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Urban Signs Photo Trip

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East London Photo Trip

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ask me anything now

is there someone who tried
yes? what are your experiences?

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Nature Photography

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Buddybuddy snowboardtest

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"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky"

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Boldomatic - Best of Everything Text

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Ron’s trip to Bangkok

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Rons Dubai Impressionen

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Nepal - Mustang - Nar/Phu

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Ron got lost in Tokyo

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ask me anything now

is there someone who tried
yes? what are your experiences?

East London Photo Trip

Visit the Azores Islands

The Archipelago of the Azores is made up of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. Flights from Lisbon are just over two...
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Add to favourit  Party: Oh, What's Love Got To Do?

Hello! Yes, we know Valentine's Day is still about one month away, BUT if you are single, you do not want to end up desperately looking for a party to crash on this meaningful day, celebration of love and togetherness. There is nothing that denotes togetherness more than a night of cool vibes, (most likely single) and definitely genial people presented by Shorebitch. Book your tickets early because What's Love Got To Do will be sold out.
£8-15. Town Hall Parade, Brixton, SW2 1RJ
Add to favourit  Society Beyond Borders
This is for you, broad thinkers and creative innovators. TEDx East End is back with more exciting speakers, including Colin Mayer, professor of management studies at Oxford University, filmmaker -  Marc Currie, psychotherapist and trauma expert - Felicity De Zulueta and Burn After Reading - a group of spoken word artists. Hear out perspectives that exist beyond the centre or the 'norm'.  
£36-47. January 24th, Sat: 12-9PM.  29-32 The Oval, E2 9DT
Add to favourit  Exhibition: Hidden Reality of Nearby
Daily fight for survival seems like a very distant issue for the Western world, but it is a rather near reality. Yvonne de Rosa in collaboration with charity Hope and Homes for Children present a photography exhibition, Hidden Identities. Her photographs are examining lives of families and children in located quite nearby Bosnia and Romania. 
Unitl June 28th, Daily: 10-5.30PM. V&A Museum of Childhood, Cambridge Heath Road, 
E2 9PA
Add to favourit  Wulffmorgenthaler
Add to favourit  DIY: For Street Art Enthusiasts
Fancy yourself as a new Banky or are you just tiny bit fascinated by street art? No matter what it is, Street Art Tour & Workshop by Alternative London Tours is great way to spend your weekend, see masterpiece graffiti hidden in back alleys and learn about techniques of street art. Free Tour &£25 per person for a four hour workshop.
Every Saturday & Sunday: 11-3PM. Old Spitafields Market. Brushfield Street, E1 6AA
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