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Eating: Absurdness during your dinner
Mentioning one of the weirdest museums of London, the " Last Tuesday Society", known for the wide collection of wonders and otherwise also called "Wunderkabinett", brings me to the opening of the new burger place serving the unlikely versions with zebra and... other freaky meat types. It opened yesterday and promises a rather extraordinary dining/drinking experience next to Taxidermy creatures and the alike... absurd Hackney? 
Wed - Sun: 11am-10pm. 11 Mare Street, London. E8 4RP
Eating: Respect for Brooklyn's Crowdfunders
Crowdfunding is ever again inspiring. You may only watch the novel ideas in the videos online and think: one day I will have a representable idea. So one of the smart groups has brought their idea on a global level from Brooklyn to London and opened their restaurant around the corner. Born in Brooklyn made in London: The Fourtheenth Colonie
Mon-Wed:8-12am; Thur - Sat 8.30-2am; Sun: 10am-8pm. 45-47 Clerkenwell Road, EC1 5RS.
Stage: Let a dream come true
Let the piano man play anything you like. Name the song title, and for free, in the cozy ambience of SMITH's Spitalfields, you will listen to personalized live music. I find this worth it to mention as I can think about what he could play beforehand and don't come up with the first song on top of my head... "I wonder how, I wonder why..."
Free. Thu: 7-11.30pm. 109 Commercial Street, E1 6LZ. 

Drinking: Think twice
I went last week. It ended up in a long night and in the end I knew that I drank an even number of Mojitos. Their offer: 2 for 1 Mojito goes all night and if you need to drink over something, than this is just the right place. As far as I can remember, the quality of the drink was superb all night through. So do not hesitate taking the free second one as well. Interested? Zigfrid von Underbelly will be your destination on a Thursday night. 
Mon-Thu: 12pm-1am; Fri-Sat: 12pm-3am; Sun: 12pm-12.30am. 11 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU

Audiolicious: Too mainstream?
Sorry about this. A mainstream input. Happens from time to time, but I guess you may be one of the firsts to be aware of Rihanna's new song. 
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