Wed, 11/12/2014 - London E: Is it Wednesday already?
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    Unique. Colorful. SUPERIXI.

    11/21/2014 14:59 [3 Photos] [Looking for all sorts of things]


I am looking for nice location to eat a good cheesecake. Any suggestions?

Seen it?

Relaxing in Piedmont

B&B TENUTA MORGNANO, ASTI. Euro 45-39,50/Pers./Night. Open! Pool/WIFI/Quiet/Dining/Wine. Visit in Torino/Milano/Genova/Countryside/Local...
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East London Photo Trip
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Panaromic 360
Last weekend saw the opening of Netil360, a rooftop bar on top of Netil House, the nasty looking office block home of messy basement raves and many awesome small creative start-ups.  Odd timing you may say, but there are yurts, fur coats and hot cocktails to keep you cosy as you admire the view, and a hot tub is due to be installed soon.  Bonfire night tickets have sold out, but there will be a few more on the door.  Any night is going to be a wild one up here.
Netil House, London Fields, E8
This weekend only, graffiti artist Sickboy brings a solo show to the Truman Brewery.  Inspired by sin and fantasy, “Heaven and Earth” includes a piece called “Confess”, for which the artist has invited people to submit an anonymous confession via his website.  There is also an installation produced in collaboration with (among many others) D*Face, Ben Eine, Anthony Lister and Xenz.
Noon – 7pm, Dray Walk, Brick Lane, E1
Fireworks Events
Don’t forget that there is no fireworks event at Victoria Park this year (due to overcrowding in the past couple of years).  Tower Hamlets is instead putting on three smaller events.  Whilst this will probably mean that the fireworks may not go on for quite so long, it does mean that you might end up discovering a park you’ve never been to before.  
Saturday 7.30pm, Bartlett Park E14, Millwall Park E14, Weavers Fields E2
Bonfire Lounge
If you think it's too rainy for the real thing, why not head to the Bonfire Lounge instead: this Saturday, one of Hackneys’ historical landmarks The ‘ArtHaus’ opens its doors for an alternative evening of festivities. A one-off, free event of visual Art, installation and performance, Bonfire Lounge promises to deliver a truly authentic Bonfire Night experience!
Saturday 5-11pm, Arthaus/GALERIE8, Hackney E8
The World In Five Years
Not a week goes by without the invention or presentation of a new technology. So how will our technological daily life look like in five to ten years? Microsoft thought about it and caught a possible future on video. Watch. 

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Urban Signs Photo Trip
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