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Concert: Beardy beats
We've all seen a beat-boxer before. You know, those guys with the rubber lips and throat contractions creating noises and beats, which under any other circumstances would be a sign for dire medical assistance. Well, you may have heard beat-boxing but you've never heard anyone quite like  Beardyman, who plays live at  Plaza on Thursday. This guy creates rhythms, soundscapes and improvised songs that make instruments, records, djs and bands seem about as necessary as shoes on a snake.
Thursday 7.30 pm, Plaza
Party: Funk your life up
What with ‘Uptown Funk’ set to eat the radio this year and become as inescapable as ‘Happy’ was last year, you may be feeling the groove and wondering where on earth you could be shaking your funky money-maker. Well, on Friday at Bagatelle 93, winner of The Most Original Nightlife Bar at the recent Swiss Nightlife Awards, you can let it all hang out at their Funk It Up night. Djs Spruzzi, Nail and Riccardo will be your Funk Führer’s for the evening and entrance is free.
Friday 11 pm, Bagatelle 93
Concert: Two v’s, or not two v’s, that is the question
If you’re longing for a long-lost, or maybe never-had, sun dappled teenage youth where jangly guitars, second-hand clothes and unrequited love were your reasons for living, then prepare to be young again as Alvvays (pronounced Always) play live at Bogen F on Saturday. They may not be pushing the boundaries of indie-pop with their music but when it’s as heartfelt and joyous as this then, just like that very first boyfriend of yours, all is forgiven. And if you can get through the chorus of their song, Archie, Marry Me, without it getting lodged in your head, you’re a better man than me.
Saturday 9 pm, Bogen F
Stage: Bizarre love
If I know my little Ronsters, and I think I do, then an evening of leather, decadence, freakiness and a touch of the naked are just a usual weekend indoors for you. If you’re starting to annoy your neighbours with this kind of behaviour then take yourself down to Amboss Rampe on Saturday night for Cabaret Bizarre – The Lovers. Be transported back to the 1920’s Weimar Republic where London emcee Joe Black will introduce the likes of dark Goddess Evilyn Frantic, mythical cross-breed AJ Dirtystein and living toy Freaky Baby Doll, amongst others. They encourage you to dress the part as well, so sex clowns and gothic angels are in, jeans are definitely out. It is Valentine’s Day after all.
Saturday 10 pm, Amboss Rampe
Stage: Circus is in town
ZirkusFahrAway are a group of five friends who, rather than run away to join the circus, decided to make one of their own, and since 2010 have been touring around Switzerland during the summertime with a tractor and wooden trailer, to entertain audiences. Everything in the circus is self-made, from the stories and live music to the acrobatic apparatus used, which always gives the shows a distinctive charm. For the next couple of weeks they’ll be in Zurich performing their first winter show (in a circus tent you’ll be pleased to hear). Entitled Eisenartig, it’s a show about a metal worker and his companion who are always interrupted by strange, enchanted figures as they try to work on a large unfinished piece of metal.
Saturday until Saturday (28th), 8 pm, Sunday’s 6 pm, in circus tent behind Geroldstrasse 15
Concert: Home from home
The Wohnzimmer Bar is just like a perfect living room I once dreamed of. It has a lot of cosy sofas and chairs, rugs scattered about the place, a dj booth in one corner and a bar in the other. All that’s missing is a big furry cat but, hell, it’s got a damn bar in the corner, so who’s complaining. To make this an even more difficult place to not move into, every Sunday night they put on a concert. The artists are usually, but not always, on the acoustic side of life and fit right into the whole living room vibe. This Sunday sees Americana strummer Lady Gomorra playing live. Other Sundays will have acts including Smooth Attack, Menic and Andy F.
Sunday 8 pm, Wohnzimmer Bar
Eating: Bar with a secret
Coffee, smoothies, sausages and cheese: that should cover all your international and Swiss needs. And it’s what you find at Kapellergasse 16. There, the new old Milchbar recently opened its doors and offers - next to many tasty foods and drinks - also gluten-free bread. A great alternative to Sprüngli. Behind the stylish bar, there is the current Swiss Barista Master (2014) doing her dark magic and if brunches are your thing I recommend going there on Sunday. You’ll also find an exclusive hotel room upstairs, which is special. But why, you’ll have to find out for yourself (and no, it’s not what you think).  
Milchbar, Kapellergasse 16, 8001. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 5 am to 12 am, Saturday 8 am to 12 am, Sunday 10 am to 6 pm
Good to know: Happy mountain time
I’ll take a couple of days off next week to enjoy the mountain scenery. If you want to do the same, I collected a few tips on how to save money on your skiing trip. Take the train: I’m aware that it can be a hassle to carry your gear. But if you book a snow’n’rail ticket you’ll get 20% discount on your journey, a reduced price for the day pass and for ski rental. Also, you don’t have to pay parking fees. Euro: If you still own Euros head to Grächen, where guests from European countries (use your passport to your advantage) get a fixed currency exchange of 1.35 CHF/EU from 7th March until 12th April. Packages: Many hotels offer packages that include day passes for the slopes. It’s worth asking. Youth-hostel: Some youth-hostels are actually really nice well designed hotels for a budget. Saas Fee even has a wellness-hostel. Bernese region: In Grindelwald, Wengen and Mürren many hotels offer a two-for-one price.
Shopping tip: Sharp objects
I’m very happy that Nord3 moved their venue from Oerlikon to the city centre. They specialise in Scandinavian design which I like (Swedish, Swiss, what’s the difference...) and they spend a lot of time hunting down original – sometimes very rare – pieces so visiting their shop is always a treat for my eyes (not so much my wallet). Today they host their opening party, starting at 5 pm. I hope to see you there.
Nord3, Talstrasse 64, 8001. Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm
Web tip: Liberate yourself
It’s my job to distract your from work and I found the perfect video to make you forget your dull office. In «The Streets of Japan in 4k» you’ll find yourself in Tokyo. This huge metropolis that transforms at night. It’s a clip about fast cars, smoking, a blond Japanese and nightlife. The rest you’ll have to find out for yourself. But be warned: It lasts less than ten minutes but the soundtrack is mesmerizing so you might not be able to focus all day afterwards.
Cityscribe: The Baroness Speaks...of Tinder
It’s been nearly a year since I jumped feet first into the shark, dolphin, and sometimes cute little baby seal-infested waters of Tinder.

'Baroness! Why is a nice girl like you resorting to an online hook-up, booty-call, cheating-on-your-spouse app?!!' I know, I know! (Hangs head.)
But really . . . it’s so much more than that! Stay with me.

Continue reading here.
BIRTH EXPERIENCE @ Klinik Hirslanden
  INFORMATION EVENING FOR PARENTS TO BE. Monday, Februar 23rd 2015, 6.30 - 8.00 p.m. During the lecture a gynecologist, a midwife and a specialist in anesthesia will give you valuable information about our offers in the maternity ward, and what you can ...

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