Thu, 02/16/2012 - E London: Ladyhawke, Lemonade & Stööki
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    insanely beautiful penthouse with lake view, private...

    09/16/2014 17:09 Rooms: 3.5, Postcode/Place: 8008 Seefeld, Price: 3,092.00. - [3 Photos] [Flat (offered) ]

NOMADIC EXPERIENCE in the Moroccan desert

Our nomadic tents in the sand of the Sahara are surrounded by beautiful dunes after you have left the last oasis of the Draa valley in the south of...
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Dear readers
Unfortunately, I cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore, I have in all my towns a deputy who brings out Ron Orp' mail. Since the end of last year I have been searching for a new deputy for London, who wants to take over a licence to continue Ron Orp''s mail As yet unsuccessfully. Therefore, the London issue will pause at the end of February, until I have found somebody new. Interested? Email at

Many thanks for your loyalty. Ron
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East London Photo Trip
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Life Drawing
Let the beautiful and decadent surroundings of The Bathouse inspire your creative side with a spot of life drawing. Materials are provided and the drinks are reasonably priced at this special venue. Entry £3
Thursday 8pm, Baby Bathouse, Stoke Newington, N16
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Big In Japan
Big in Japan are going even further east this weekend to find their djs with as booking of Clapton based djs Comadisco. The book club has great food as well so why not grab a bite to eat before dancing the night away at Big in Japan which looks set to be lots of disco fun this Friday.
Friday 8pm-2am, The Book Club, Shoreditch, EC2A
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Whilst it’s still cold outside hole up inside the rooftop tent at The Queen of Hoxton. There’s food, warm winter booze, music, readings all in cosy candlelight.
Friday and Saturday, The Queen of Hoxton, Hoxton, EC2A
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Sketch Night
The City workers may not look happy but you can laugh your socks off in EC1R next Tuesday at McNeil and Pamphilon’s sketch night. Enjoy some comic relief £2.50 if you book now! £5
Tuesday 7.30 - 10.30pm, The Wilmington Arms, Clerkenwell, EC1R
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Pub Quiz
Enjoy a classic pub activity by doing the quiz in a lovely cosy boozer that is becoming more and more popular with trend setters and musicians in the east end. Free entry
Tuesday 8pm, The Kenton, Hackney, E9
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Street art in 3D
I found an impressive photo series on the website Street Art Utopia that consists solely of 3D-street-art. Often you get the feeling that you’re actually standing in front of Lego figures or that you’re falling down.
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If you're looking for something (a flat, a ticket, love), have something to give away (a flat, a ticket, ex) or have anything else to say, then this is the place to do it:

Urban Signs Photo Trip
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