Thu, 02/16/2012 - E London: Ladyhawke, Lemonade & Stööki
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    New Sockstar-Monster

    09/02/2014 10:38 [1 Photo] [Everything else]

skillharbour - exchange travel hints against your skills!

You can swap your talents and hobbies easily and for free on the new, cool platform Are you looking for travel tipps to exchange...
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East London Photo Trip
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A brand new free monthly night kicks off tonight at 93 Feet East. Nintendisco promises to take you back to your youth with old games, bring you into the new age with banging beats, and provide you with drinking, tournaments and a jolly good time. Computers at the ready. Free

7pm, 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, EC1

Dining In Secret

There's nothing better than an evening of great food and interesting company, so I regularly go along to one of London's underground supper clubs. Held in the homes of creative amateur chefs across the capital, these intimate evenings let you sample someone's culinary vision whilst meeting a range of new people. Set designer Tony Hornecker hosts one of his popular dinners tonight at his Dalston home (AKA The Pale Blue Door) - £35 per person including wine.

8pm, Secret Dalston Location, E8 

Vive La France

In case you're feeling a bit French tonight, head to Le Montmartre in Islington. You'll find authentic French cuisine, a charming ambiance and tonight there's also music from the French chanteuse and artist Anne Pigalle. Oh là là! £5

8pm, Le Montmartre, 144 Essex Rd, N1
Ads Of The World

Ads Of The World is a great website for those interested in the world of ingenious ads. The website hosts ads from all over the world and from all kinds of media such as TV, print and outdoor. You can browse by country, media, or industry. I like this one about the expansion of a zoo.

Create Your Own QR Codes

QR codes, the black and white square pictures, are already regularly used by Japan's mobile phone users and they become more and more popular in Europe too. On the website QRcore you can create your own QR codes for names, URLs, phone numbers, email addresses or plain text. It's quick and easy.

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