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Visit the Azores Islands

The Archipelago of the Azores is made up of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. Flights from Lisbon are just over two...
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Add to favourit  Party: Boogie Woogie
For today, I am not giving you too many tips on parties for the weekend. However, do check Twitter throughout the day. Something might pop up. Anyways, one party that looks funky, is the Steve Wonderland Christmas Rollerboogie Party! I don't know how much I will be able to dance on eight rolls, but let's try! 
£15. Sat: 5pm-Late. 117 Wallis Road, E9 5LN

Add to favourit  Shopping tip: This has marketing value
I generally find markets very, very romantic. So romantic and amusing that I am giving you three hints where to find the best presents, fun and joy these days. Some are more traditional than others: 
The Village Green Market (Pop Ups, best for extraordinary presents), Sun: 11am-4pm
Broadway Market (All year around), Sat: 9am-5pm
Columbia Road Flower Market (All year around), Sun: 8am-3.30pm  

Add to favourit  Eating: Gourmet Craziness
So this is one of the most extraordinary 'pop ups' I have come across in a long time. And I think that was Ben Spalding's intention behind it. I am delighted to inform you about NoRules 2014. Bring ingredients and make the scenery a little crazy. Your stomach is most likely be prepared for Christmas Dinner after this deluxe, yet unknown menu... More about it here.
£85. 260-264 Kingsland Road Haggerston, E8 4DG
Add to favourit  Party: Dirty Laundry
Ok, I cannot leave this newsletter without a single techno or house vibe. Hence, give it a shot at this year's last Dirty Laundry Party with four special guests. In case you dare to go out in this cold, listen to my word and go here. 
£8. Bar 512 512 Kingsland Rd E8 4AE
Add to favourit  Worth Reading: Can you lead?
Last but not least, I shall give you something to do if you feel lazy. I am currently reading The Big Five for Life - Leadership's greatest secrets by John Strelecky. It is easy to read and a good holiday book. But further, it does bring some valuable lessons with it. Have a trial read
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