Mon, 10/27/2014 - Friends. Dreams. Doodles.


I am looking for nice location to eat a good cheesecake. Any suggestions?

Seen it?

Relaxing in Piedmont

B&B TENUTA MORGNANO, ASTI. Euro 45-39,50/Pers./Night. Open! Pool/WIFI/Quiet/Dining/Wine. Visit in Torino/Milano/Genova/Countryside/Local...
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I hope you do not have an allergy against cats. If you don't, but rather pursue a love to the pets, I would suggest you going to the Lady Dina's Cat Emporium. It is a unique café  that requires a booking which gives you the chance of chilling next to the well treated animals for an hour and a half. The entrance fee goes towards the welfare of the kittys and the prices for products are rather low. Just please, don't feed the entertainment. 
Mon-Tue & Thu-Sun: 9am-3pm, 4-9pm 152-154 Bethnal Green Road E26 DG 
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Being honest, I am exhausted already. My week was not as excellent as expected and now? At least I'd appreciate a qualitative drink. I may talk a lot about bars, however, the variety is just too big. Hence, another place is introduced to you. Artisan cocktails + calorie rich snacks + incredible vibe= The Alchemist
Mon-Wed and Sat. 7am - 12am, Thu/Fr 7am - 2am, 6 Bevis marks EC3A 7HL
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You need to know where to go when you either want to listen to a good tune or want to enjoy an entertaining evening when you are broke. Or maybe just get a most delicious food. Even for those who live in smaller apartments, do not have access to a living room (as most Londoners I would presume), this may be a fine place to visit. The atmosphere is very calming down and you feel like sitting in a living room even though you don't know anyone. Hence, you can even take a book and just make yourself comfortable on the sofa. Tonight, you can listen to Wicked. For free! (7.30-10.30pm, artists including Anthony Moon
Tue – Wed: 12am – 11pm Thu–Sat: 12am–11pm Sun: 12am-11pm 90 Wallis Road E9 5LN

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Since I am in urgent need of holidays, this event may be a good start into the day as well as into the former holidays. It is reminder of how the over enthusiastic skiing goers are (even though, I am one myself). Going to this event requires you to put only a good mood onto your face, but also the Austrian Lederhosen on your legs and goggles into your hair/on your eyes. Morning Glory is just the perfect vocab to be used as it may remind you of the one or the other Austrian, Swiss or Bavarian church with a cow next to it standing on a hill. Of course you are just looking down after having shot the Jägermeister (or espresso). 
Wed: 6.30am-10.30am The Oval Space 55 Holywell Ln, London EC2A, UK
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I never watch movies twice. Never. But I might have just changed my mind. On one of the websites I was browsing on today, I saw something that reminded me of Cool Runnings. To me this had always been an inspiring, fantastic and super emotional movie. I think it is time to get on it again. "I am feeling very Olympic today"!

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