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Save the dates
Monday: Sanctuary LDN at Hysteria
Tuesday: Yelle at Oslo 
Wednesday: 89 A Streetstyle Journey at Boxfresh
Friday: Drum and Bass at Bar 512
Friday: MINT-East Launch Party at Canvas Bar
Saturday/Sunday: Vintage Fair at Railway Arch 452

Concert: You don't have to go all the way to Oslo
I haven't listened to her music in a long time, but when I foudn the event online, I got super excited. Yelle is an insane singer while the vocals are underlined with some motivating vibes. Tomorrow, she is here, at Oslo (no... not Norway!)
£13.75.  Tueday, 7.30pm. 1a Amhurst Road, E81LL

Audiolicious: Vibes bringing you back to reality
Jacob Groening is probably one of the best DJ's I have listened to. His tech vibes are good in the morning as well as at night. Even studying and working works while listening to it. 
Shopping tip: Thrift Shopping
Do you want to pretend to be Macklemore and go thrift shopping? I found your destination, but you have to be a little bit fast. The Pound Sale is ending tomorrow at 6pm. Let us hope we can find some valuable left overs. 
Mo/Tue: 11am-6pm. Unit 1A, Assembly Passage, E1 4UT

Concert: And lastly...
... some more invaluable music tunes for tonight. Santuary LDNDJ P Montana will be supported with life vocals. The music is a blast. The drinks are inexpensive. A good start into the week is waiting for us at Hysteria
£8.00. Tonight, 8-11pm. 578 Kingsland Road, E8 4AH 
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Urban Signs Photo Trip
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