Wed, 10/22/2014 - London E: Romantic. Delicious. Exciting.
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    skillharbour - exchange your hobby

    10/25/2014 11:50 [1 Photo] [Travel tips (wanted)]

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Echo Vogue Switzerland

You want to be fashionable but still go easy on your budget.
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East London Photo Trip
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Hi Gast,
you have:
Another mixed grill?

After the world cup, all the beer, the sausages and a summer of barbecues, some of us have to watch their beer bellies grow bigger and bigger with increasing discontent. For all the less concerned, London-based collective Mixed Grill had the idea to combine a free barbecue with live music at the great pub Macbeth. Today is Woman's Hour. What a perfect combination for a late summer evening. Even though I might have to renew my gym membership afterwards. 

Friday 9pm-1am, The Macbeth, N1


One of Hoxton’s best kept secrets is Printspace on Kingsland Road. Primarily a shop which specialises in professional photographic and art printing, it also has a bright and airy studio that plays host to the odd exhibition. Currently showing is contemporary photographer Toby Smith’s hauntingly beautiful collection of images, which form part of the Renewables Project; definitely worth a look.

Mon-Fri until Sep 1, Printspace, E2

We fear silence

If you’re looking for a serious party, head down to Cable tonight for We Fear Silence’s Shogun Audio 6th anniversary. Hosted by Dynamite MC, there will be a two hour set from Friction in the main room, and other top acts including Alix Perez, Nero, Spectrasoul and Icicle. Not for the faint hearted, this is one party that will have you dancing until dawn.
Saturday 11pm, Cable, London Bridge, SE13

Strictly bar musical

Ok you all know I love a good Soundclash don’t you…. 'No' I hear you say! Well I do, and Bar Music Hall has one of the best around. The mighty Lively Up Yourself brings the summer season to a close with a sound clash by Christian S, Toby Williams & Chris P. Still smoking from a summer spent melting speakers over London these boys are quite literally on fire but even that won’t stop them slamming their deeply rocking house sound into the LUY deck disco-break afro-funk fuelled juggernaut driven by residents. Explosive!

Saturday 8pm–1am, Bar Music Hall, E2

Delicious dreamy folky fun

Singer-songwriter and promoter Russ Swallow is single-handedly putting the fun back into Sundays with his weekly Beatnik event at the Macbeth. Not only will there be a free BBQ, face painting and finger puppet making for the big kid in you, but some amazing artists will be taking to the stage, including the highly acclaimed Dan Clews and Grace Banks and the Band; delicious, dreamy, folky fun. Get involved!
Sunday 7pm, The Macbeth, N1

London Living: temple time

If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful Hampton Court Palace, don’t forget to check out other attractions nearby. Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare was built by the actor David Garrick in 1756 to honour the bard and is one of London’s most eccentric constructions. Situated in a beautiful spot right by the river it’s definitely worth a visit. Open Sundays until September
Across America in 2 minutes

I'm always fascinated by what you can do with Stop Motion. For example walk across the USA, or to be more precise from New York to San Francisco, in two minutes. Check out the Stop Motion video, the route on Google Map or the behind the scenes video

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Intership/Job wanted: Hi dears, I'm looking for an intership or a job in London city. About 3 month. An art/theater intership would be great HELP PLEASE desperate
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Urban Signs Photo Trip
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