Thu, 01/15/2015 - Zurich, 15.1.2015: Film 'n' food, creation myth & Fjord furniture

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Zurich Photo Trip

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

What better way to cure those January Blues this week than dreaming of the warm springtime and riding your brand-spanking new bike along the city streets to looks of jealous amazement. What’s that you say? You haven’t got a new...

Train ticket - Zurich to paris, 9 january, 59 CHF


I sell a train ticket at 59 CHF, from zurich to paris, the 9 january, leaving at 09:34 arriving in paris gare de lyon at 13:37;

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Dear friends
I have of couple of introductions for you. First of all, this newsletter marks the start of an irregular regular column called      I * Zurich - An Expat's Perspective. Let me know what you think. Secondly, as of now, you can use various filter functions on my website. You can filter the section 'All classifieds' according to Forum, Ron's Tips, Classifieds and Comments. Also, you can select apartments according to postal code, number of rooms and price. If you wish, you're also able to save your filters in your search subscription, so you'll receive the ads you're interested in weekly in every newsletter. Have a look.
Give my love to the city, Ron

Zurich Photo Trip
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All about expats
If you don't speak German but do like theatre, then Zurich is a tough place to live. But not this week. From Thursday until Saturday, Elevator Repair Service – a theatre ensemble from New York – plays an adaption of Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Sun Also Rises at Gessnerallee. You might recognize yourself in the play. It's about a group of expats on a trip to self-discovery who end up in Europe. Mostly drunk. The play is part of the Zürcher Festspiele and will be staged in English with German supertitles. Preview
Thursday, Friday & Saturday 8 pm, Gessnerallee
Summer feeling
When Gui Boratto comes to Hive, it must be summer. His melodic and dreamy tech house fits in well with the hot temperatures we're expecting. The same evening Zurich Evelin Fik and Danilo Scheider also launch their first album. So let's dance into the summer and show Gui that not only Brazilians can shake their booties.
Friday 11 pm, Hive
Like a VIP
Ever dreamt of going shopping like Madonna or the Beckhams? Well, I cannot give you their money but I can offer you 2x2 pre-shopping tickets to the new outlet Atelier Kalk at Kalkbreitenstrasse 43. They sell clothes by Dings, On y va, Street-Files, Nubuc, Monsieur Dubois, Opia, Maschenbrödel and Lia-ne for a discount price. With the ticket the shop will be all yours from 7-9 pm on Friday. Just send me a message. Afterwards the outlet opens at the weekend for everyone.
Pre-Sale: Friday 7-9 pm
Opening: Saturday & Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm
Cool down
Is summer too bright and breezy for you? Then don't miss Xeno and Oaklander from Brooklyn, New York who'll play live at Longstreet this Saturday. Their sound with analogue synthesizers and cool vocals is quite melancholic and dark, but very intriguing and tempting. However, the music itself won't cool you down, as space is limited. So get there in time.
Saturday 12 am, Longstreet
Over the rainbow
Arx-en-ciel in Wädenswil is the perfect open air festival for all of you who like concerts under the open sky but prefer to go home at the end of the night. Right at the lake, Everell will open the concert series. Then, changing from indie-rock to rock'n'roll, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion take over, followed by ska-punk band Pueblo Criminal and reggae talent Cookie The Herbalist. Afterwards the night train brings you back into town. I have 5x2 tickets to give away. Just send me a message.  
Saturday 7 pm, Wädenswil 
Happy Birthday
Exil is celebrating their second birthday – for a full week. From Monday evening until Sunday morning they party to funk, reggae, boggie, hip hop, rock and electro as if the next day didn't exist. Well, it doesn't: Exil takes a two week summer break. But then, I'm glad to hear, they'll be back. On Thursday for rap history entry is for free.
Monday to Sunday, Exil
Elisaburg – Summer garden
The neglected corner building at Elisabethenstrasse 3 underwent a make-over. And since the beginning of the month the Clube Social Crew with Partner Roy spoil their guests at Elisaburg with wonderful, seasonal dishes in an unpretentious environment. The building sits right at the corner to Zweierstrasse so whenever the weather is nice, you'll find them in their summer garden at the Zeughaushof from 5 pm.
Wednesday to Saturday, drinking from 5.30 pm, eating from 7 pm
I*Zurich - An Expat's Perspective
As promised, here is the first of what i hope will be an irregular and irreverent series about what happens when an expat and Zurich try to embrace. Kristi is the writer but you'll get to know her as you read her words, so all that's left is for me to welcome her and hope you all enjoy the inaugural I*Zurich - An Expat's Perspective.

Zurich Nakedness
I am American and I am a prude. I am almost getting used to the fact that the women at my gym like to blow their hair dry in the nude, apply mascara in the nude, go to the bathroom in the nude, and talk to their friends in the nude. Just yesterday I witnessed a nude woman dancing in the locker room. I am not sure what was more shocking, her dancing nude for everyone to see or the song she was dancing to. I suppose if I had her body, I would... more

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Urban Signs Photo Trip
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