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Immediate availability of 3.5 zimmer apartment near Schwamendingerplatz

Hi All,
Is anyone intersted in 3.5 zimmer apartment with immediate possesion Schwamendingerplatz ?
Address :- Grosswiesenstrasse 42, 8051 Zurich.
For more details please call me on 0779584654.

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Echo Vogue Switzerland

You want to be fashionable but still go easy on your budget.
You would like to buy more second hand clothes, but can’t get good stuff.
You have...
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Add to favourit  Party: While Unleash is happening...
Good morning. Even though I am hoping you are attending one of the most renowned parties, Unleash, tonight, I am giving you a few other options where to rave your soul out this Friday. So, when you listen to music on YouTube, do you often end up on those la belle musique channels? Tonight there is an album launch by one of the most sensible DJ's. Red Gallery, it's your time to be on here. 
£11Fri, 9pm-0.30am: 1-3 Rivington Street, EC2A 3DT 
Add to favourit  Concert: Fight the Mainstream (not today)
Usually, I am not a big fan of mainstream and such as. I am being frankly. However, the Crystal Fighters, do you classify them as mainstream? Maybe they are just classic? They are worth watching, that's for sure. Tonight is the night. At Bloc. Love Alight! 
₤10. Fri. 10.30pm. Unit 3, Autumn Yard, E3 2TT 
Add to favourit  Nice to have: HackHackHacking Happiness
Today, I am attending the Hacking Happiness Conference. The tickets are running out and I'd believe this is on a too short notice for you to join the audience. However, you do have the opportunity joining one of the seminars, workshops or lectures tomorrow all around London. They do sound very attractive to me as it is literally all about the personal definition of the feeling and finding of happiness. SMILE
Partially for free. Various sites. 
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Add to favourit  Festival: Turn the festival mode on
It may be a far look out or vision when thinking about the year 2015. But as long as we stay optimistic, I think it does not hurt us. Now, for that reason, I am introducing you to the shorebeach festival. It sounds super cool. All we need will be there. It does not really have a negative effect on us registering all ready. Just to ensure our spaces. 
Add to favourit  Gegen den Sonntagsblues: Sunday plan
I know that some of you have to work on Saturday and appreciate going out on a Sunday. I found your spot to be and where even you can move your legs to some beats. Ain't nothing more wanted than some good finalizing tunes at the end of the 36 hours. Find yourself at Fuse London. Tini is going to be there! Yes, I will be there. 
₤15. Sun. 4pm-2am 54 Holywell Lane, EC2A 3PQ
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