Fri, 12/19/2014 - London E: Market time. Flowers. Boogie.

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Sell a train ticket Zurich to Paris - 24 december - 39 euro


I sell a train ticket Zurich to Paris, for the 24 december, for 39 euros, because I travel another day.

departure the 24 decembre de...
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Add to favourit  Stage: 21st Goethe and witches
In a world where poetry has been prohibited, admirers of ribald rhymes and soul-stirring stanzas must huddle together in illicit POETRY DENS, like Madam Scarlet’s Speakeasy. Watch poets perform, then choose which one you'd like for a private performance... From sailors to tarot readers, disgraced politicians to drama queens, there is a cast of characters one could love to hear weaving worlds with words. The secret location as well as a password is revealed upon the ticket booking.
£6. Fri, 7:30PM, Secret Location, Vauxhall!
Even though this is on short notice now, you still have the possibility of becoming audience member of a talk by start up gurus, investors and hypes from Bloomberg LP and SVC2UK. If you are interested in start ups or features of start up products such as the Google Glasses, this place may be interested for you. Convince yourself and don't miss the one time chance. 
Free. Friday: 10am-2pm BL-NK 37 East Road N1 6AH
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Recently I have already avised you about having a visit to the Shoreditch Town Hall. In this case I am repeating myself and giving all Fashion interested ones a little hint: The Asian Textile Fair. Most important and prestegious manufacturers from China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India and Korea are representing products and fabrics exclusively to the London community. Even though this recommendation is an early call for your attention, I am telling you about it to save your ticket so that you avoid missing out. 
Free. 9am-6pm, 29/30.10. 380 Old Street EC1V 9LT  

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Fancy. Do you fancy a fancy drink? This is the only word that came up to my mind when I entered Loungelover. Most deluxe alcoholic solutions (at a reasonable price) can be found behind the high doors. Until 1am you can stop by for either the first or the last drink. Anyways, no matter what time it is, you will experience the feeling of being prestigious. At some points in life you need this. Friendliness by waiters is guaranteed. 
1 Whitby Street E1 6JU
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This is now almost crossing our boundaries, but you can still find an E in the postcode. The Bump Cave has fairly recently (July) opened its doors welcoming us for (selfmade) booze and crazy flair and a right 60's psychedelic track with a good amount of light infusions. If you like it a little more extraordinary, this may be the right spot for you to see in the evening. 
206-208 Tower Bridge Road SE1 2UP
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