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    Monaco (vs Arsenal)

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Vernissage: Paradigms
We are questioning our perception at all times. Not only are physioscientists trying to implement new senseual perceptors sending information to our brain, but artists like Mehdi Ghadyanloo express their paradigms in art works. How the political and economic environment has influenced the life in his home country, the Iran is visualised at the Howard Griffon Gallery.
Tue-Sun: 12-8pm. 189 Shoreditch High Street E1 6HU.
Festival: Cocoa Boom
Since it is starting off on Friday already, I thought I should just remind you of the chocolate festival! A must if you require some indulgement. Everything from chocolate facial treatments to praline and truffle delights by local and international masters. Get on the stepper and loose the calories in advance. 
Fri: 1-7pm. Sat: 10am-7pm. Sun: 10am-3pm. 52 Upper Street Islington. N1 0QH
Party: Partypeople
The early party people are called in for tomorrow! The launch party for the Beat Issue #14 is coming out. For the celebration of the day, Skinny Girl Diet will be there live! I cannot wait! Get out your dancing booties out. 
Thu: 9pm. 8 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3ES L.
Shopping tip: Culinary delights
Everything in this adorable café and shop seems too beautiful to be opened. It reminds me of my toy supermarket I used to hhave as a child. The selection of products is distinctive but divine. Cupboardy essentials, little treats and culinary gifts can be purchased at the Albion. Not to forget is the in house bakery of course!
Mo-Sat: 8am-11pm. Sun: 8am-10:30pm 2-4 Boundary Street, E2 7DD
Audiolicious: Woolooomoooolooo
Some chilled out tunes for a Wednesday afternoon. 

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