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Eating: For the Swedes and the ones interested in it
Christmas in Scandinavia is a big thing! Luckily the cosy feeling is brought to us in London. Most explicitly, next to the comfortable atmosphere and beautiful people, though, you have the possibility of enjoying the food specialities and Skandilicious. Only until the 21st Dec though. 
Lunch: 12-4pm, Dinner & Drinks: Sun-Wed: 6pm-12am Sun-Weds; Thu-Sat: 6pm-1am. 119 Farringdon Road EC1R 3DA

Shopping tip: Do you like Marshmallows?
I know they are full of sugar, hence, have the highest amount of calories. But who says no to some luxury treat? I guess the feeling of consuming it is much nicer if it is a high class product and you have some kind of value of it. Now the Pop Up shop Mallow & Marsh may be a good destination to buy one or the other treat for yourself or mini present for a friend. 
7am-10pm. Old St, London EC1Y 1BE, United Kingdom
Vernissage: What we want to go to
" What we wore" is a compilation of inspiring outfits of all kinds of Fashion genres since 1950. Now, the launch is happening and I shall recommend you to go since this is a super cool project. The place the launch is located is an extraordinary gallery as well. In order to attend, email the admin board.
Free. Thu, 6.30-10.30pm. 47 Mowlem Street, E2 9HE
Good to know: All X Messy
Christmas Jumpers. Did your granny make you one this year? Don't feel sad if she hasn't. You will get it sooner or later. In case of impatience, just pop to the pop up shop in Old Street Station (maybe just after you bought some Marsh Mallows). On 12th Dec, it is the Christmas Jumper Day  aiding the Save the Children campaign. Just drop by. I am sure you like one of them. 
10am-8pm. Old Street Station, EC1Y 1BE
Eating: Why not a Kebap tonight?
Chifafa. This new Kebap place sounds as exciting as it is. Usually I look at the meet in the "restaurants" and am disgusted already. But honestly, this place changed my mind about it. Maybe they copied the original German Turkish design really well or just don't use as much fat. For sure it is a place to have a delicious time at! 
11:30am-11pm. 45-47 Clerkenwell Road EC1M 5RS
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