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Dear friends
This week I'll be shutting down my website. But don't despair, it won't be for long, just some time during today or tomorrow. And I'll return with a beautiful new design. Better than ever. Because the new Ron will connect you and the city like never before! Soon, very soon, you will be able to find out more... 
Give my love the city, Ron
Seen it?
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Exhibition: Pop up the daily life
Contemporary artist Sarah Choo Jing gives us an insight on her perspective upon daily life in her solo pop up exhibition at the  Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery. "The exhibition title, From Across the Road, references not only the physical distance in which the artist retains between her subjects, but also her concern with observing the role and relationship between spectator and performer."
Free. 11am-6pm. Until 15th March. 30a Redchurch Street. E1 6JT.  
Exhibition: Her or your positive impact
Jewellery and visual arts are combined at the solo exhibition curated at the Old Truman Brewery by S-PSARROS, who aims to reflect a positive and sigificant impact upon her inner self in her work pieces. The name suits this ambition: Waking up, as we, as the spectator would realize the truth about ourself by seeing her works. 
Timings here. Wed-16th March. 91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL.
Breakfast tips: Where to find it
In Sainburys, Waitrose and Tescos you will most probably not find a decent kind of bread. Though, if you were brought up with a fresh breakfast and prefer the crunchy breadrolls as they have them in Germany, you might want to try the E5 Bakehouse. The cakes are worth a try as well!
Mon-Sun:7am-7pm. Arch 395, Mentmore Terrace, E8 3PH
Cinema: Buy it now!
Even though I am not the kind of person buying tickets for an occassion that is happening in two months time, I would suggest you do it as this is a special opportunity! Have you ever watched a movie while sitting in a hot tub? Drinnking a cocktail and feeling like you were in whirpool but actually you are in a cinema? Tickets are on sale from tomorrow onwards. Dive down for yours here
6th-10th May. Code St, E1 5ER 
Audiolicious: Take it easy
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Urban Signs Photo Trip
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