Mon, 11/24/2014 - London E: Escapism


I am looking for nice location to eat a good cheesecake. Any suggestions?

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Apartment in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro during X-mas and New Year

We're renting out our cosy and stylish apartment, perfectly located in Copacabana from December 19th to January 17th. One block from the...
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Good morning good morning! Until 10:30 am you can still seek a free massage and rave the dance floor. The term Earlybird is becoming literal. The team calls itself the morning angels and, next to a yoga session, I cannot think of anything more motivating than such a program. Thank you guys! 
£16. 6:30-10:30am Today. 29-32 The Oval E2 9DT
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It seems like this era is all about innovative technology brought to us by entrepreneurs. An event these and more ideas are shared is happening in Boxpark tonight. It allows "randomers" s to speak about their innovation in front of an audience of up to 1000 people.So even for potential investors or generous people wanting to sponsor valuable effort, this event should be attended by you. 
Free. Tonight: 6.30-9.30pm. 2 Bethnal Green Rd  E1 6HT London
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I admit, already thinking about the wish to go to a party is a little early on a Wednesday. But if you do not have to follow early morning commitments tomorrow, the Unique Beats may just be right. Also, it is not ending too late allowing you to have a good night sleep. So Live Gigs are good most of the time, but do have a listen yourself. 
£5. 7-11pm. 34 Coate Street, E2 9AG
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I hope I am not talking too much about the weather, but I just wanted to notify you about 2 meter high snow walls in the USA, while we are pretending to get sick from this rain. Well, maybe we are, mentally. My cure is watching a couple of videos with a warming cup of tea in my hands and being super excited about Christmas (already). 

Add to favourit  Party: Aceing it
Garage, 4x4...your thing? The Ace Hotel is holding a night with Foundation, General Levy, Hatcha and more tomorrow. Not only is it the Ace that makes it even more attractive going there, but also the free entry before 10pm. 
Free until 10pm. £7 after 10pm. Thursday: 9pm-3am. 100 Shoreditch High St E1 6JQ
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