Fri, 12/19/2014 - London E: Market time. Flowers. Boogie.

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Urban Signs Photo Trip

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East London Photo Trip

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Boldomatic - Best of Everything Text

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Nature Photography

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While I was jogging

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Ron’s trip to Bangkok

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Rons Dubai Impressionen

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Nepal - Mustang - Nar/Phu

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Ron got lost in Tokyo

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Add to favourit  Eating: Behind Ante
I hope I am not giving you the impression of being mainstream now. Maybe, for once, I am a “late-checker” and just haven’t heard of it yet. But then, let’s call this recommendation a reminder. Behind the shop Ante on Brick Lane, you are able to join the Disappearing Dining Club, at this location also called “Back in 5 Minutes”.  The menu is kept rather international and to a high gourmet standard due to the well established expertise of the Chef Fredrick Bolin.
from 6:30pm 224 Brick Lane E1 6SA  
Add to favourit  Drinking: Drink Up London
I would never really recommend you drinking during the week. But this is certainly a special occasion. The London Cocktail Week. When have you last paid four pound for a high standard or even exclusive cocktail? I am quite a discerning drinker, so I do not appreciate the cheap booze you find in any rank bar. Hence, for once, I may not end up being broke at the end of the night. I am looking forward to being able buying one or the other drink for you at the bar. Ok, maybe that is a bit much. But take your date, fiancée, sibling or boss to the closest bar that is joining the event. Why not?
£15 (ticket) Monday-Sunday  Locations vary 
Add to favourit  Concert: Becoming all sensitive
The organization team of this event got the point behind “feeling music”. The art instalment, concert and physical experience that we are awaiting at the Oval Space will give you a rather brilliant definition of sensual contact with music. At this event you are asked to turn on the majority of your five (or seven?) senses and experience Vivaldi's Four Seasons in a way you have never done before. I am anticipating to be buoyant for at least two hours!
£25. 8:30-10:30pm Tuesday 29-32 The Oval Bethnal Green E9 2DT
Add to favourit  Exhibition: Stereotypical?
What is archetypal? Ed Fornieles is trying to communicate the impressions he sought in L.A. aspirated by sitcoms, TV Shows and film genres. The artist is questioning the role of the responsive and resilient idol in a subjective assertion within the diverse hegemony of the middle class in America. So, we are basically downgrading from Desperate Housewives and want to experience the reality living on the other continent. Do we mirror ourselves?
7pm Tuesday 64-84 Chisenhale Road E3 502
Add to favourit  Projekt: Save your spot
Containerville. We are minimizing. No don’t worry, I won’t leave London just yet. I am talking about the latest offices that YOU can save for your start up as well. The 30 containers are modern, architecturally impressive and minimalistic. Though, most importantly, they are located right next to the Regent’s Canal. To add to that: they are free for the first year if you win the competition. Oh dear, I just love East London! Do it and try your luck/show your expertise so that I can come and visit you! I’d be honoured. 
Add to favourit  Wulffmorgenthaler
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Add to favourit  Urban Signs Photo Trip
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