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Ron loves life in the City and shares his connoisseur advice with his favorite urbanites. Ron strives to inspire his community and to engage in discussion and networking. In his newsletter he presents a spicy selection of surprising tidbits. There's so much to discover: Concerts, art, parties, restaurants, bars, shopping, media, people, discussions, projects and happenings in your city. Subscribe for free here: www.ronorp.net

Best of Tunein

gar nicht so einfach, unter den ca. eine zillion sendern die guten rauszusuchen. hier meine aktuellen favoriten:
- The Orange Park Radio (24h Prince)
- We Funk, Montréal, QC
- Classic Rap, Paris

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Wer benützt eigentlich noch ein Bidet?

Und wie benützt das man eigentlich?