Thu, 07/24/2014 - Zurich, 24.7.2014: Music marathon, French feast & more than honey

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Hello people,
My name is Elizabeth. If somebody needs a room in Zurich, please let me know.
Thank you very much.
If what write me on my e mail.

Zurich Photo Trip

Reach for the beach

Reach for the beach

I know your holidays have not quite started yet and you’ll have to wait a little longer until you can lounge, sloth-like, on a beach. If you no longer stand the wait, then the rooftop of Parkhaus West is certainly less than a flight...

Relaxing in Piedmont

B&B TENUTA MORGNANO, ASTI. Euro 45-39,50/Pers./Night. Open! Pool/WIFI/Quiet/Dining/Wine. Visit in Torino/Milano/Genova/Countryside/Local...
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Add to favourit  Zurich Photo Trip
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Add to favourit  Festival: Lakeside lethargy
This weekend is full of celebrations and parades of one sort or another, and spanning the entire time from Thursday to Sunday is Lethargy at Rote Fabrik. Often billed as the alternative alternative to the Street Parade, they make sure they cram as many live bands, djs and performance pieces into four days and nights that the name Lethargy seems to mock the very idea of the English language. As a refuge from, and an extension of, the Street Parade, Sunday will be an open air and free affair.
Thursday 8 pm, Friday 9.30 pm–6 am, Saturday 9.30 pm-7 am, Sunday 1 pm, Rote Fabrik
Add to favourit  Party: Swiss national day
That holiday you’ve been given on Friday isn’t just because you’ve been extra diligent at work, although we all know that’s true but is, of course, to celebrate Swiss National Day. Now, if you really want to get your Swiss game-face on, you could maybe eat brunch at one of the farms in the Zurich area, go see the celebrations on Rütli Meadow, where the original three-Canton Swiss alliance was agreed or even ride a cow on a cow-trekking day.

If you’d prefer to dial it back a little and just enjoy a party or two in town, then you could try the Wunderbar Openair in the garden of the Kreis 5 Quartierhaus. In the afternoon they’ll have a children’s programme, then as the evening progresses bands and dj’s with an African and Latin American flavour will play. You can bring along you own food to grill or try some of the African specialties on offer.

At Bäckeranlage, the Äms Fäascht is promoting itself as the Multicultural Alternative to 1st August. Bands, singers and even comedians who reflect the international diversity of Zurich will be playing. You’ll also be able to sample food from around the world.
Friday 3 pm Wunderbar Openair, Kreis 5 Quartierhaus, 2 pm, Äms Fäascht, Bäckeranlage
Add to favourit  Party: Backstreet parade
If you’re anywhere within the city centre limits on Saturday, the Street Parade is going to be unavoidable, and if you’re looking to have a good time, you certainly won’t need me to point you in the right direction – just pull up your lycra thong and look around you. If, however, you’re looking for something off the beaten track, well, you’ve come to the right man.

Far from the madding crown, perched up on Uetliberg, is Im Sonnenbühl, who are offering a Summer of Love lounge party. With live music and dj’s, bar, food and pool. Tickets are limited.

Zukunft will be having their own block party on Dienerstrasse during the early evening, as dj David August fly’s in from Berlin to show why he’s considered a star in the clubbing world. He’ll be supported by label mates and Zurich dj duo Adriatique, among others.

If you head out to Zurich West and climb up to the rooftop of the Bananen Reiferei, you’ll be in the company of a fine selection of dj’s as they party inside the club, outside on the terrace and await the sunrise on Sunday morning.

At Supermarket, you’ll have the chance to party at their daytime party, so even if the weather isn’t stellar, you’ll still have somewhere to dance yourself dizzy.
Saturday from 12 pm - Im Sonnenbühl, from 5 pm - Zukunft, from 6 pm - Bananen Reiferei, from 12 pm - Supermarket
Add to favourit  Party: Better late than never

If you're looking for venues to extend your parade pleasures, here are some suggestions: Wirtschaft zum Transit: offers an escape from the electro beats with concerts by Blind Butchers (country disco punk) and The Guests (punk rock). Afterwards Dj Spiegel Guyau sets the gems of music history to his own beats and makes you dream and dance until the sun is out. From 10 pm until the morning.  Alte Kaserne: comes with a massive line up with Oliver Koletzki, Sascha Braemer & Niconé, Lexy & K-Paul, Kellerkind. From 9 pm to 10 am. Frieda’s Büxe: in the words of «The Dritte Raum is playing. That’s all you need to know.» But I’m also a big fan of Bang Goes and Manuell, who are part of the line-up too. From 10 pm until the morning. Photobastei: gathers various local djs and suprises with a hidden cosmic disco floor. You need a flyer to get in – which you get prior to the event at the venue itself. From 10 pm to 8 am.

Add to favourit  Wulffmorgenthaler
Add to favourit  Good to know: Light in the sky

I’m sure you also look forward to the long weekend that lies ahead of us. On Friday we celebrate our national day, but this year, there is no official firework-show, so you might want to get your own gear. Shops like Coop and Migros have fireworks in stock now. The law regulates that they’re not allowed to sell them until a few days prior. A great alternative is Atelier Bucher at Birmensdorferstrasse 257. It’s fully dedicated to sparkles in the sky and sells everything from smallest crackers to largest rockets. Just be aware that it’s actually forbidden to light fireworks except for the first of August.

Add to favourit   Eating: B like Bosporus

With five meter high rooms, Café Bebek has a true metropolitan feel, especially when you glimpse the trams through the largest window. The latest addition to the Kalkbreite complex opened its doors at the beginning of the month. It’s the sister of Maison Blunt at Kreis 5, which is visible when looking at the menu. The dominating theme is oriental food, which makes sense, when you name your venue after a trendy district on the Bosporus.
Café Bebek, Badenerstrasse 171, Zürich

Add to favourit  Shopping tip: Bye Bye Kalk

Temporärkalk closes its doors this Thursday. They will re-open the pop up store in a new location in September. But until then it’s goodbye for now. On their last evening they offer 30-70 percent discount as well as drinks.
Thursday 6 pm, Temporärkalk

Add to favourit  Web tip: Keeping track

Dystopia Tracker documents which gadegts appear in literature and films and which became real – or are at least in planning. I’m still waiting for my personal «Beam me up Scottie» machine. If you can think of other examples than the site lists, they are happy to receive your additions.

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