Fri, 12/19/2014 - London E: Market time. Flowers. Boogie.

Seen it?

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Ron Orp LDN
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Urban Signs Photo Trip

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East London Photo Trip

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Boldomatic - Best of Everything Text

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Nature Photography

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While I was jogging

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Ron’s trip to Bangkok

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Rons Dubai Impressionen

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Nepal - Mustang - Nar/Phu

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Ron got lost in Tokyo

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East London Photo Trip

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East London Photo Trip
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Object Abuse
After the rather whimsical Hand.Written.Letter.Project, the KK Outlet have put on an ethical exhibition of reimagination, as part of London Design Festival.  Leading artists, designers and stylists have been challenged to take an everyday object and remould, rebuild and repurpose it to create something new - for example, an umbrella becomes a kite.  An interesting display, and the results are available to buy with proceeds going to a local school art department.
Daily, The KK Outlet, Hoxton, N1
Can't face the queues and strip lights of Sainsbury's?  Want something more than the pre-packed produce of a supermarket?  Well, shop online and support your local community at Hubbub.  This lovely company collects your order from butchers, bakers, smokehouses  and grocers in your area and delivers to your front door.  Living in east London, we are particularly lucky to have such gems as the E5 bakery, La Fromagerie and Paul A Young Fine Chocolates included in the list.
Takeaway Theatre
'The Golden Dragon' is a theatrical fable of globalisation set in a local takeaway. A deconstructed soap opera is unfolding, the characters being a Chinese migrant with toothache, Thai-Vietnamese cooks, the man from the shop next door, two air stewardesses plus a cricket and some ants. I have fried noodles with that please! Until Sept 24th.
Daily 7.30pm, Arcola Theatre, E8
Girls Kick Balls for East Africa
A football tournament is taking place on Tuesday, consisting of all girl teams in aid of raising money for the East Africa Crisis appeal. The cool ladies of East London including The Dalston Darlings, London Fields Radio, Vice Magazine, Decked Out, Girlcore and The Sonics will don football gear and fight it out on the pitch for a good cause.
Tuesday 7pm-10pm, London Fields, E8
Laughter For All
A few weeks ago I subscribed to spart, a free weekly art newsletter. Since then I receive a weekly email from spiced art with a picture that makes me laugh. You can subscribe on their website for a piece of free, unsolicited art for the masses.

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