Wed, 11/26/2014 - London E: Space for joy
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    11/27/2014 06:38 [2 Photos] [Travel tips (wanted)]


I am looking for nice location to eat a good cheesecake. Any suggestions?

East London Photo Trip

Relaxing in Piedmont

B&B TENUTA MORGNANO, ASTI. Euro 45-39,50/Pers./Night. Open! Pool/WIFI/Quiet/Dining/Wine. Visit in Torino/Milano/Genova/Countryside/Local...
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Add to favourit  Eating: Back to Nature Pop Up
No doubt, the weekend is all about dancing and relaxation again. Five days of hard work should be appreciated within the next 48 hours. So next to the raving locations I am recommending to you, I may give you a hint of where to buy the balancing compensations. Though, you have the opportunity until Sunday only since it is a Pop Up Shop. Doisy and Dam at Old Street Station.
7am-10pm Old Street, EC1V 9NR 

Add to favourit  Concert: Super Duper House
Going over to the music business. Announced are Ten Walls and Andhim. Happening at XOYO. Does there have to be said anymore? Well, maybe, in case you would not know them, we are going in the direction of SuperHouse. Regarding tickets, there will be more sold at the door. So this is nothing to worry about. 
£14.50 Friday: 9pm-4am. 32-37 Cowper Street EC2A 4AP
Add to favourit  Audiolicious: Pairs. Berlin. Detroit. Combined.
Magda. Techno. Minimal. Sounds good to you? In addition to that this event is organised by The  Hydra. At? Studio Spaces. Make it your night office and rave the lines to Magda as well as Miss Kittin and Marc Houle
£22. Friday: 10pm-6am. Unit 2; 110 Pennington Street; Wapping; London E1W 2BB
Add to favourit  Wulffmorgenthaler
Add to favourit  Blackest Friday.
Not only Urban Outfitters is celebrating Black Friday with highest discounts. Yesterday, I passed a webside with the most incentive and coolest printed tops ever. (Unisex) I am still looking at the page indecisive of which one to buy. This one maybe? 
Add to favourit  Film: Cuteness on wheels
Could you imagine a bulldog surfing or skateboarding? Well, maybe in your dreams, imagining cuteness. In this video you can find the cuteness in reality. It is worth watching. 
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