Fri, 12/19/2014 - London E: Market time. Flowers. Boogie.

Seen it?

Relaxing in Piedmont

B&B TENUTA MORGNANO, ASTI. Euro 45-39,50/Pers./Night. Open! Pool/WIFI/Quiet/Dining/Wine. Visit in Torino/Milano/Genova/Countryside/Local...
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I fell in love with the city seven years ago. 
I moved to the outskirts five years ago. 
I landed in the city of the future and my dreams one year ago. 
Today, again, I am more than confident enough that I have the ability to report and share my culture style and East London exposures three times a week with you. Though, in case you wouldn't like it anymore (rarely ever the case), just unsubscribe me.

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Add to favourit  Concert: Almost Harry Potter:
I am so into reading! I actually quite like the Financial Times (when I am not carrying the Time Out with me). Okay... you got me... I am a nerd... But where is the best place to get back to the basics of a real hipster with horn glasses, a gunny bag and a miserable looking face? Bishop's Gate Institute! Tomorrow the scenery is topped off with a lunchtime classical concert. Violin, viola and cello are brought together in the name of the Hieronymoes playing Haydn and Debussy.  
Free Friday, 1:05pm 230 Bishopsgate EC2M 4QH

Add to favourit  Shopping tip: Skater or student?
I am wondering along Old Street and suddenly, it felt if I was in my home town: Zurich. The wood so gentle, the atmosphere so diligent and superior, almost decadent but smooth and friendly... I saw the one and only chair system that reminded me so much of the Swiss wood finishings. Paul and Tina saw my face impression and kindly invited me in order to show me THE dream chair... and so many more funky designs... A chair on roller skates, a cupboard appearing like an art work and the shop itself with a homely atmosphere; if I was a student... this would have been my dream, just lay down all the finished crap below your bum! Bulo Love work, I fell in love with Bulo.  
Mo.-Thu.: 8:30-5:30pm, Fr.:8:30-4:30, Sat: 10-5pm, 20 Old Street EC1V 9AB
Add to favourit  Eating: Thursday=Almost Weekend
Today is Thursday. Meaning? Tomorrow is Friday! Which equals to: weekend! Why not starting to plan the free hours that can be spent eating, strolling, joking and chillaxing! I came across this fancy looking French Pop Up Shop that opened just last weekend (sorry, I know I am a laty in this case). Anyways, you are still able to enjoy a freshly made burger. Just imagine it: Drank to much on Friday night won't be a problem this Saturday! The calories are all prepared for you and ready to be taken up at Le Bun's Weekend Brunch at the Old Bengal Bar!
Sat/Sun, 11-4pm 14 New Street EC2M 4TR
Add to favourit  Party: It's Vivienne! For real!
We are all coming to this for most different reasons I think. It is aimed for those protesting against fracking within the Climate Revolution, Vivienne Westwood will impress me mostly with a speech regarding the Trashion Show, a fashion show with an ecological twist behind it, and all this is underlayed with a good set of music. However, it could be enough to just say that it is hosted by Princess Julia at the Ican Studios (the name is self explanatory, isn't it?!) I am so looking forward to it! It seems like a party from the 70s with Eddie in the New York- Andy Warhol Factory. FRACKING HELL! 
£16.50. Sat. 9pm- Sun. 6am 35 Monier Road, E3 2PR London, United Kingdom
Add to favourit  Vernissage:
It is the opening of the Art Licks Weekend and of course I have already chosen my favourite scenery for the annual art display (with my prejudice). At one point, not necessarily during the vernissage and opening tonight, you'll find me in front of Jo Kernon and Richard Rosch's ( cupboard collective)  art. The simple idea of having to take the key out of the post box in front of the door is fabulous. Another attraction could possibly be the French Riviera. Sounds like a few last sun beams in this pathetic weather...
Free Thu.-Sun. 5A Middle Street EC1A 7JA
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