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Sport: Remedies
Did you play Dodgeball in school? Do you miss those fun times which you kind of used to get all your anger out as well? I seriously loved it. Though, I have not really taken into account playing it again as an adult. But, why not? How about tonight? More info, here.  
£7.50. Tonight: 7pm. Finsbury Square, EC2A. 
Concert: Folk Lunch Time
I am ever again super happy to go to gigs for free. Like in the old days. Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar are beating it up at the church, St. Olave tonight. If you like some Folk music around lunch time today, this should be your destination. Those guys have received the Young Folk Award btw, applause!
Free. Today: 1pm. 8 Hart Street, EC3R 7NB
Drinking: You have no choice
The Natural Philosopher opened yesterday and should be your cocktail destination sooner or later. The architecture is beautiful promising a relaxed artisian drink. It won't be too hard for you to make the drink choice, only seven alcoholic seasonal elixirs are served. I like the vision behind this! (Also: almost promising you'd stay to one sort of alcohol that night)
Tues - Sun: 6pm-12am, Fri,Sat: 6pm-1am. 232 Kingsland Road, E2 8AX
Worth watching: Reminder of your choice of city (district): East London

Eating: Organic Coffee and Homemade Produce
You will sit next to someone you don't know. On a long, rough table. Enjoying: homemade produce and organic coffee by Ozone. Are these possible touchpoints for you to visit Friends of Ours, which opened just two weeks ago? 
Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm, Sat, Sun: 9am-5pm. 61 Pitfield Street,N1 6BU

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