Thu, 02/16/2012 - E London: Ladyhawke, Lemonade & Stööki
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Visit the Azores Islands

The Archipelago of the Azores is made up of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. Flights from Lisbon are just over two...
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East London Photo Trip
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Hi Gast,
you have:
Medea on the Thames

The Arcola Theatre is putting on an interpretation of Medea. But this is not a normal play, it will last the whole night and is set on a boat that leaves the North Greenwich Pier at 11PM and only returns in the morning. Quite a different night out.
Friday 11pm-5.30am, North Greenwich Pier O2, SE10

Beautiful losers

Tonight at the cool and quirky 333, XFm’s enigmatic Eddy Temple Morris and producer and guitar legend Tom Bellamy will be taking to the decks for a musical mash up as their famous alter ego, Losers. To date they’ve remixed a plethora of famous artists from Placebo to Snow Patrol, and are soon to release their debut album, Beautiful Losers. Losers? Clearly this pair are anything but.
Friday 10pm, 333, EC1V

Flying a lotus in Shoreditch

The Flying Lotus is playing his first ever UK show at the Hearn Street Car Park warehouse party in East London. Steven Ellison, as is his real name, is an experimental music producer from California. Be prepared for a mind-blowing set.
Saturday 11pm, Hearn Street Car Park, EC2

Sunday sessions

I plan do a weather dance this weekend in the hope that the sun will shine bright for the all day party to celebrate the release of Future Balearica at Cargo this Sunday. With a sizzling hot BBQ and great music from the very best in Balearic inspired summer sounds from the likes of Mudd, Coyote, Phil Mison/Cantoma, Bubble Club and The Project Club the all-dayer is set to bubble over. Oh and the best thing, it’s free entry all day!
Sunday 12 Midday, Cargo Courtyard, E1

Sunday double bill

Have you ever been wondering what to do on a Sunday when it rains, even though BBC weather claims otherwise? The Rio Cinema's Sunday Double Bills are the answer, this Sunday with two films about the Israel/ Palestine conflict: The Time That Remains, a bitter-sweet portrait of the everyday lives of the Palestinians labelled 'Israeli-Arabs' and Ajami, the story about a Jaffa neighbourhood that was filmed with a mostly non-professional cast.
Sunday 1pm, Rio Cinema, E8
Rons favourite song

Get introduced to the dreamland of a bird, at least visually! There are some rather strange scenes like unicorns who seem to like each other a bit too much, but the video is good and the music of Hermanos Inglesos feat. MeMe's song Wonderland is of the sort 'mix an Electro beat, add a singer and ready is the song'. Listen!

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