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Drinking: Backyard Awesomeness
Any day is a good day for a craft beer. Enjoy it in the sunshine with cool people around and your summer in London is almost as cool as going to the beachy side of things. Go to the funky Crown and Shuttle! It's just a little more industrial, but the backyard is a top secret chillout!
Mon&Wed: 11am-11pm. Thu&Fri: 11-1am. Sat: 12-1am. 226 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JE 
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Shopping tip: Shoreditch Style
I don't talk about style too much on here. But I came across a shop I want to share with you: AIDA. Levi's (Made&Crafted), Olivia Burton, Paul&Joe, Mat&Nat,.... all names we love to see in our wardrobe. And what is nicer than shopping somewhere where the shop helpers genuinly advice you on whether it really is a good fit (or not). 
Mon-Sat: 10:30am-7pm. Sun: 12am-6pm. 133 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JE
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Sport: Cool initiative
Scrolling down my wall on Facebook, I came across this super cool initiative which I have only seen in Hamburg before. A free night rider club. The roads become yours with a couple of other cycle fanatics. All bike fans are called to discuss future night rides at Look Mum No Hands tomorrow. 
Tomorrow. 7.30pm. 49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX
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Drinking: Make this your insider rooftop terrace
Everyone wants a roof top where not all tourist crowds come by as well. I found one for you: The Coppa Bar&BBQ. Most ideal is the location, just in the centre of Hackney.
Thu&Fri: 5–11pm. Sat&Sun: 12pm–11pm. Mo: 12–10pm. Hothouse Rooftop. Enter via Martello Street. E8 3QW 
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Eating: Avocado passion
Avocados are my favourite food. Now you know it. And guess what. Next to most funky salad mashups, dressings and the other known recipes, I found one for Avocado Icecream!! Just the right time to find out about it. Enjoy! (Don't worry about the rather unpleasant appearance...). For the recipe, click here
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