa Openair Kino isn’t in some mysteries quarter of Zurich known as Sofa, but is actually located in Wipkingen and the sofa’s in question are the array of comfortable seating that are provided as you watch movies under the night sky. Tonight you can see the wonderful fantasy drama Beasts of the Southern Wild, while on Saturday they show the adaptation of Hunter S Thompson’s classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Tickets can be ordered in advance from l'ultimo bacio in Wipkingen or at the box office on each evening from 6.30 pm. A bar and grill will also be on site.
Thursday and Saturday 9.45 pm, Pfarrei Guthirt, Guthirtstrasse 3, 8037
Add to favourit  Festival: When the boat comes in
You may have smelt a certain saltiness in the air around Gemüsebrücke of late, perhaps you’ve noticed the seagulls screeching a little louder or the sound of a distant fog-horn as you’ve made your way home after midnight. Fear not, landlubbers, as part of the Zurich Transit Maritim art project, which reimages Zurich as an old port city (you may have already seen the Harbour Crane alongside the Limmat), this weekend is the Hafenfest (Harbour Festival). All around the Limmatquai, the Schipfe and up on the Lindenhof you’ll see street art and performers, enjoy maritime food such as the Hong Kong Harbour bar, a Speakers Corner and plenty of live bands. See here for the full program.
Friday 6 pm - 12 am, Saturday 1 pm - 2 am, Sunday 10 am – 8 pm, Gemüsebrücke/Lindenhof and surrounding area
Add to favourit  Party: Sound of the streets
At the beginning of the Noughties, Mike Skinner broke onto the English music scene as The Streets with his debut, Original Pirate Material, with hip-hop tales of urban street life as seen through the eyes of a white Englishman. Ten years, five albums and a few hits later he quit making music to pursue other things, one of which was djing. On Friday he’ll be playing a dj set at Hive for the first time, which, if you know his Streets output, should be a pretty eclectic affair. Also on the bill is Germany’s Peter Pardeike.
Friday 11 pm, Hive
Add to favourit  Stage: Palace at 4am
Alberto Giacometti is one of Switzerland’s better-known artists, with his signature sculpturing style of tall and thin figures dominating his other works. One of his earliest surrealist sculptures, and perhaps his most theatrical, is The Palace at 4 am, now housed at New York’s Museum of Modern Art which, according to the artist, reflects the fragility of human relationships. LP4am Sculpture DeVice at Tanzhaus this weekend is a dramatic interpretation of the artwork, enlarged to accommodate the performers, as they tell the story of its development and reveal the mysteries of the piece.
Saturday 9 pm, Sunday 7.30 pm, Tanzhaus
Add to favourit  Eating: Monkey business
Guerilla Kitchen started off as cooking sessions for friends and has developed into small catering company. Rather than cooking with primates, the Guerilla in the name refers to the fact that they don’t have any fixed abode or infrastructure, and will cook wherever and whenever is required. This Monday they’ll be setting up kitchen in Photobastei, where for CHF 70, you’ll get a guided tour through two floors of the major exhibitions and then whisked up to the top floor for an aperitif and 3-course meal prepared by the Guerilla Kitcheners. Contact them here if you’d like to book.
Monday 7 pm, Photobastei
Add to favourit   Concert: Feel the eels
If you’re one of those people who think songs of loss and despair can be a balm to the soul, prepare to get yourself fully balmed on Monday as Eels slip into town to play at Kongresshaus. Mark Oliver Everett, the songwriter and singer of the band, has had a pretty dark life himself and his songs have always reflected the consuming darkness that might await just around the corner, but sung with such heartfelt sorrow as to warm, and bring an fiery glow, to the coldest of dark nights.
Monday 8 pm, Kongresshaus
Add to favourit  Wulffmorgenthaler
Add to favourit  Eating: Tasty Take-Away

A few weeks back, a small Gourmet Take-Away opened its doors at Spitalgasse 12. At Good to Go you find a selection of fresh sandwiches (the bread baked by John Baker), amongst them a New York Style Pastrami, classic American Hot Dogs, salads, cold – in the winter hot – soups and much more. I just couldn’t resist their cheesecake and their Cold Brew Coffee by Stoll.
Good to Go, Spitalgasse 12, Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

Add to favourit   Good to know: Zurich's green lungs

It rained a lot lately but that shouldn’t dampen your spirits – though Switzerland’s loss on Tuesday might. For the weekend, the weather forecast predicts a lot of sun, so what could be better than heading to one of Zurich’s green lungs. Here some hidden secrets. Old Botanic Garden: In the middle of the town lies a gem. It rarely gets busy and if you’re thirsty there is nice café as well as a recently renovated museum if you fancy something cultural. Fritschi Wiese: The green space between Idaplatz and Albisriederplatz doesn’t seem like much until you sit down. Then the small park turns into a lovely oasis filled with children, couples and small groups from all nationalities. Sihlfeld Park: If you prefer quiet to buzz then the small park behind the graveyard is the best place to go to if you like to read a book or just lie in the sun. Irchelpark: Walking in the park you’d never guess that it covers a highway. With a pond and trees it is spacious and a great place for a pick nick or a bbq with a group. More: On The city council’s website you find a list of all parks in town.

Add to favourit  Shopping tip: Tailored beauty

It’s been about two months since Susanna invited to her opening of the new Atelier Sochor at Morgartenstrasse. Partly Concept Store with a lovely selection of home accessories and vintage furniture, partly boutique for the collections by Nina Van Roijen and still a tailor shop. So if you’re looking for a hammam sheet, a new dress or an alteration – you’ll find it all there.
Atelier Sochor, Morgartenstrasse 15, Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 1 pm and 2.30 pm to 6 pm

Add to favourit  Web tip: Dreaming grass and slut soup

Even though Mandarin and English are both world languages, when it comes to translating one into the other, man get lost. Nonetheless, the results are highly funny, or where else would you find «stay of the grass» translated into «do not disturb, tiny grass is dreaming»? I just wonder if the Chinese truly believe that in English you’d write words like «fuck», « cunt» or «slut» on official signs, menus or packaging on a regular basis. In case you missed my hint – the examples on Seenox’s website come with a warning. There is a lot of crude language but also a lot of laughter.

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