Mon, 10/27/2014 - Friends. Dreams. Doodles.
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    Goswell Road Coffee

    160-164 Goswell Road, EC1V 7DU London
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  • Behind Closed Doors by JJ Mash: Crime novel set in Zurich

    Interview with Jill Mash, author if the Zurich based crime novel "Behind Closed Doors".Please introduce yourself: who you...
  • Protest Song: The Music Monkeys

    During my little trip I came across a jam session in the middle of nowhere. One of the musicians gave me a cd with their...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: Lightning Bolt by Jake Bugg

    Take a 19 year old from Nottingham, have him sing a rollicking thumper of a tune and set the video on the streets of...
  • Ron’s Favourite Song: 110% by Jessie Ware

    Sounding like a blissed-out Sade who has discovered the summer joys of electropop, 110% by Jessie Ware warms you on the...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: American Dream by Electric Guest

    Despite the feral nature of the lead singer in the video, American Dream by Electric Guest grooves along like a West Coast...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: Lay Your Cards Out by Poliça

     Sounding just like the distant echo of the summer days to come, Lay Your Cards Out by Poliça is intense and...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: Les Plus Beaux by François and the Atlas Mountains

    So it's Thursday and we're nearly finished with all the holiday celebrations and, of course, 2011. Before the big finale and...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: Assembly by Elephant

    As the dark days of winter wrap their arms tighter around us, Assembly by Elephant sounds like a sunbeam breaking through...
  • Obsessive-compulsive montages

    There are many video sites like Youtube. But it gets funnier if you land on specialized pages. Such as the site
  • Yoga meets break dance: Beautiful sport

    You first have to get the idea to combine yoga with break dance. The result looks quite stylish. The guy in the video looks...
  • Ron's Favourite Song: These Days by Ane Brun

     Her vocals sound as fragile as glass but the music has the strength of a thunderstorm. These Days by Ane Brun confuses...
  • Ron's favourite song: From Berlin to Nairobi and back

    I’d call NRBLN-BLNRB a fruitful culture clash. The Gebrüder Teichmann and the Goethe-Institut Nairobi initiated...
  • Ron's favourite song: Kindness

    Last week I came across the mysterious artist Kindness. His latest song Cyan seems to move from my ears directly to my legs...
  • Ron's favourite song : Midnight City by M83

    It sounds like it should have been released in the middle of summer but Midnight City by M83 is enough to keep me warm as...
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I am looking for nice location to eat a good cheesecake. Any suggestions?

Seen it?

skillharbour - exchange your hobby

Music, languages, sport, DIY, travel: exchange what you love to do with others on the new talent sharing platform skillharbour. Search through...
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East London Photo Trip
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Mexican Thrills

The luchadores behind the ever popular Mexican wrestling cabaret Lucha Britannia are offering a series of workshops tonight where you too can learn the Spandex-tight tips and tricks of the trade in a proper ring. If the idea of wrapping your thighs around the throat of a 15-stone meathead and choking him into submission appeal then get down for the beginners class tonight. Advanced beefcakes can turn up for tomorrow’s intermediate lessons.

7.30pm, Resistance Gallery, Poyser St, E2

World Pizza

It is easy to see how Fire and Stone in Spitalfields has charmed the hordes. There’s the freshly prepared calamari. There’s the juicy salads, and then there are the pizzas — big pies on crusty breads, generously and greasily topped with ingredients the world over. Take a trip to Casablanca with a rosemary infused mascarpone and Roquefort blue base or kick back in Koh Samui with Thai yellow coconut curry sauce, Thai shallots and roast sweet potato all topped high. Either way, you’ll soon be booking a pizza flight for more!

Fire and Stone, Old Spitalfields Market, E1
Take It Easy Mix

It's May and summer is approaching, so get into holiday mood with the Urban Junkies Mix No21. From a lush new track from Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore to a dance remix of Beach Boys 'Wouldn't it be nice', there is something for everyone. Listen here

Heat In The Kitchen

Masterchef 2011 had ended last week with a grand final. If you're missing all the kitchen excitement from the last few months, I recommend reading Heat by Bill Buford. It's the true story of a journalist who, for research, wanted to work in one of New York's best kitchens for only a few weeks and ended up working in the food sector for a whole year. Read his amazing tales about busy kitchens, arrogant chefs and his adventures in Italy where he worked as a pasta maker and butcher. If you like food, this is a great read.

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If you're looking for something (a flat, a ticket, love), have something to give away (a flat, a ticket, ex) or have anything else to say, then this is the place to do it:

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