Mon, 10/20/2014 - Money. Love. Really?

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Echo Vogue Switzerland

You want to be fashionable but still go easy on your budget.
You would like to buy more second hand clothes, but can’t get good stuff.
You have...
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East London Photo Trip
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Cut & Splice

Tonight sees the launch of 'Cut & Splice: Transmission', a three-day exploration of the 'avant garde's use of radio as a dramatic stage and a performance instrument' at Cafe Oto. Tonight's electronic music workshop and discussion is led by Nicolas Collins, a hand-built electronic instrument guru who will also perform. The festival itself takes place at Wilton's Music Hall from tomorrow till Saturday.

Workshop 6pm/launch event 8pm, Cafe Oto, E8


If you like jazz and you like chess, head down to the appropriately named JazzChess event at Vibe Bar, where the Brick Lane Chess Club will be kicking things off from 7.30pm until late; sets will be available from the bar or you can bring your own. If that wasn’t enough, DJs My Little Homie and the Free Love Radical will be offering up some heavenly jazz for the discerning listener. Free
7.30pm onwards, Vibe Bar, E1

London Living: Personal Guide

Although I consider London my home there’s still so many places in the city I’ve never been and much about the city I don’t know. A great way to change both is to take a walking tour with a Blue Badge Guide. Some friends have recommended Mike Keene as interesting, informative and good fun. He tailors the tour to suit you so make a list and give him a call.
The Future Of The Book

Wireless reading devices are nothing new, but the next generation is under its way and those devices are going to provide a lot more than just an electronic book. In the future, you will be able to exchange thoughts with other readers and a lot more. Watch this video about the future of books: watch

Random Street View Photos

If it is one of those days when you want to dream of foreign places instead of getting your work done, check out MapCrunch with its random Google Street View photos. All you need to do is pick a country and hit the green button. Or check out this website with their selection of funny Street View photos.

If you've anything to say, discuss or declare, then this is the place to do it:


If you're looking for something (a flat, a ticket, love), have something to give away (a flat, a ticket, ex) or have anything else to say, then this is the place to do it:

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